Review: Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow - Silver Dollar and Cosmic Glow

I had the chance to get some of Inglot's pigments straight from Poland, which meant the price was much more affordable than buying online. Their AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows are one of their most known products and everyone seems to rave about them. I was never a fan of pigments before, but anything shimmery always sounds interesting. 


These come in plastic transparent pot with a velvet black plastic cap. There's JL on the cap, because these two were part of Jennifer Lopez collection. I'm not sure, if it's still available in the stores, but they have a wide range of shades in their regular line. 

Pigments come in a loose powder form and there is no sifter, which means you have to be careful how you open them up. In each is 2 grams of product and it costs around 10€ in Poland. Inglot is now available also on BeautyBay. 


I believe formulas are different depending on the finish. These two are loose pigments with lots of metallic shimmer particles that are quite big. I've heard most of their regular pigments have a finer shimmer. It's made out of 90% pure pigment. Under fingers it feels sort of dry and you'll definitely need some sort of creamy base underneath to stick to or mix it with Inglot Duraline, like I do, which turns it into a metallic creamy shadow. 


J409 Comic Glow is light warm golden brown pigment. It contains small gold, green and pink shimmer. 
J401 Silver Dollar is pale silver pink pigment. Shimmer in it is pink, silver and green gold.

They both have a duo chrome sheen to them. Silver Dollar has a more of a pale green sheen and Cosmic Glow has more of a warmer yellow green sheen. 


Mixed with Duraline liquid this lasts on my lid for the whole day and it's waterproof. It may crease a bit in the beginning, because it's so creamy, but once this sets, it stays on. Because it's a pure pigment, make sure to use it with a glitter primer or something like Duraline or dry shimmery particles may fall off. By mixing it with a liquid, it turns these pigments in a very high shine foiled metallic finish

J401 Silver Dollar 

J409 Cosmic Glow

These are more like a shimmery or glittery eyeshadows in my eyes, but they come in a form of loose pigment, so I mix them with liquid Duraline to create foiled metallic finish. To be honest, I prefer something glittery to already come in a liquid or cream form, but these are not bad. Shimmer is super reflective and it gives off such a fun duo chrome sheen to your lids. It also sparkles like nobody's business under an artificial light. If that sort of formula appeals to you than definitely check these out, but they are essentially just loose shimmer pigments and you may find some cheaper alternatives too. 

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