Review: Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Ladybird

I have been a fan of Colourpop Super Shock Shadows ever since I got my first one. It's just something about this creamy formula that applies so nicely. Now I prefer glittery shades as toppers and don't really buy colorful ones anymore. My latest purchase was this gorgeous glittery shade called Ladybird.


Colourpop often times changes their box packaging, but inside it's a white plastic pot with transparent lid. You have to close it really well so that the eyeshadow doesn't dry out. 

In each is 2.1 gram of product and it costs 6$ (Colourpop).


Supers Shock Shadows have unique mousse like creamy texture that glides on like a dream and it sets into a powder. I always use all my eyeshadows with eyeshadow primer and with that, it stays put all day. If you have very oily lids, these might gather in the crease. Formula is packed in the pot and because of the texture it's very difficult to pick it up with a brush. I advise synthetic dense brush to pick it up, but they apply best with fingers. You can blend the edges with a blending brush.  

Pigmentation depends on the finish. Usually more glittery shades have sheerer base while some colorful shades have more intense pigmentation. This is one of the sheerer ones with lots of glitter


Colourpop has a huge selection of shades. They always add new ones and they also discontinue a lot of shades. But the choice in general is quite good.

Ladybird is described as soft ivory with multi-dimensional silver glitter. I would say the base looks warmer, ivory beige and the glitter in it is more silver, but I also get some light gold from it. But in general base is so sheer that you mostly just get a ton of glitter. Finish is ultra-glitter


Birthday Girl - beige with siver, gold and pink glitter
Ladybird - ivory beige with silver and gold glitter
Birthday Wish - sheer champagne with pink, gold, blue and purple glitter


These tend to wear good on my lids with eye primer. They last all day on the lids. I like using Ladybird as topper on top of other powder eyeshadows to add some sparkle or on its own with some bronzer in the crease. Because there's so much glitter in it, it gives you that almost glossy look which I love. 

Colourpop Wake Up Call (crease), Ladbird (lid and inner corner), Let's Do It (liner)

This probably won't be the last Colourpop Super Shock Shadow that I buy. I just like this formula a lot. Mostly in their glitter finish, because it's such an easy glitter topper that I can tap over any shade and it makes it look so much more glamorous. They can migrate on oily lids, but the color selection is amazing and formula is unique. Pigmentation depends mostly on different finishes, but you can always build these up. If only Colourpop had online store within EU, I would probably order more from them.

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