December 2022 Favorites

Pyunkang Yul Low pH Deep Cleansing Foam

I usually don't like spending on cleansing skin care products, because I just wash it off. However, I still decided to try something different from my usual Balea wash gel and Pyunkang Yul is one of those super mild brands that I know I couldn't go wrong. It's got centella asiatica, tee tree extract as well as hyaluronic acid, green tea, witch hazel and a mild AHA to exfoliate. It's got sort of a thick cream texture. I need a very small amount. It will probably last me two times longer than Balea one, because a tiny squeeze goes a long wall. Pea size amount is enough, because it leathers so well when it comes in contact with water. It's a great second wash in the evening or first in the morning. My skin feels smooth, but almost a bit velvet, after I use it. It's definitely not stripping, but it also keeps your skin smooth to the touch while not drying it out. It has a very fair powdery scent to it. So far I love it.

e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter - 1 Fair

I already had shade 2, but it was a bit too dark for me, so I got shade 1 as well. It's a bit lighter, though still not fair appropriate as the name would suggest. This is such a lovely products. It's got the slightest tint, small tiny shimmer for incredible sheen and it's got some coverage as well. You can use it as a primer or highlighter or even foundation, if you like a bit of a sheeny base. I love it as primer and as highlighter. It gives the most subtle, skin like shine that looks like a really good skin care. It's basically dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter.

The most shiny highlighter with almost no visible shimmer that still looks as natural as it can, for such a blinding product. It's that amazing creamy Colourpop formula that turns powdery once it touches the skin. You can use it on top of creamy or powdery products. It gives you amazing shine with that cooler silver sheen. It's perfect for fair skin tone, but on light and medium it will tend to pop out. I bring it out every winter, because it just looks so impressive, yet sort of natural still. 

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Complexion Perfecting Micro Powder - 1 Fair

This powder is super finely milled so it actually dusts quite a bit when you get a brush and swirl it in the pan. It's got fair tone which on me looks like it matches well. I started loving it now in winter, because I realized it was great for making my skin look matte, especially on my t zone where I can look oily right after applying powder, but still it didn't dry out my skin. I could use it on drier parts and texture skin and it still looked great. It really is that perfect powder to blur the power with and it gives you that lovely velvet look to the skin, but it doesn't look obvious at all. I get the hype around it, it's really nice. 

This blush is so good. I have been wearing it so much in December. My skin can get a bit dehydrated in winter and I love using creamy products in winter time so much more. It's crazy pigmented, so you need the smallest dot of product and this dewy formula looks so good on the skin. It gives you that healthy looking sheen on the skin. Hope is the perfect mauve pink shade that will look good on so many skin tones and I love to pair it with muted pink lipsticks. It blends like a dream, plus this small mini size will last me a while. 

Let's talk about legends among makeup. This has to be one of the oldest staples in Max Factor stand. It's sort of what I call the perfectly balanced mascara. You get some volume, length and good definition. It just amplifies your lashes in a way your-lips-but-better lipstick would. It gives you enough of everything, plus is doesn't crumble or budge for a non waterproof formula. The brush is also not too big. It's one of the staples to go to when you don't know what to buy. 

Charlotte Tillbury Matte Revolution Lipstick - Supermodel

I got three minis of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and Supermodel is definitely my favorite shade. It's that sort of 90s supermodel nude, where it's more brown than pink. It's also sort of medium toned, but it works on my light skin tone well. I can pair it with pretty much anything. This matte formula feels so nicely creamy and spreads like a dream. It's the sort of formula that you don't even feel on the lips. I sometimes forget I have it on and it's definitely not drying. It has a strong sweet sort of vanilla scent, which is lovely. 

Refan Perfumes - 293

Refan makes their own perfume formulas which are usually inspired by other popular scents. 293 is supposedly inspired by Ariana Grande Cloud. I smelled that one in the drugstore and found it so unique. But since I get bored with scents quickly, I decided to buy Refan's version, which I must say it's pretty close, though not exactly the same. I would say it's even better as it's got more of that sweets sweetness and a lot more of that woody musk oriental base that I love so much. It's a lovely scent for winter as it is one of those sweeter ones. For summer this would be way to heavy though.


  1. Hey! Lovely favorites round-up, a few of these are among my most reached items as well - classic Max Factor mascara (though I usually use it in Brown) and CT Supermodel - same as you, I bought that mini kit and now can't wait to order a full version of Supermodel, such a gorgeous everyday color!

    1. 2000 Calorie is just a classic. It has been on the market for so long for a good reason, I guess. I agree. I was sure I would like Pillow Talk more, but for some reason it's just too light for my liking. Supermodel is the best nude, if you prefer more browny tones. I am contemplating getting full sizes as well, but would love to have more shades in minis. Such a shame, more brands don't do all their shades in minis.

  2. I totally agree about the minis! I love MAC lipsticks and I am so happy they make minis, I buy them especially in "occasion" colors (for eg. Ruby Woo I had for over a year now, since I do red lip only for a bit dressier occasions), and also it is so easy to fit that teeny tiny lippe in a clutch bag. But CT Supermodel might become my daily go-to, so then I might use up that full size.

    1. Yes, MAC minis are nice too. Some brands have minis as part of Holiday gift sets, not in their permanent range. Shame really. I agree, I have some reds that I will never use up as well, so minis would be great. If it's your daily shade, I'm sure you're going to get a good use out of the full size.