Lethal Cosmetics Eyeshadows - Limbo, Arcade, Parsec, Aurora

Lethal Cosmetics is an indie brand from Germany. They make vegan and cruelty-free makeup that is fun and a bit more colorful than the usual. I've heard of the brand many times since they launched in 2017, but never really gave it a try until recently. I've been trying to add some fun unconventional eyeshadows to my kit and their multichromes were the best I have seen. 

Lethal Cosmetics sells a lot of single eyeshadows with various finishes, as well as eyeshadow palettes, gel liners, highlighter, blushes, bronzers, lip creams and lipsticks. Some categories are more minimal with shade selections. There is definitely the biggest range of eyeshadows.


I ordered single eyeshadows which all came packaged in a paper box/bag with protective plastic. I love that underneath the shade you'll find fun quotes. It's easy enough package to recycle, yet it protects the shadow well enough.

In each eyeshadows there is 1.6 grams of product and the prices vary based on the finishes and shades. Limbo was 7€, Arcade was 7.50€, Aurora was 9€ and Parsec was 17€. 

You can buy them on Lethal Cosmetics (they ship to Slovenia as well).


They all have this sort of creamy texture to them, but they all have fallout in the pan, so I find them to be best applied with a dense not too hard brush or with fingers, if you apply it as a pop of color on the center of the lid. Even with a brush, you may experience some fallout on the skin, so do your eyes first.

Multichrome Parsec almost feels like it has flakes of glitter, so it also crumbles like that in the pan. I would say be careful with the fallout, but the formula itself is very pigmented in just one swipe. It's easy to apply once you spread it onto the skin.


Limbo - light shimmery champagne
Arcade - looks light coral in the pan, but on the skin looks more like a peachy pink with golden metallic sheen. 
Parsec - medium multichrome metallic shade with pink base and gold, turquoise and lilac shift. It looks different from every angle and it's very shimmery. 
Aurora - medium multichrome metallic shade with blue base and blue, green and purple shift. They say pink shift, but I'd say it's purple. For some reason this shade screams Fronzen to me. The purple shift is much harder to see and this one isn't as metallic and shimmery as Parsec.


All shades lasted on me the whole day with eyeshadow primer. I didn't experience any fallout during the wear time and they didn't fade in color either. In spite of being almost creamy, they don't settle into fine line, if you use eyeshadow primer and have oily lids like I do. 


To me this is a classic bridal eyeshadow for all over the lid and even in the inner corners. It will look good on probably every skin tone. It's just shimmery enough to catch the light well, but not look too obvious. I paired it with neutral matte browns and matte brown liner. 

Lips: NYX Natural lip liner and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes


This would be a fun twist on a classic rose gold for your bridal occasions, because it has that golden flip to it. I find it still neutral enough, but with a good twist of adding more interest and dimension to your classic look. I paired it with neutral matte browns and matte brown eyeliner. It also adds a nice pop of shine on the lower lid.

Lips: NYX Natural lipliner and Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Devotion


A very interesting multichrome with a very bright metallic sheen. It's hard to capture all the shifts on a photo. Usually it only catches one, like here, a golden tone. This is the only shade that has almost flakes like look to it, so the shift is quite interesting. These kind of shades look amazing over a darker base, but I paired them all with neutral brown matte shades just to show them off. 

Lips: NYX Natural lipliner and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm


Another multichrome which shift is so hard to catch on the camera. I will say this is the only shade here that almost looks like it has the least shimmery base. However, it's still shimmery, the shimmer is just smaller. It looks like a bright blue in the pan, but shift more greenish blue and from a certain angle it has amazing purple shift. I find this one so interesting. It would again look amazing over darker base, but I paired it with neutral browns and black.

Lips: NYX Nude Beige lipliner and Avon Adore lipstick

I also love using these kind of colorful multichrome shades on top of a creamy gel liner like I did here. I used Essence Stay&Play Gel Eyeliner in 02 But First Espresso as a base and applied Aurora on top. It's colorful, dimensional and not too bold.

If you are looking for unique shades and unique multichrome eyeshadows that will leaves you speechless than definitely check out the selection that Lethal Cosmetics has. You can find so many neutral and natural eyeshadows in the drugstore as well as high end brands, but it's hard to find those eye-catching fun colorful shadows with amazing shifts. And for that I will definitely be looking at them to try some more shades in the future. Formula does have some fallout that you have to learn to work with, but the shadows are pigmented, bright and stay in place all day. 

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