Review: Joico K-Pak and K-Pak Color Therapy Products

I have mentioned, many times, that Joico K-Pak is my favorite high end hair care range. I have first tried their products when I started writing my blog and since then, they always found their place in my hair care routine. I have tried a few products from their other ranges, but K-Pak and K-Pak Color Therapy remains my favorite. 

My Hair

As someone who regularly dyes her hair, I definitely need all the help I can get. My hair is thin and fine. It's prone to damage and since regularly dyeing it, my ends have become more damaged and drier. Roots get oily very quickly and I have occasional problem with dandruff, especially in winter.  I wash my hair every other or third day, depends on the season. Once I started blogging, I put much more effort into my hair care and I have phases when I really invest in my hair and sometimes I just can't be bothered. 

Joico K-Pak

K-Pak is damaged hair's hero as Joico says. Their formulation contains Bio-Advanced Peptide and Quadramine complexes which are supposedly two reconstructive technologies. K-Pak range is designed to help repair and strengthen hair

I already have short review of some of the products here


I actually have old packaging, because they have changed it since the last time I bought my products. It's still bronze colored plastic packaging with some white now added. There is fairly large amount of product in most of these - 300 ml for shampoos and conditioners and 150 ml for treatment mask. Opening is small enough that you can dose the amount without it spilling all over. 

I mostly buy Joico products on Lookfantastic, but you can get them also from Feelunique and Beauty Bay. 


Joico K-Pak Clarifying Shampoo - around 18€
Joico K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor - around 19€
Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor - around 19€

Clarifying Shampoo

I introduced clarifying shampoo in my routine sort of as a deep cleanse once in a few weeks to get rid of any buildup on my hair and scalp. I always use some sort of leave in products in my hair and I use a lot of dry shampoo, which can sometimes build up and it's harder to wash off the hair. Every now and then I sort of restart my hair with this shampoo.

Formula contains amino acids, aloe and antioxidant vitamin E. Shampoo is formulated for swimmers (chlorine), people who live in hard water areas and those with heavily styled hair. It promises to cleanse hair in a gentle way and still leave it moisturized, shiny and smooth as well as prevent further damage.

It has that expensive hair salon scent to it. Shampoo is white colored, liquid and it cleanses the hair well. I notice that my hair feels a bit more striped, when I use it, compared to other drugstore non-clarifying shampoos which don't get my hair as squeaky clean. So whenever I use it, I have to use conditioner after it. 

If you use a lot of hair products, spend a lot of time in chlorine water or have problems with build up on your scalp, then I think you would like it. Although I haven't tried any other clarifying shampoos and other brands might work just as fine.

Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

This is the holy grail of K-Pak products. It's the most popular Joico product and has won some awards already. It's a 5 minute treatment with amino acids and keratin that rebuilds and strengthens stressed strands to make hair look healthy. It also contains guajava extract and evening primrose oil.

It's a off white product which looks like baby food and has a funny banana like scent to it. It's a very specific scent which I always connect to Joico. It grabs well on the hair, although it's not too thick. You can leave it for longer than 5 minutes. It definitely gives your hair nourishment and moisture. my hair always looks in much better condition when I use it. This is great for anyone that dyes their hair, uses a lot of heat or in general has more damaged ends. It really restores hair into making it look so much better. It's their hero product for a good reason. 

Liquid Reconstructor

This is sort of a liquid version of Deep Penetrating Reconstructor and it's supposedly ideal for fine and fragile hair. Combination of amino acids and keratin rebuild and re-fortifies stressed stands in a single application. It gives hair shine and doesn't weigh them down

It's a leave-in product that you can spray on damp hair and let it dry or blow dry. I use this or the other one from Color Therapy range religiously after every second or third wash. It feels so good on hair. It's a milky white liquid which nourishes the hair, sort of coats them with a smooth coat that makes the hair look shiny, less damaged and doesn't feel or look greasy on my fine hair. I definitely notice my hair looks better when I use it after every wash, but it's expensive, so I sometimes switch it with other treatment. My hair looks healthier, moisturized and nourished with it. Spray has again that hair salon like scent

L to R: Joico K-Pak Clarifying Shampoo, Color Therapy Shampoo, Color Therapy Conditioner and K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy

This is basically K-Pak range for those with dyed hair that want their color to stay vibrant. Joico says this range gives you next level color protection and the power of K-Pak reconstruction. It is formulated with African Manketti (mongongo seed oil) and argan oils. The range lock in hair color and prevents damage


I again have old packaging, which is similar to K-Pak range, but they've now added that pop of pinky red to distinguish it from K-Pak. All products come in plastic bottles or tubes with small openings.


Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo - around 18€
Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Conditioner - around 19€
Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector - around 18€

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo

I have to mention I used K-Pak range shampoos and conditioners as well in the past. I usually just buy between K-Pak and Color Therapy range depending on sales and sometimes you get a set of shampoo and conditioner at a lower price. Shampoo and conditioner between those two ranges are to me pretty similar. There isn't much difference in how my hair looks like with either.

I use Joico shampoos and conditioners every once in a while, because of the price tag they come with. But it's like a treatment for my hair when I feel my hair looks especially damaged, drier and looks a little dull. It's white liquid cream which leathers very well, leaves my hair cleaned, but not stripped. There is that soft feel to the hair and they are well moisturized and nourished, but lightweight.

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Conditioner

Joico conditioners are one of those extra smooth lightweight creams that don't feel thick, but they still grab on the hair well. It always makes my hair ultra smooth while I'm washing it off and even after drying it. It's one of those conditioners that really nourishes and moisturizes the hair so they look shiny, less damaged and extra soft to the touch. If I would be using this after every wash, my hair would always look in much better condition than originally is.

Color Therapy has a bit more sweet scent than the original K-Pak range. I find it even better smelling.

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector

It's that Joico luster luck treatment in a spray form. It locks in your hair color, makes hair stronger, protects it from heat styling, detangles, controls frizz, boosts shine and protects hair color from UVA and UVB rays

Just like liquid reconstructor this is another milky liquid which is that perfect multiuse product that does it all. It gives my hair that extra shine, makes it easy to brush through, my hair looks moisturized, nourished and I can style it with heat without adding additional damage to it. I can't say how good the range is in keeping my hair color vibrant long term, because I didn't inspect it that up close. But I did notice, if I use those products while I'm on holiday by the sea where my hair is constantly in salt water, the color doesn't fade as quickly as it did when I didn't use this range. 

This perfector has one of the best hair scents I have ever tried. It's a little different to the one from K-Pak range. This one smells even sweeter and so luxurious, almost a bit coconutty, plus it lingers on my hair for a few days

If I compare it to the one from K-Pak range, I can't notice much difference. I feel like this one gives my hair even more shine, while the one from K-Pak makes my hair a bit more nourished. But they are so similar on my hair that I can use either of these. 

Joico K-Pak and Joico K-Pak Color Therapy are two of the best high end hair care ranges in my opinion. If you have damaged, stressed hair with either thick or thin texture, you will love K-Pak range. I definitely recommend you to buy reconstructor first, because it will give your hair the most noticeable difference. If your budget allows liquid version is amazing for in between washes to manage your hair and shampoo and conditioner as just a cherry on top to make your hair look extra.

However, if you dye your hair regularly maybe go for the Color Therapy range. From this range I recommend leave-in the most. It does it all plus protects your hair color and you can use it instead of treatment for heat styling. Shampoo and conditioner are just as amazing. I would also invest in reconstructor from K-Pak range as that is just one of those essential products for anyone with damaged hair. 

Look out for discount on hair ranges in online stores and buy sets of two products to save on the money. You can also get huge sizes of 1000 ml, if you like it that much. Plus bigger is always cheaper. 

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