November 2023 Favorites

Hadalabo Tokyo Gentle Hydrating Cleanser All-in-one

Cleansers are the first thing I use up in my skin care along cleansing oils and micellar waters, because I wear makeup almost everyday. Plus I have combination skin, so I always cleanse in the morning as well. I was always a fan of cheaper options for cleansing, but lately I've been trying out what's there. Some are more worth it than others. Hadalabo is thicker white cream that is fragrance free, contains hyaluronic acid and turs into a nice leather once it touched the water. You need a pea size and this will last you I'd say at least two months of regular use. It feels lovely on the skin and after I take it off, the skin is supple, soft and clean. It doesn't leave any kind of layer on it, but it also doesn't dry it out or make it squeaky clean to the point of being uncomfortable. I can see most skin types liking this.

Catrice LE Disney Winnie the Pooh Trio Lip Care Set - Lip Mask

This lip mask was part of the lip care set that also came with lip scrub and a rubber thing to exfoliate lips with. Oh and I forgot to add small honey like spoon that came with these lip products that is just so sweet and cute to use. This is one of those thicker lip balms that sticks well to the lips. I still prefer my Bepanthen as a night mask, but this one is great for during the day and especially going out to cold. It protects my lips well and keeps them moisturized. It has lovely caramel like scent which is just divine as well. 

Paese Long Cover Fluid - 1.75 Sand Beige

I received a few Paese products a while ago and I have to say most were really nice. This foundation has surprisingly thick consistency, but then once you blend it out, you can sheer it out to a lighter medium coverage. It contains vitamin C, panthenol and squalane which makes it nicely moisturizing with a sort of radiant finish that gives you some sheen. It's an interesting formula, because it's quite thick, yet it doesn't look heavy or obvious on the skin and the radiant finish doesn't look shiny on my combination skin either. I'd say this is the perfect medium coverage foundation for winter when you want that bit of sheen and don't need a full heavy coverage. And cudos to whoever was choosing the shade for me, because it's perfect, warm but almost a bit olive toned. I couldn't have picked it better myself. 

Paese x Krzyszkowska Creamy Bronzer - Tan Kissed 02

I believe this is part of some collaboration, but it's a creamy bronzer. I absolutely love the shade of it, because it has that greyish tone which is perfect for lighter skin tone and can act almost as a contour as well. Most such bronzers lean warmer, but I actually prefer cooler tone, because I can define my face with it as well not just warm up. It's quite thick, so you need stiff brush to pick it up, but pigmentation is there. It's easy to blend as well. I only wish it would stay on the skin better. I notice it fading through the day and it's a lot less intense. I would need to powder over it with a powder bronzer to make it last.

Catrice LE Magic Christmas Story Cheeklighter - C01 Mother Ginger

Another Limited Edition product from Catrice and it's their Christmas collection from this year. They call it cheeklighter and it's basically creamy highlighter with a sponge applicator (looks like a copy of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wands). This is pale champagne shade which I love. It's not too yellowish gold, but also not too white, just perfect. It's super easy to stamp on and blend with just fingers. It gives you intense glow, but without any obvious shimmer particles. 

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush - Hope

Have you noticed a cream pattern yet? As the weather turned cold, I reached for creamier textures which look better over any texture and look less drying on the skin. Rare Beauty liquid blushes are legendary by now and for a  good reason. Highly pigmented, easy to apply and blend and they stay on pretty much as intense through the day. Shade Hope is dewier finish so it gives you that glow as well. You can almost skip highlighter. It's the perfect wearable warm medium pink.

Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin Shading - Modern

I tried this in the summer and it was too pale for my skin then, but now it actually works. This is very light cool grey toned contour with three shades. The lightest one is even too light for me. I love to use the second one as nose contour, because it's light enough that it won't look obvious, but it will still give me that definition and shade. The darkest one I can use as cheek contour and under the jaw line. Because it's so light I can't overdue it. I can go in heavy and it doesn't look like too much. This is perfect for very pale skin tone and light can also make it work. It has smooth powdery texture and it's easy to blend. It feels almost satin like, not completely matte. 

Paese Eyeshadow Palette -Warm Crush

Such a fun color combination of this palette which is pretty perfect for autumn and winter. It has variety of matte from nude to warmer pinkish pink to darker red and brown. Then you also have pinkish champagne shimmery shade to highlight, warm gold for the lid and a very fun duochrome sparkly shade that has sort of a brownish base with pinkish green flip to it. It almost makes your lids look glossy and sparkly, but not cheap looking. Mattes are very well pigmented and super smooth. Shimmery shades are drier to the touch and are usually best applies with fingers, especially on the lid. It's a really nice palette with good quality.

Kiko LE Sweet Affairs Sweet Kiss Lip Stylo - 01

I got this lipstick last year and I'll admit it looked just too dark and chocolate to me then, but I've since grown to love it. It's that shiny gel formula that is so easy to wear. Shade is like that proper warm chocolate that on its own can look a bit weird on my skin tone, but I usually apply cooler nude lip liner all over my lips and than this over it with a sheer layer and somehow it works for me then. I've grown to really love brownish lip tones on me especially this past month. It's that bold color, that is not the usual my-lip-but-better shade and it matches my warm golden hair highlights so well. Plus the shiny sleek packaging with magnetic closing is just so chic.

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