Review: Avon True Nourishing Lip Oil - Blossom

Avon added new type of product to their lip range called Nourishing Lip Oil. They call it oil, but it's more of a nourishing and moisturizing lip balm and lip gloss hybrid. Based on the name I expected something totally different, but this formula immediately became one of my favorites.


It comes in a small square plastic transparent tube with bronze top. The packaging is the same as with Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers. It has petal shaped flat sponge applicator that applies product evenly.

In it is 7 ml of product and it usually costs around 5€. 


It's lip oil that contains jojoba, avocado and coconut oil as well as vitamin E. It should make your lips three times more moisturized right after application. It's apparently also nourishing, gives you subtle color to the lips and natural shine. You're lips also shouldn't feel greasy or sticky.

It definitely doesn't feel like an oil. It's more of a gel formula that has a nice grip to it and that ultra smooth glide on the lips that almost feels a bit silicon like. This could almost be perceived as lip balm and lip gloss hybrid in my eyes. It sticks well to the lips and stays there. It's not a liquid or thin formula, it looks slightly thicker, but doesn't feel like it on the actual lips. 

Finish is definitely shiny, but not as strong of a sheen as with those ultra glossy lip glosses.


It comes in two shades. Shimmering Petal is like a transparent light pink with small shimmer in it. Blossom is transparent bright pink without any shimmer. The pink gives you just the tinniest hint of pink hue, barely noticeable, it's more or less transparent.


This feels so lovely on the lips. You will especially like it, if you have problems with dry lips. It's smoothnot sticky at all, stays on well and feels ultra comfortable. I almost feel like it's a bit soothing on the lips. Lips definitely feel moisturized with it and it almost nourishes them as well. 

It has faint vanilla scent

Avon knows their lip products, but I was never a fan of their ultra sticky lip gloss formula. This is what a perfect lip gloss formula should look like. Avon, do this formula with different colors as a lip gloss and it will be a winner.  Don't think of it as thin lip oil, think of this as that nourishing shiny lip product that you'll want to wear whenever your lips feel dry or whenever you want something shiny, but that also feels nourishing and soothing. I am really liking this formula and it's in my bag all the time. Small packaging is great and the applicator works nice too. 

*Product was sent to me.


  1. Mi je takoj padel v oči že ko si ga dala na story. Zveni kot formula, ki bi mi bila precej všeč :) Clarins ima nekaj podobnega že kar nekaj let in mi je bila formula všeč ko sem jo preizkusila na roki v drogeriji, ampak toliko denarja za glos pa ne dam. Avon se mi zdi cenovno ok, sumim itak, da bodo dobre akcije. Bi pa raje tisto svetlo roza verzijo, čeprav sta obe prosojni :).

    1. Svetlo roza ima mislim da bleščice. Meni je ljubša brez, ker imam kar nekaj shimmery glossov od Colorpopa. Ko pa te porabim, pa verjetno še to drugo verzijo od Avona preizkusim. Formula je pa res zelo udobna za nosit. Jaz imam itak zelo rada take izdelke za ustnice. Moje suhe ustnice jih imajo še rajši :). Avon ima skoz kakšne akcije, imaš prav.