Review: Vegreen Nature Mucin Serum and Tea Tree Gel Cream

Vegreen is Korean skin care brand that focuses on natural ingredients with eco-friendly design. I love Korean skin care in general and I had a feeling I would love these products, because the ingredients sounded perfect for what I usually like.

Vegreen Fragrance-Free Nature Mucin Serum


It comes in plastic bottle with a pump. In it is 50 ml of product and it costs around 16€.


You've probably all heard of snail mucin as it's a very popular Asian ingredient in skin care. Vegreen's Nature Mucin Serum is made of wild yam which is actually plant-based alternative to snail mucin. It has all the same benefits - antibacterial, antioxidant, brightening and skin healing. Extract of wild yam root contains a unique compound called diosgenin which helps delay aging signs and can even help with inhibiting hyperpigmentation. So, if you love the effect of snail mucin, but want plant alternative, this is the product for you.

Formula contains 63% of wild yam root extract as well as panthenol, glycerin, niacinamide, arginine, peptides, centella asiatica water and ceramide. Other ingredients support the formula by moisturizing, soothing and strengthening skin's barrier. It has all the ingredients that I love in my skin care for a healthy stronger moisturized skin. 

It's lightweight almost a bit gel like transparent fragrance-free serum. Because it's plant-based mucin it doesn't have that slimy feel that snail mucin has, but it has a bit of that nourishing layer that leaves some slight stickiness on the skin. In general the finish is velvet. 


This is super lightweight and can be layered without feeling heavy, but it still moisturized the skin very well. I find it perfect for any skin type. Dry skin would need to layer heavier moisturizers on top and oily skin would love it on its own. Whenever I used this in combination with the Tea Tree Cream my skin had it's best days. It's so lightweight, yet it keeps my skin moisturized and nourished. I can't pin point it out, but I feel like my complexion was more even toned and a bit brighter after using it for a month every day. 

Vegreen Skin Purifying Tea Tree Gel Cream


It comes in plastic tube with a small opening. In it is 80 ml of product and it costs around 18€.


It's a gel cream with 78.4% of tea tree extract. Formula also contains glycerin, a bunch of centella asiatica extracts (which I love), squalane and panthenol. Tea tree is extracted from tea tree water extract as opposed to tea tree oil to make it more suitable for sensitive skin. Tea tree has antibacterial properties and it's great for cleaning pores, controlling sebum and tightening the skin. Centella asiatica is one of my favorite ingredients, because it's so soothing and repairing and panthenol is great for skin barrier and healthy skin in general.

It's murky transparent fragrance-free gel cream that is super lightweight. It leaves natural velvet finish on the skin.


This is so lovely lightweight that it feels like water with just a bit of that nourishing moisturizing layer. It has the slight bit of stickiness on the skin which makes the skin look plump and well moisturized

This is the perfect cream for combination or oily skin as it's just so lightweight. Sometimes tea tree products can feel harsh or even irritating, but this one feels just fresh and soothing in a way, so it's perfect for sensitive skin as well. For me this is the perfect moisturizer for summer, but even now in winter I love it and I don't need to layer it, because it's moisturizing enough. Plus it works great under makeup as it's not greasy. Tea tree helps to keep blemishes at bay and the pores clean while centella asiatica soothes the skin. This is the kind of moisturizer I love, because it doesn't clog my pores or create any additional milia. 

I was so pleasantly surprised by Vegreen skin care products. I had the chance to choose two products and purely based on the ingredients description I knew I will like them. I love when skin care brand has the whole package - great skin supporting ingredients, lovely sophisticated formula and nice practical packaging. I have been using both products for months now and I love them. Super lightweight formulas that feel like nothing on the skin, but keep my skin clear, moisturized, brighter and soothed. I can use it in winter, but it would be just as perfect for summer. I can see this working out for many different skin types.

You can buy Vegreen on Amazon, Ebay and Stylevana. Here is the list of all stores that carry their products.

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