Review: Vegreen Intensive Vitamin C 20% Ampoule

I am already familiar with Vegreen as a Korean skin care brand. I have tested some of their products in the past and based on my experience I was interested in trying out their newest product which is Vitamin C 20% Ampoule.


It comes in a simple plastic bottle that comes with a cap which can be taken off and you can put on a plastic pump. The pump is nice, because it dispenses small drops, so you don't waste any product.

In it is 30 ml of product and it costs around 27€, depending on where you get it. I found it on Amazon as well as Stylevana. 


Vitamin C is an unstable ingredient and as such should be stored in refrigerator or cold space. Most formulations are made waterless, because Vitamin C is generally more stable in oil than in water. This product, as most such products, should be used up in three months of opening to prevent the product from oxidizing too much. I've been using it over two months and there is a little less than half still in it, so this will definitely last you 3 months at least. 

Ampoule is waterless made of 14% ascorbic acid originated from UK and 6% ethyl ascorbyl ether. Ascorbic acid is the most potent Vitamin C and as far as I have researched 20% concentration is usually the highest up there. Ethyl ascorbyl ether is derivative from ascorbic acid, so it's already broken down a bit and not as strong as pure ascorbic acid, but that usually means it's more stable as well.

Among other ingredients it also has tea plant extract as well as my favorite centella asiatica

Formula reminds me of dry oil. It's lightweight, but sort of oily, yet not heavy and it feels quite light on the skin. There is no scent to it which I love. 

Let me confess. I was never a fan of Vitamin C products. Manly, because they were all oil based which meant heavy to put on my skin especially in the morning where your Vitamin C will do the best work - through the day. So I was a bit skeptical about trying this product out, but based on other products I have tried from Vegreen (Nature Mucin Serum and Tea Tree Gel Cream) I knew they would make lightweight formula that won't irritate my skin and this is exactly that.


I started using it every morning, but I mixed one drop of ampoule with Vegreen Tea Tree Gel Cream to sort of dilute it as well as not make my combination skin feel oily through the day. I've since came up to using three drops of ampoule on my face after my centella asiatica serum and before SPF. 

I love that it doesn't have that heavy citrusy scent which always reminded me of toilet cleaner when I tried other Vitamin C products. It's quite oily, but for some reason acts like a dry oil on the skin. There is the shine on the skin, but it doesn't slide all over the place and I can wear my usual makeup over it and it doesn't get smudgy or any greasier than usual. 

As far as results I definitely started to notice that my sallow skin around my mouth area became lighter. There were times when my skin around the mouth looked almost yellow brownish. I always wondered what that is, because it's not like a proper hyperpigmentation (shadow over your lip), it's just a difference in skin tone and that bugged me when I went makeup free. Now it's much less visible. I also noticed my freckles becoming less opaque in color and my overall complexion now looks more even toned

I never noticed my skin becoming irritated or sensitive to it, even though the concentration of Vitamin C is quite high. I suppose centella asiatica adds a soothing element to the formula which I love. 

Hyperpigmentation or blemish marks is probably the only skin concern that was never a real concern of mine in the past, so I avoided Vitamin C in general. Also because most of the products I tried out smelled like toilet cleaner and felt almost a bit stingy. This is the first Vitamin C product that I actually like and still use, even though it's that oily feel that I am not a fan of putting on my skin in the morning. But somehow it works on my combination skin and my complexion is much more even toned after 2 and a half months of using it. I can definitely notice that Vegreen makes lightweight, effective, yet soothing skincare products that I am definitely a fan of as someone with combination and at times sensitive skin. 

*Product was sent to me.  

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