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It's been a really long time since my last New In post and I've accumulated quite a few new products. Especially over the holidays, when I treated myself with new products and I also got sent some packages from brands. I've already tried all of these out and loved most of them.

Avon Care Enriching Moisture With Yoghurt & Honey Hand Cream and Jolly Holly Berry Bath & Body Wash*

I got some packages from Avon for the holidays, hence festive packaging. Their hand creams are always nice, usually glycerin based, nourishing enough and they don't stay greasy. This one also has a nice sweet yoghurt scent to it. I've always loved their bubble baths and this is a sweet berry scented one in a festive packaging great for gifting. I currently avoid scented body products, so I might try this once my skin gets better or gift it to someone. But their bubble baths always produce enough foam and make your skin smell great.

Avon Be My Highbrow Brow Set*

It's a brow set that came in a box with four products. Unfortunately, shades are darker brown, so it's too dark for my current hair color. I might  use it once I color my hair darker or actually gift it to a friend. It's a set that contains brow powder with a wax, brow marker, some highlighting under eye concealer and a tweezer with a brush on the other side. 

Avon Mark Supreme Playbook Eyeshadow Palette*

It comes in a book format that folds in three places and actually gives you two sides of eyeshadows with a pretty big mirror. I will have a separate review of this palette on the blog, because I think the formula is quite nice. It includes different finishes and all very natural colors with some pops of metallics. Mattes perform surprisingly well, I especially like how easily they blend.

I am in love with this galaxy like packaging of new Prism lipsticks by Avon. The formula is creamy and very comfortable, but I am not a fan of shimmer in it. It's not the look I go for, when I reach for a lipstick. If this was a regular creme formula, I would love to wear this warm brown nude color.

Benefit I'm Hotter Outdoors Set

I've been eyeing Benefit products for a while, so when I got a code for some discount, I decided to buy this set, because it cost me the same as if I only bought Hoola bronzer, which is what I initially intended on doing. I can't complain, because I actually like both other two products as well. Hoola is a bit too warm and too dark for my current skin tone, but it might work better for me in the summer. Roller Lash is one of those mascaras that gives me definition and length. It reminds me a lot of Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. Gimme Brow is a surprising find for me. I was sure that shade 3 would be too dark for my brows, but it works perfectly with lighter brow powders as a base and I love mini brush that it has. 

Joico K-Pak Stars of Joy Shampoo and Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor

Joico K-Pak is my favorite high end drugstore range. I've had many products from the K-Pak range and I've loved all of them. Their shampoo always makes my hair super soft, well nourished and smooth. I haven't had their reconstructor in a really long time, but it's one of those treatments for damaged and colored hair. It makes your split ends look so much better and nourishes the hair to make them look so much healthier. It has a funny almost baby food like consistency, but smells sort of like a hair salon and banana. Joico often times has sets of two for the holidays and the price is always better than buying them separately. 

Ebelin LE Winter Dream Powder and Blush Brush

Ebelin had these two brushes as a part of their winter limited edition and since I already own a few of their brushes, I knew the quality was nice and I like the shape, so I got two more. Powder brush is one of those shapes that Ebelin constantly brings back. It's tapered and perfect for applying powder or bronzer. I use it mostly for bronzer, because it blends product out so well. Blush brush is more straight cut and not as fluffy, denser, so it's perfect for cream or liquid products, because it doesn't spread them all over. I like applying lipstick as a cream blush with it. Silver copper handles are super pretty and Ebelin brush bristles are always super soft which is one of the reasons I keep buying them. 

MAC Face And Body Foundation - C1

If you're a MAC fan, you probably own this foundation already. I wanted to try this out, because I've heard it's one of those versatile foundations that you can layer on for a full coverage and it also works for the body and doesn't transfer. It's a very liquid and thin foundation. In my opinion this isn't the best for oily skin, because it gives quite a natural finish to the skin. It's definitely buildable and sets surprisingly well, but still looks very natural. If you like that cake up, this is not for you. I still can't decided, if I like this or not, but it has a place in my routine, when I want a certain look. It also works great on mature skin.

I've already reviewed most of these in separate reviews. Duraline is the only one that I still have to write a review for. It's a mixing medium that turns any texture into a liquid cream and makes it waterproof. Their AMC pigments are part of J.Lo limited edition. It makes for a lovely sparkly metallic lid color when mixed with Duraline. I can't believe how much I've already used up their Sculpting Powder in 505. I already hit the pan. It's a very light grey based contour shade that is surprisingly light for my skin tone, so I layer it on more. But it gives just enough of a realistic shadow without too much pigment. 

SVR Cicavit+ Creme and Topialyse Baume Intensif Anti-Recidive

These two are repurchases. I use them on my atopic dermatitis and hand ezema. Cicavit I use for healing scars faster and Topialyse I use to make my dry skin nourished, moisturized and not further irritate as this one has no fragrance and gentle ingredients. I also like that it contains coconut oil, because it smells naturally of coconut and coats my skin in a nourishing layer that lasts longer than most creams. When your skin is very dry, you want it too look less dry for longer and creams that soak into the skin faster, make your skin look dry quick again - but not this one.

Revolution Skincare X Jake-Jamie Feed Your Face Avocado Face Mask*

This mask is a part of a package I got from Lič I haven't tried all of the products yet, so I'll feature other in another New In post, but I have tried this mask and immediately disliked it. It looks like a proper guacamole, because it contains small particles which give me food vibes. It looks like I put on one of those DIY home made masks on my face. Soon after I put it on, my skin started to sting and I can't say which ingredient's fault was that, but it just didn't agree with my skin. I have sensitive skin, but my face can tolerate quite a lot, so I knew this mask wasn't for me from the start. I'll probably pass it on to someone that doesn't have sensitive skin. It also didn't seem to make much for my skin. I honestly didn't notice much of exfoliation (apart from a very mild physical exfoliation from those larger parts in the mask) and my skin didn't look particularly smooth or more even toned either. But I obviously haven't tried it much, so I can't really say much more about it. It just doesn't agree with my skin.


I've tried another one of those cult favorite foundations and it didn't impressed me as much as I thought it would. Don't get me wrong, this is a good foundation, but it's just not perfect for my skin. This is more for those that have fairly normal to dry skin, very little imperfections and are looking for something natural looking. Shade is a bit too dark for my winter complexion as well, but the shade range is great and you will definitely find your match, if you try it first in person, not order it online, like I did.

Molash Eyelash Serum

I've had Dermalux Lash serum in the past and loved it, but it's expensive. Since I've heard only good things about Molash from my fellow bloggers, I decided to try it out and it didn't disappoint. My lashes definitely grew longer and it makes them look multiplies. I finally enjoy non-liner eye makeup looks, because my lashes are so long that I don't need to darken my lash line. I will have a separate review of this serum and a comparison of results.

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Borage Seed Oil

I believe The Ordinary promotes this products for hair, but I actually got it for my skin to help with atopic dermatitis. Apparently borage seeds have those essential gamma linolenic acids that are lacking in skin of those with atopic dermatitis. I started to use it in the evening as a last layer on top of other moisturizers to seal in moisture and help with nourishment. In combination with other products I have definitely seen some good results, although there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when trying to heal skin problems like atopic dermatitis and I can't say for sure how effective is this oil on its own. I cans say that I absolutely hate natural scent of it. To me it smells like vomit and it always makes me sick, when I smell it, but I'm slowly getting use to the scent. 

Essence LE Makeup Brushes*

I also got a very lovely package from Dominur and I believe these two makeup brushes were part of an Essence Limited Edition from the past, I just don't know which one. One brush is angled brow brush and has a spoolie on the other side. The other one looks like a highlighter brush, but I use it for contour. I actually really like this last one, because the bristles are so soft, it's tapered and just big enough to fit in those cheek hollows. I've been using it ever since I got it and so far, the bristles are in good condition.

Catrice LE Kaviar Gauche Mini Lipstick Set C01 Les Petits Bisous*

This was also part of that Dominur package and it was part of a previous Kaviar Gauche Limited Edition. It comes in a metal gold box and in there are four mini lipsticks. I absolutely love the idea of minis, because it means I'll finally be able to finish a lipstick and the size is perfect to carry around with. Formula surprised me. I didn't know Catrice has such a good lipstick formulas and I kind of want to explore more lipstick from them now. 

In the set you get one of those perfect four shades for every occasion. My favorite is the pinkish nude which has the most creamy and oh-so-comfortable formula that wears like a dream. It's one of those muted pink shades that will look good on every light to medium skin tone. The second one is a much warmer, almost peach toned brown, which is again exactly my kind of color. It's also very creamy. Than there's another more coral shade, which is almost like a satin finish, not super creamy like the other two, but it makes sense, since it's a more vibrant shade and you don't want it to move as much. Then there's also a classic cool toned medium red, but in a matte finish, comfortable matte though. This one is another classic that will look good on most skin tone. I am so sad these are not available anymore, because I find the formula as well as shades just one of the best I've tried in a while. 

*PR products or products that were sent to me. 


  1. That Catrice lipstick looks stunning on you!!! Perfect shade for everyday wear!

    1. Thank you <3. I really like that shade, it's exactly as you said, goes with everything :).