Review: Charlotte Tillbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder - 1 Fair

I've recently posted a review of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I also bought Airbrush Flawless Finish powder in 1 Fair while I got the lipsticks, so I had a good time to test it out on me and my clients. I think this is definitely one of the better powders, especially for slightly drier and mature skin.


It comes in a gold looking packaging which is plastic. I was expecting something heavier based on the fact that this is high end brand, but it's actually more useful like that, because it's easier to travel with (even if you are a makeup artist). Packaging gathers fingerprints like nothing, but it looks really nice. Powder can be refillable and you can take the pan out, which is again great for makeup artists, because they can put it in customizable magnetic palettes.

In it is 8 grams of product and it costs 48€. They offer pro discounts for makeup artists, so that is worth checking out, if you are one. You can also get a mini size of the powder and in that one has 3.4 grams of product and it costs 27€. You can buy it in their online store here. Charlotte Tilbury products can also be found on Cult Beauty.

Packaging is also customizable, because they offer engraving for additional 5€ which can be a great gift or just something to gift to yourself.


Powder is super smooth to the touch. It is really finely milled and it almost feels a bit creamy under the fingers. Once you apply a heavy swatch, you can notice there is just a tad of that super natural sheen to it which comes from nano particles that give you that soft focus look. It's barely noticeable, but it makes it look so much more natural and not too matte.

The finish however is like a velvet matte


It comes in 4 shades - Fair, Medium, Tan and Deep. I took shade 1 Fair which is perfect for fair skin tones, but also works for light skin tones, because it's super fine and you can use it lightly. It's the perfect winter shade for me and I like that it's almost a bit brightening under my eyes.


This is definitely the powder that gives you that soft focus look and your pores almost look like they are retouched. It's due to the soft focus particles that diffuse the light as it falls on your face. It definitely sets your makeup well and it mattifies it in a way that it takes off the shine of creamier products, but it gives you soft focus blurred look to pores and skin that looks great. There are some ingredients in it that should also hydrate your skin. 

I've noticed this works well on dry skin, because it doesn't mattify it too much and it doesn't emphasize dry patches plus fine lines. It's actually perfect for mature skin. It's that powder that doesn't look like powder. On my combination skin it looks just as amazing, but I need additional powdering on my T zone through the day as it doesn't hold back sebum. If you have oily skin and you want something super mattifying, this is definitely not for you. This is for those that don't like the look and feel of powder, but still want something to set their makeup with and make the skin look velvet and almost blurred.

I now use it on almost all my brides, except those with really oily skin. And on the mother of the bride, it's just amazing, Light colors can look brightening on the face and work especially nice under the eye area.

This is a high end brand and as such I knew this powder would be great. It definitely gives you that luxurious smooth texture that blurrs your pores, but also looks like a light veil on your skin that doesn't cake up or look too matte. I always say cheap powders work fine, if you want something to set your makeup, mattify it and make it last. This is an upgraded formula for those that want more than just that from powder. It's especially great for mature skin and those with drier skin, because it looks "prettier" on the skin. It's worth investing in and I have a feeling, if you don't use a lot of powder this will actually last you a long time. I personally use powder a lot and would use it up way too quick, if I would use it every day. So this is for me only for special occasions.

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