Review: Avon True Matte Lipsticks - Nudes (All Colors)

I have praised my love for Avon lipsticks many times and their matte formula is one of the best matte formulas in a regular lipstick format. They had descent shade selection, but recently they've added 6 new nude shades. One of those (Au Naturale) was actually already available in this range. Good job Avon, we all wanted more nude shades, as those are one of the most worn ones in general. 


These had matte soft touch plastic packing, but the new nudes have colorful nude toned top mixed with either rose gold or silver details. Each bullet also has embossed Avon sign and the shade name is usually on the bottom. 

In each is 3.6 grams of product and the regular price is 8.50€, but you can usually get it for 3.90€.


These have creamy formula that has good amount of that silicon slip to it, so it's not dragging on the lips. Pigmentation is good and you usually don't need more than two swipes across the lip for opaque look. Finish is one of those comfortable matte, which means it's not completely matte like liquid lipstick, but doesn't have shine either.

Scent is subtle fruity sweet


As I have mentioned before, five of these are completely new and one is preexisting shade - that would be Au Naturale. I think this is a good range of nudes across different skin tones. Something for fair to dark skin tones. Maybe there's missing a shade for really deep skin. 

Blush - pale neutral muted pink. It will look best on fair skin tones, either neutral or cool.
Au Naturale - light warm orange brown. Perfect shade for fair to light warm skin tones. 
Nude Suede - light neutral brownish pink. One of the most universal shades that I assume will be best seller, suitable for light and medium skin tones. It will look good on cool, warm or neutral skin. 
Lush Cocoa - medium warm redish brown. Again one of those universal nudes, but more suited for medium skin tones.
Divine Twig - medium warm red brown. Nude for dark skin tones with warm red undertones. 
French Toast - medium cool grey brown. Nude for dark skin tones with cooler or neutral undertone. 

Au Naturale was one of my favorite shades all along. It's my perfect nude for warm makeup looks. Nude Suede stole my heart. It's so flattering with most makeup looks and just the perfect my-lips-but-better shade for me. Lush Cocoa is again one of those neutral shades, but slightly darker that I love pairing with more brown tones. Divine Twig is more of that fall red shade for me and French Toast is cooler, again more of fall shade for my personal style. Blush is the only shade that just doesn't seem to suit me. It looks too pale and too cool for my skin tone. But mixed with darker lip liner, I can make it work. 


Avon True Matte Lipstick Blush - the most muted, dirty light pink.
Avon True Matte Lipstick Pink Passion - much brighter, more vibrant, cooler toned light pink.
Avon True Matte Lipstick Pure Pink - more berry toned medium pink.
Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte Pinking About You - a true light barbie/baby pink, more pastel.

Avon True Matte Lipstick Au Naturale - light warm, orange toned brown.
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream London - more brownish, less warm light brown.
Colourpop Lux Lipstick Creme Quickie - more peach toned light brown.

Avon True Matte Lipstick Nude Suede - one of those universal light nudes that has a mix of pink and brown.
Avon Mark Epic Lip Rosy Outlook - slightly darker more of a light to medium nude with more berry undertone.
Avon True Supreme Lipstick Nurturing Nude - more brownish and warmer light pinky brown nude.
MAC Lipstick Patisserie - the lightest of such nudes, light pinky brown nude.
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Stockholm - warmer light to medium pink brown.
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Forever - also warmer, but slightly darker medium pink brown nude.

Avon True Matte Lipstick Lush Cocoa - medium pink to redish brown.
Avon Mark Plumping Lipstick Choco Latte - a much darker medium redish purple brown.
Avon True Matte Lipstick Marvelous Mocha - more brown based medium warm brown.
Avon True Matte Lipstick Divine Twig - medium more of red brown.
Avon True Matte Lipstick French Toast - medium cool toned grey based brown.
Urban Decay Lipstick 1993 - darker medium cool brown, but with a bit of warm undertone to it.


These are long lasting for a matte lipstick formula, but they are not transfer proof. Lipstick wears off evenly and darker shades may leave a bit of stain. It's one of those comfortable matte formulas that doesn't feel drying, which is what I love about it the most. Paler shades, like Blush, have a bit more white base to it and can look thicker on the lips. The key is to pat it on the lips instead of swiping. 

I am so happy Avon added new nude shades to their matte range. This is one of those great matte lipstick bullet formula that applies lovely and wears well without feeling dry or uncomfortable on the lips. Shade range is quite big and you can find something nude or much brighter, whatever rocks your boat. Packaging is also well made and you can't beat that price. It's even cheaper than some drugstore brands. I highly recommend you to check these out, if you like comfortable matte lipstick formula with nice selection of shades. 

*PR products 


  1. Wow, beautiful colors! I have bought two of them already and I love the formula.

    1. I love this formula too. It's one of the best from Avon and I'm so glad they added more nudes. I love to wear those the most :).

  2. Točno to je Avon moral dodat original odtenkom mat formule. Dobro so tudi zajeli različne tene. Blush in Nude Suede mi izgledata odlično :)

    1. Se strinjam. To jim je res manjkalo. Jaz sem bila tudi presenečena, da so res zadeli tiste prave nude verzije za skoraj vsako polt. Po mojem mnenju manjka še ena za res zelo temno polt. Drugače pa je vsaka po svoje zanimiva. Nude Suede je absolutno moj favorit. Me pa res zanima kako bi Blush izgledal na tebi :D. Zagotovo manj roza kot na meni :).

  3. Zdaj moram pa res preizkusiti tole opevano mat formulo, vidim vsaj dva odtenka, ki bi mi pristajala. Na tebi izgledajo vsi super, čudovito ti pristajo breskovi in bolj pink odtenki

    1. Priporočam. Meni je res ena najboljših mat formu. Predvsem zato, ker mi ne izsuši ustnic. Zdaj ko so dodali bolj nude odtenke, se pa za vsakega najde kak ;). Hvala <3 :)

  4. Divine twig and french toast are the best for me! Especially divibe twig. I haven't seen these in Romania though! We have the reds, but nect time I'll ask the girl that brings my products about the nudes!

    1. I love those too. Hope you get those nudes ;)