April 2023 Favorites


Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

This is Pyunkang Yul's bestseller and I can tell why. It's essence toner that has only seven ingredients and it's based on Astragalus Root Water which contains betaine and minerals to moisturize. It's such a fun viscose texture that's also liquid so you can't say it's a toner, it's more of an essence. It feels so incredibly comforting on the skin and soothing. I feel it definitely moisturizes the skin, but is gentle, fairly basic and feels so good on the skin. I will repurchase a full size bottle, I got a mini to try it out first.

Foreo Serum

This is hyaluronic acid serum that I got to use with Foreo Bear, because it's such a nice moisturizing texture that lets the Bear glide over the skin. My skin can feel dehydrated and it just soaked up this serum so I almost used it up already. It makes my skin feel so plump, moisturized and hydrated. It gives it that bounce and glow which I really like. I almost don't need to go with moisturizer on top. It contains such lovely ingredients like squalene, different types of hyaluronic acid, betaine, panthenol and urea. 

The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil

I bought this oil quite a while ago. I remember hearing so much good stuff about marula oil and I know Drunk Elephant has one that is so popular, but also so expensive. Marula oil is supposedly moisturizing oil, great for dry skin because it contains oleic and linoleic acid that support skin hydration. It's also rich in antioxidant and should restore the radiance in your skin. I am not a huge fan of oils, but I tend to use them, when I feel my skin being a bit dehydrated. I use this on top of my serums and moisturizer to lock it all in. It's fairly lightweight for a natural oil and it doesn't clog my pores. Natural scent is almost undetectable. My skin always feels nicely soft and moisturized whenever I use it.

Elinor Sunray Bronzer - Espresso

I will post a full review next of this and another Elinor product. This is by Slovenian brand Elinor created by Karin Poravne and her partner. It's such a good formula. Based on shea butter with some other skin care ingredients that give you that luminous natural sheen to the skin. It's super creamy, very pigmented and blends like a dream. I love the warm true bronzer tone to it and it's actually perfect for my light skin tone. Plus you get so much products that you aren't able to even use it all up.

Essence The Blush - 90 Bedazzling

I got it as a gift from someone. I think these blushes by Essence are quite popular. It's one of those affordable makeup product that just delivers what you want. It has velvet matte finish with the slightest almost unseen sheen. It blends fairly easy and the colors are all pretty wearable. I have 90 Bedazzling which is one of those muted dirty apricot shades that I love to pair with my warmer neutral eyeshadows or when I don't want anything too vibrant on my cheeks. It almost blend into my bronzer shade.

Paese Daily Vibe Palette - 02 Military Vibe

I dropped this palette and broke it, that's why it looks so bad. But I was able to fix it, because it quickly became my favorite. I love a good green eyeshadow moment and I especially love that army vibe. The star of this palette is the second top shade which is almost like a cream with lots of tin green, silver and gold shimmers that give your eyes that glossy yellow green look. This shade is so gorgeous. It's paired with a matte beige, matte muddy olive and very interesting duo chrome that looks like nothing in the pan, but on the eyes it gives you that brown eggplant base with gorgeous peacock green blue sheen. Plus they blend well and they are very long lasting.

Paese Eyegasm Mascara

It has one of those short bristled silicon wands that actually coats lashes well. It's vegan formula based on natural waxes and oils that should also provide some nourishment to your lashes for better growth. They promise it to be volumising, lengthening and curling. I would say it gives your lashes a nice definition, definitely some volume, but I don't see a lot of lengthening. I like that it still keeps lashes fairly defined and it doesn't look too clumpy. It's the kind of effect I prefer, volume, but still some definition. Plus it stays put, no crumbling and no transfer, which is great. 

Balea Beauty Expert Body Cremegel 5% Niacinamide

I am almost finished with this tube and I wanted to feature it in my favorites once again. This is thinner body lotion that has consistency which is sort of slimy like snail mucin, but it has amazing smooth feel and spredability. It's super smooth under the fingers. Formula contains glycerin, niacinamide, panthenol, hyaluronic acid and some oils. It's soothing, nourishing and great for more sensitive or dry skin, but it also feels so lightweight. There is no added perfume and short ingredients list makes this one of the products I would consider rebuying. 

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