2019 Favorites

One year has come around yet again and I've gathered all of the products that I've tried out in 2019 for the first time and that have seriously impressed me. I'm talking skin care, hair care as well as some makeup. It's all in here. If you'd like to see more products that I have been loving in 2019, not just the new ones, you can go to Directory and scroll to the bottom to my monthly favorites. 

This has to be my favorite skin care find of 2019. It's Japanese brand called Cezanne. This is almost water like, bust slightly more viscose murky white essence that soaks into the skin well, but leaves behind a slight nourishing layer that tends to hydrate the skin through the night and all day. It comes in a huge bottle of 500 ml and I've already ordered my third bottle which says a lot. I started using it on my face as a hydrating essence under serums and moisturizers, but now I also use it on my body - especially where I have dry patches and atopic dermatitis. It contains various ceramides, hyaluronic acid and amino acids which all help hydrated and protect skin's barrier. It also has no scent and would work for sensitive skin too. 

I am convinced this was the main product that in combination with others helped me heal my atopic dermatitis faster. COSRX is one my most trusted Korean brands, as everything I have tried from them until now, has impressed me. This is basically just snail mucin or slime combined with some small percentage of other ingredients. Snail slime is known for its healing properties and that's exactly what this did to me. It healed my skin faster whether it be dermatitis or blemishes. Plus it feels hydrating and helps to produce more collagen which in turn helps your skin regenerate better. It's got that slimy feel to it, but I actually don't mind the texture at all. It sticks to the skin well and almost forms a protective layer on top. I also love the fact that it contains no added fragrance and it doesn't smell bad either. 

Te Mana is a natural brand from New Zeeland and I sort of coincidentally stumbled upon this brand while it was still available in Slovenia. It was one of those brands that helped me realize, natural skin care can have refine and enjoyable formulations as well. They sell this serum on firming and smoothing claims, but I think its main power is the pure glow that it gives the skin. It's the best skin care product for healthy sheen or that glow that I've tried so far. This looks so good on the skin on its own. It definitely makes your skin smooth looking and plumps it up, but the glow is just incredible. This would be my go to product for that glow from withing when I don't want a lot of makeup on my skin.  

While we're on the topic of glow, I can't go past this multitasking product from Heimish. It's another Korean brand that introduced me to its jewel. It's that sort of a skin care and makeup hybrid that does multitude of things to your skin. For starters it has some nice skin caring ingredients that actually moisturize your skin and nourish it. It has high SPF of 50+ and contains chemical as well as physical filters. It works great under makeup as a primer, since it leaves a bit of tacky layer behind and it has the most beautiful pearly shimmer in it which gives your skin such a gorgeous glow that you can just use it as a highlighter too. This is that type of product that you would impress neighbors while going out with only wearing this, because your skin looks amazing with it. It's also that type of product that I desperately use less of, because I want to save it for as long as possible. 

Everyone knows how much I love Revlon Colorstay foundation. It has been one of my all time favorite foundations for a while and I still use it a lot. But this year it got a slightly sheener sister called Candid. Candid is that semi-matte foundation, which sets even a bit quicker than Colorstay, gives good medium coverage and that healthy natural sheen to the skin. It wear more lightweight on the skin than Colorstay, but doesn't stay on as well on my skin, since it's not as matte. Revlon is one of those brands that makes good base products and I really like this foundation. Often times I mix it with Missha BB Cream. 

My favorite concealer is still The Saem Perfect Cover Concealer, but this year I've also found a good high coverage drugstore version. Revolution is not one of those brands that particularly impressed me in the past, but this was one of those products that surprisingly worked. It's got a very smooth application formula and the coverage is medium to high. It has matte finish and may look a bit more obvious on the skin, but it wear fairly lightweight. It doesn't emphasize fine lines and it's not as long wearing as The Saem, but it also doesn't look that bad despite having good coverage. I was most impressed with the shade range, because there are some really pale shades in the range. 

I was much more conservative with buying new eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes as I have a good range of shades already and am just slowly adding shades that I know I wear and use most, which are mostly neutrals. Coloured Raine proved to me that their eyeshadow formula is as impressive as most say it is. I've only ordered a few single eyeshadows, but the formula is just buttery enough and they blend so well, the best I have tried so far. Especially their mattes. They have amazing pigmentation and last all day on the lids, if you use eyeshadow primer. If I had the chance, I would definitely order one of their palettes in the future. So far I only have a couple of neutral mattes like Gingerbread, Moments and Chocolate as well as two shimmery/metallic shades - Who, Me? and Glamour. Those are the shades that I always grab when I want something neutral and that blend quickly without much effort. I have been using them a lot this year. 

This is pretty much my go to shade when I really don't have time to do much and I just use bronzer in the crease and put this all over the lid for that sparkly sheen that looks like I put some effort in it. Colourpop Super Shock Shadows are one of my favorite formulas, but I usually just buy the ultra glitter finishes, because these perform especially well in that creamy base. Glitter is fine enough and strong that it looks almost glossy over the lid and there is no fallout. Ladybird is that classic ivory shade that has multi-colored shimmer that mostly just looks silver. I use it with a finger and apply it over any boring matte eyeshadow to give me shine and sparkle. 

If Colourpop Super Shock Shadow is not glittery enough for you, than try this one by Holika Holika. This is that type of Stilla Glitter & Glow liquid glitter formula that applied on the lid easily with applicator and gives you slightly larger glitter particles which don't have any fallout, if you use primer underneath it. It gives that ultra metallic glittery finish that I wear for special occasions only, because it's really reflective. Stella Dust is that fairly neutral copper silver shade. 

Inglot Duraline

This is a mixing medium that you can use to mix with any sort of makeup to create a creamy waterproof version of it. I mostly just used it with powder eyeshadows to create cream eyeliners. It's so easy to use and works amazing. You can mix either loose eyeshadows, like glittery ones and add a drop of this for a liquid consistency or you can apply some of it on the brush and dip it into a pan eyeshadow to get it creamier and of course make it waterproof on the skin. This gives you countless colored eyeliner possibilities and no fallout with glittery or shimmery eyeshadows, plus it stays put for the whole day. I've hear it can revive mascaras and eyeliners as well. I've tried putting it in a drier mascara and it works fairy well, but seems a it wasteful since you have to use more than just one drop to make it all creamy and liquid again. 

BH Studio Pro Brush 30 Angled Liner/Spoolie

I bought this in 2018 already and this year I've grown to love it. It's that basic angled brow brush on one side and a spoolie on the other, but I find it great, because the brush is actually small enough and not too wide, so I find it more precise than other such brushes. Spoolie is nice as well for brushing through the brows and spreading product around. I use this with my powder products and it works really well.

This deserves its place in this post, because it's probably one of my most purchased products of 2019. I can't even remember how many of these I already bought - 20?! There is a lot of thin eyebrow pencils on the market and they all have their advantages. This one is my favorite for one, because it's so cheap and two, because of the pigmentation. This formula is the most creamy, which also means it gets used up faster, but it also means you get a lot of color payoff in one swipe. Sometimes I use it on its own and sometimes I combine it with powder products to just outline the edges better and make them look cleaner. It stays on well as well, but the pigmentation and color is what gets it for me. 

L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush 10 Be The Game Changer and 30 Beautiful Minds Empower Other

This year I have discovered my all time favorite drugstore blush formula. It's this one by L.O.V. This is one of those baked formulas that will last your forever. It's slightly drier to the touch, but pigmentation is definitely there. It has marbled design with a highlighting shade going through it and it gives cheeks the most natural looking fine shimmery glow. I absolutely adore both of these shade. In fact, I was certain I had shade 030 in 2018 already, because I felt  like I was using it for much longer time. So there's another photo added in for that shade. 010 is that perfect warm rosy cheek color that almost mimics that cold flush and 030 is the most neutral dirty mauve shade that works with any look. I adore them both and they stay on like no other, for the whole day.

This is another great drugstore blush formula that is so good as well and you cans till get it in Slovenia. This one has a more wet formula tot the touch, but it applies just as nicely as L.O.V. It stays on well too and gives my cheeks gorgeous sheen. This shade is another one of those really wearable mauve shades, but slightly on a warmer side and not as brownish as L.O.V. 30. Catrice has alaways had great blush formula, but the newer ones seem even better. 

Catrice has just been surprising me with good quality products this year, but then again, their highlighters always were superb for a drugstore brands. This is a palette that contains three shades with different sized shimmer. Formula of all is wet to the touch and pigmentation is amazing. My favorite shade is the second one, which is the most golden one and it has fine enough, but very reflective, almost metallic, sheen. It gives such a powerful glow and yet doesn't look glitter. It also stays on the skin well. Catrice finally started including their amazing highlighting formulas in a standard range and not just in their limited editions. 

I've pretty much been living in lip glosses half of this year, which is pretty much all summer and winter. This is lip oil, but it actually feels like a very nourishing, slightly thicker lip gloss or lip balm on the lips. It has that high shine and good sticky base which means it stays on the lips for a long time. I was most impressed with the very soothing and nourishing feel on the lips. It looks pink in the tube, but actually applied sheer on the lips. I've been using it through the day instead of a lip balm and I already ordered my second or third tube. It also has nice faint vanilla scent. 

Whenever I wanted something comfortable, but with a color and whenever I didn't use Catrice Dewy-ful Lips, I used this lip gloss by L.O.V. I am pretty sure I am scraping last bits of it and I rarely finish a products. It's again one of those thicker, sticks well to the lips, lip gloss formulas. I think the shade is just perfect, a warm pinky brown nude that just has the best combination of both shades. This goes with everything and it feels so good and comfortable on the lips. It won't emphasize dry patches, so you can use it even on drier lips. 

My favorite nude lipstick from 2019 is this one by Avon called Nude Suede. I already know their matte formula and have loved for years. It's that slightly silicon based formula that glides on well, gives you matte finish, but doesn't feel too drying. They came out with a range of nude shades that are right up my alley and Nude Suede is one of those universal light brownish pinks that I can grab whenever I'm in a hurry, because it matches well with various looks. 

Whenever I have to choose a more colorful option for my lips, I usually go with the red. There is a variety of red tones in my collection and whenever I wear those I always get compliments. Red is just such a classic and I have discovered quite a few good new formulas and shades in 2019.

Bourjois Rouge Fabuleux Lipstick 11 Cindered-lla is amazing drugstore formula. It's the most butter like formula that I've tried as it just glides on the lips and you're sort of afraid to apply it, that'w how easy it is. Pigmentation is amazing and it has a creamy finish, but on my dry lips it always dries down to a semi-matte finish which is lovely to wear. This one is not as transfer proof as matte formula, but it's that much more comfortable to wear and this shade is a classic neutral red which turns more warm on me and that will suits most skin tones. 

Lisa Eldridge Plush True Velvet Lipstick Velvet Ribbon is one of my most luxurious purchases from 2019 and is sort of a treat for me. It's a classic neutral red as well, but I mostly bought it because of the formula and love of Lisa Eldridge. Formula is matte, but doesn't look obvious on the lips or too dead. Apart from a good lipstick formula it also features amazing true velvet like bullet and metal packaging with magnetic closing. It's a luxurious high end makeup and since the shade is so neutral I already wore it on many special occasions. 

Avon True Perfectly Matte Lipstick Sunbaked Red is another one of those Avon matte formulas that I've talked about a lot in the past, so I won't anymore. Avon added not only Nudes but also Reds in their range and I loved all the shades. But my favorite has to be this one which is a more warm brick red that just looks amazing on yellow warm skin toned and Avon True Perfectly Matte Lipstick Rose Red which is a more classic neutral to cool shade, but with a slight pink undertone to it. It really looks like a proper velvet rose and I've adored it this year. 

Ebelin Powder Brush is one of those universal powder, bronzer, blush brushes that you'll find in Ebelin limited editions often times. I believe they differ only by the shape of the bristle, which are sometimes more rounded and other times more tapered. I've actually bought three of these already. I like them, because the bristles are so soft and the shape is good for many uses like powder, bronzer and even blush. I like to use it for bronzer the most, because tapered shape makes it easy to blend the product and it doesn't apply too much of it. 

Ecotools Tapered Brush was part of their Define & Highlight Duo. It might have been placed in this duo as a contour brush, but I love it for blush application. It has less dense bristles than most blush brushes and I like that they don't pick up a lot of product, because it makes it easier to apply pigmented blushes. It's always best to build up blush slowly and this brush lets me do this,

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush is currently my favorite foundation brush. I've steer clear of makeup sponges and fingers, since they both require messy hands and cleaning. This kind of brush is very dense and the bristles are soft enough that it spreads the product evenly without too much effort. It's also just big enough to apply foundation quick enough.

Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush is a smaller sister to Zoeva 102. This has that same rounded shape, but the size is much smaller. I love to use it with any kind of cream products. At first I used it with concealer, but now I find it best for either cream contour or cream blush. The size is just perfect for applying product only where you want it and by stippling it, you can blend the product out nicely. 

I haven't worn a lot of nail polish this year and half of it I actually didn't wear any at all, because my hand eczema got so bad, I didn't want to draw further attention to my nails and nail polish remover stings around broken skin. But there were two nail polishes which bought me with their color this year. Devil Wears Nada is the most perfect nude for my skin tone I have found so far, because it's light enough that it still stands out and it has beautiful latte brown undertone. Plus Sally Hansen formulas just seem to last really long on my nails, even though they are usually thicker and not as easy to apply as some more gel formulas.

I've never before tried OPI formulas and when I realized this one has a fairly thick formula that just feels so not modern, I was kind of doubting why everyone loved this brand back in the day. But I realize it must have been the shade range. They always had the most unique shades and this one is no exception. It's that yellow with a dirty sort of mustard undertone and it's one of those unique shades in my collection. I've worn it quite a lot this year and it looks even better on darker skin or skin with some tan. 

There is usually no justification for me to buy another fragrance, because I have so many at home already and always feel guilty buying new ones. But this was just one of those that I knew I'll love and since it was being discontinued and on sale, I grabbed it. It's that stronger woody sweet scent that is perfect for colder months, but because this is fragrance mist, it isn't as strong, so you can use it during warmer months as well, if you're into that kind of scents. Coconut, musk, vanilla and woody notes sold it for me. It's just such a unique fragrance that has just the perfect blend of strong woody oriental and sweet notes. 

I've always loved Avon fragrances and some have been my all time favorites. I think this one deserves its place up there as well. It's definitely my favorite out of their Attraction range. It's another sweet fragrance, but this one kicks it up a notch with its leather note. I feel like it gives it some sass. It has pretty fruity sweet notes, but the leather base grounds it and makes it much more sexier and oriental like. It's one of those fragrances that I have used up the quickest. It may not be the most long lasting ever, but the scent makes up for it.

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray

Joico K-Pak is my favorite high end hair range and all of the products that I have tried from them have seriously impressed me. I've had their products for year and just recently I've added this spray to my routine. I've had the one in the gold packaging for a while. I honestly can't say what's the difference between these two, but I like them both. This one is that milky spray that coats your hair in a nourishing and moisturizing formula. It smooths out your hair and makes them look shinier. I adore the scent, because it smells like a high end hair salon mixed with some coconut like sunscreen. It always makes my hair look so much prettier and tamed in a sleek way. 

Pantene Pro-V Hair Superfood Conditioner

Pantene has been a drugstore hair discovery of this year for me. If there's one brand that comes close to high end ones like Joico, it has to be Pantene, but for a fraction of that price. Their products are so affordable and so good. Superfood conditioner was the first product from them that really impressed me with its thick texture that made my hair super soft and nourished. I have since bought several shampoos and conditioners and they all worked out great for me, so this is a brand that I'll definitely explore more in the future. 


  1. Se 100% strinjam s tabo za Cezanne :) In meni je super tudi za telo, sploh ker se hitro vpije, ampak deluje pa kot pravi losjon.

    Meni isto polžja slina najbolj pomaga pri celjenju, samo mi žal tudi maši pore, zato 96 Mucina ne morem uporabljat, imam pa zato od EH sheet maske. So mi ravnokar zelo pomagale.

    Heimish me mika, čeprav imam Charlotte Tilbury in Catrice Glow Primer, ki predvidevam, da sta zelo podobna, ampak SPF je velik plus. Sem pričakovala tak glow pri Etude House Blur Primer SPF 33, ampak ni ne mat, ne blurring in ne glowy. Ga vseeno veliko uporabljam ravno zaradi SFP-a.

    L.O.V. blush bi res rada imela v tem tvojem odtenku 10, ali pa kakšen bolj hladen roza. če je. Odkar sem blond se mi zdi da mi roza blushi bolj pašejo kot peachy.

    Catrice highlighter paletka je super. Pa mislim, da je nisem omenila niti pod honourable mentions - tragedija :D. Meni je prvi odtenek odličen.

    Avon izbor za ustnice mi je všeč, me zanimajo olje in Nude Suede. Rose Red je tudi izjemno lepa.

    Ebelin čopič moram nekje najti. Rabim za puder v prahu. Zadnji mesec mi ni ravno uspelo priti do drogerij, ampak imam na seznamu za pogledat, če imamo pri nas.

    Laka za nohte nisem nanesla že od avgusta, se mi sploh ne da s tem ubadat, ampak Devil Wears Nada je pa lep :)

    Mikajo me še Attraction Sensation in Joico sprej, čeprav sem itak zdaj kupila Liquid Reconstructor. Mi je tvoj tester pa let nazaj pomagal dosečt odločitev, da je vreden. Super stvar! Reconstructor, Hydrator in spray so transformirali moje sveže beljene + barvane lase v spet normalne. Ta linija je res izjemna. Pantene je pa itak odkritje leta :)

    1. Cezanne bi kupovala na litre, če bi bilo možno :D

      Po mojem je Charlotte Tilbury dokaj podoben. Saj ni, da ne bi ostajalo več podobnih izdelkov, ampak sem prvič preizkusila kaj takega, akr vsebuje še res visok SPF. Zame je to tak luksuz variante, ki bi ga uporabljala vsak dan, ko ne nosim makeupa, če bi imela višek budgeta :D.

      Mislim da tega roza imajo na Notiniju. Jaz bi pa rada še kakšmega peachy od njih. Imam zdaj vse roza. Ampak res škoda, da jih več ni. Na Notinu so mislim da tudi samo trije odtenki še. Upam, da pridem do njih preden se odločijo, da jih ukinejo.

      Ampak res?! :D Catrice nisi omenila. Pa vem, da ti je bil prvi odtenek res všeč. Ah včasih pozabiš kaj, kar ti je pred nosom, jaz sem tudi tako.

      Nude Suede je res en mojih najljubših nude odtenkov. Pravo mero vseh podtonov ima. Vse priporočam, če boš imela kdaj šanso.

      Meni so na sploh ti ultra mehki sintetični čopiči odlični, čeprav vem, da imajo eni raje kaj, kar boljše pobira izdelek. Meni pa je ravno to prednost, sploh pri bronzerjih. Drugače hitro izgleda too much, če je odtenek bolj temen.

      Welcome to the club :D.

      Liquid Reconstructor je fantastičen. Jaz sem ga dolgo ponovno nakupovala, potem sem se pa vmes odločila, da preizkusim še tega. Ampak relano sta si dokaj podobna. K-Pak linija je res vsa odlična. Pantene pa itak. Zavoljo tebe, drugače še zdaj ne bi nič kupila od njih :D <3