May 2023 Favorites


Vegreen Intensive Vitamin C 20% Ampoule

I've never been a fan of Vitamin C skin care products. Mostly because I never really got to try a good one. I feel like those that I have tried either smelled like citrus toilet cleaner and were greasy and oily. Most vitamin C products come in oil formulation, because vitamin C is very unstable in water. Vitamin C also works best through the day as it's a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin of oxidative stress, but also to brighten any hyperpigmentation and marks. Therefore me using oil in the morning on my combination skin and applying makeup over it isn't ideal. This Vegreen Vitamin C Ampoule is also oil formulation, but it feels fairy light on the skin. Almost a bit like dry oil. I use tiny drop to mix with my moisturizer in the morning and it hasn't made me look greasy and makeup applies well over it. I also love that it doesn't have any toiler cleaner smell. So far I like it, but I will report back after a month or so to see how it works.

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation - LW8

I don't like buying high end foundations on a whim. That's why I looked at several reviews of this foundation and every makeup artist I follow seemed to love this one. Finding a match online, when you can swatch it in person is also terrifying. I used their app which matches you and the app gave me three options of color. I went for the second one and it really got it right. Surprisingly and thankfully. This is liquid foundation that feels lightweight on the skin and has an interesting luminous matte finish. It sounds like oxymoron, but it's true. It has a matte finish, but the finish has that very subtle sheen on the skin that makes it look heathy, but not shiny in any way. It keeps my skin matte for a long time and my sebum doesn't get through as quick as with other foundations. Coverage is a good medium that can be build up to full. Lovely foundation, especially for combination skin that likes coverage.

Look by Bipa Delicate Compact Bronzer Bronzer & Contour Powder - 030 sunny beach

Look by Bipa is a house brand of Bipa drugstore. I usually buy their products in Austrian Bipa. They sometimes have some really nice affordable makeup products. When I found this contour/bronzer products it looked like a really nice shade. And it is. It's that slightly greyish base in bronzer color. It can be used as both. Powder is smooth, but I do sometimes get a bit of patchiness, probably more due to my BB cream base more than the product itself. It gives me a bit of definition of a contour, but also bronzes up my skin without being too orange or redish, which I like. For the price this is great.

Paese Daily Vibe Palette - 02 Military Vibe

I love this palette, especially the light golden green shade which is super shimmery and gives my eyes that glass skin effect. Another green shade is a duochrome that gives me those peacock vibes. If you like greens and shades that are a little different to the usually shimmer metallic shades and mattes than this is a fun palette to play with.

Paese Eyegasm Mascara

Another Paese product from their new range that I love. It has silicon wand with short bristles that really catch the lashes. It gives me some volume, but still keep my lashes well defined and not clumpy looking. I find it good for everyday use, because it gives me just enough definition. Sometimes it can however stain on my lids a bit in humid and hot weather. 

Rephr 35 Brush

This is supposedly a small face brush for precise application of blush, contour and highlight. But for me this is perfect for blending out concealer. It's small enough, but not too small and it has that rounded denser shape which blends well, but keep good coverage. Rephr are Japanese handmade brushes of natural hairs. I have a lot of them and the quality is really good.

Triangle Makeup Puff

I bought a bunch of these triangle puffs from Aliexpress, because I use them in my beauty studio for touch up kits for the brides. I also started to use one on me and it's so nice. Especially now that the weather is getting warmer and my skin is getting oilier. It's super soft material. I use it to apply loose powder under my eyes, around the nose and on my chin. It fits all those tiny areas because of the triangle shape. You can even define nose contour with it or do a light bake and definition under the jaw line to really get a precise contour line. It's lovely.

L'Occitane En Provence Cleansing And Softening Shower Oil With Almond Oil

I got this as a gift from a lovely girl that came to my studio. This is a cult shower oil from L'Occitane that has been on the market for a long time already, if I know correct. It has such a nice sweet creamy scent that almost reminds me of almond liqueur. I am not usually a fan of scented shower products, but this one is so nice. It makes for such an enjoyable shower experience, so cosy. And the oil spreads easily, so you don't need a lot plus it leaves such a nice soft skin behind with no oil residue. I usually just skip body lotions after it. 

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