Review: Maybelline Superstay Vinyl Ink - 15 Peachy

Maybelline Superstay Vinyl Inks aren't new product. They've been out for quite some time. I love their mattes, because they are super long lasting and I even use them on my clients when I do makeup. New Vinyl version got a lot of attention on social media as well and I had to try it. It's just as long lasting, but in a shiny finish that looks glossy and stays that way for a long time. 


Maybelline Superstay Vinyl Inks come in a plastic square packaging that has Vinyl 3d design on it and each packaging has different color representing the shade inside. It's not a complete match, but it gives you an idea on which shade to expect. Doe foot applicator is slightly angled and it's fairly thin, so you don't need a lip brush to get precise line. 

In it is 4.2 ml of product and it costs around 13€. 


I believe there are 20 different shades to choose from, but here in Slovenia we don't have all of them. I had a hard time trying to find a good nude, so I opted for 15 Peachy which is warm brownish peach. It has that muted slightly brownish base, but it's peachy. I miss some sort of a neutral brown or pinkish brown in this range. There is a lot of pinks though.


It's quite a liquid formula, but also thicker and opaque looking. I would compare this to a pigmented liquid lipstick. The formula starts liquid, but as you build up it gets a bit sticky and very vinyl looking where you have opaque color with a shiny finish. I noticed that this looks better applied in a light layer as I do with matte version as well. If you apply it thick, it will just be very sticky on your lips and it can gunk up around the edges of the lip.

As the formula dries down, it still has this sheen, which stays for hours. It's not glossy though.

On the bottom photo you can see how it looks like applied in a thick layer and on the photo bellow it is just a light layer, which I prefer to give me some color, but still not feels sticky. 

It also has sort of a sweet vanilla scent to it. 


What's fascinating is the staying powder. Once it really sets, it actually doesn't move. I wouldn't say it's completely transfer proof as some showed it to be, but the transfer is barely there, if you blot it on the back of your hand. This also depends on how thick your layer is and how long it needs to completely set. I find it fascinating that something that looks shiny can also be long lasting and almost doesn't transfer which is amazing. 

Maybelline is known for making very long lasting and everything-proof formulas that really stay put on your lips. Are they also comfortable and very sophisticated in formula? No. Does that matter? It depends on what you are looking for and especially how you are using it. I think such formulas should be used in a thin layer. Maybe layer lip liner under it for more colors and let it set well. It will still feel a little sticky, but if you are looking for a formula that isn't matte, but has a shine to it and lasts all day long then this is definitely a good drugstore option. 

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