Review: Avon Mark Prism Lipstick - Orbital Lust

Avon Mark Prism is a new range of Avon's lipsticks. I've had the chance to try out shade Orbital Lust. It's one of those creamier formulas that contains small shimmer which should give it that prismatic sheen on your lips.


It comes in a violet plastic packaging with pink shimmer which gives it a warm purple shine and makes it looks almost like galaxy. The bullet has Mark engraved in it.  You get 3.6 grams of product and it usually costs around 4.60€


Avon says it has prismatic finish which means it reflects light for a multicolored shine. Color should be rich and give medium to full coverage. It applies smoothly and will last for several hours.

It's definitely a very smooth and creamy formula that effortlessly glides on the lips. It contains small shimmer which gives you that slight gritty feeling when you're smacking your lips together, but it's nothing too bothering. Pigmentation is good

Finish is creamy with a bit of luminous sheen which isn't metallic, but also doesn't look glittery. I am not a fan of shimmer in lipsticks in general, but with this sort of nude color it still looks tolerable. 

I don't smell any added fragrance, but there might be some slight fruitiness to it. 


Prism lipsticks come in 15 shades. The range includes some nudes, some pinks and reds and a lot of mauves and violets

Orbital Lust is light warm brown with a tint of orange to it. It's the most brownish nude in the range, but has a very warm orange tint to it and the shimmer in it gives it even more golden warmth. It's one of those nudes that I love, but will make your teeth look yellower. 


Avon Mark Prism Lipstick Orbital Lust - light warm brown with an orange tint to it and gold shimmer. 
Avon True Supreme Nourishing Lipstick Silky Peach - light warm dirty peach with gold shimmer.
Avon 3D Plumping Lipstick Cantaloupe - light warm muted brick peach with a slight more red undertone to it.


Because it's so creamy, it feels lovely on the lips, but won't be long lasting. You'll need to reapply it. It wears off fairly evenly, but leaves behind gold shimmer which looks almost a bit glittery after the creamy base has worn off. I dislike that look and it's the main reason why I don't like wearing those kind of shimmery lipsticks. 

I had no doubt that the formula would be great, because Avon's lipsticks always feel great on the lips. I am just not a fan of shimmers in lipsticks. They feel unnecessary to me. If this would be just a regular creamy formula I, and probably many more, would like it much more. Other than that, it's a good creamy lipstick that feels nice. The range is sort of on the purple spectrum and I would obviously love to see more nudes, especially with this sort of creamy formula.

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