2020 Favorites

Here are my yearls favorites which sum up some of the products I have discovered in the previous year and that have impressed me enough to be mentioned here. Some of these, like skin care and mascaras I have already repurchased a few times. I try to include only those products that I really loved and used a lot.

Balea Vital+ Intensiv Serum Mit Calcium und Sojaöl

This is fairy new find for me, but I still included it in my past year favorites as I just really like using it every day and it's so affordable. It's serum with calcium, soybean oil and hyaluronic acid. I love to use this in the morning routine, because it acts as a great makeup primer. It's sort of thicker milky serum consistency which glides on the skin and makes it feel super smooth. It's nourishing and moisturizing enough, but doesn't leave any greasy or thicker layer on your skin. It's the perfect smoothing serum for everyday use on normal too combination skin. So far it hasn't broken me out or irritated my skin in spite of subtle creamy fragrance it has.

SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique Liftiane Creme

Rarely, I find moisturizers that work on my combination skin and that don't further irritate it. But then again, I haven't been trying much of them out anyway, I usually stick to what works for me. This is fairly lightweight cream which contains resveratrol and hyaluronic acid. It's one of those moisturizers you need little of as it spreads with such ease and gives you just the slightest sheen, keeps your skin moisturized and turns into a velvet finish which works good as a makeup base as well. It's scented, but surprisingly my skin isn't irritated by the fragrance. 

Noelle Foundation Brush No. 2 Base

I've been using it ever since I first got it. It's pretty much the only brush I used for my foundation in the previous year. There's just something about the perfect medium size and lightly rounded and tapered soft bristles that makeup applying foundation so nice with it. I don't get any streaky look with it and I feel it doesn't eat a lot of foundation, so you can apply it in a light layer as well. I try to wash my brushes at least once a week and it has withstand my cleaning well. Sometimes there is a stray hair here and there that falls out, but in general this is a really nice quality for the price.

Maybelline City Bronzer 200 Medium Cool

This is contour and bronzer product in one - or so they advertise it. I use it a s bronzer, but then I use most bronzers for warmth and a bit of definition under my cheeks as well. It's one of those buttery, almost creamy formula which applies evenly and gives you velvet matte finish. There is a slight sheen to it from a sparse shimmer in it, but you can't really see it with your eyes. I like color of it, which is particularly interesting. In general it looks warm, but it has that grey contour undertone to it which makes for the most interesting combination. It really is like a proper bronzer with a tad of that grey tone to it that can almost fool you for contour powder. It's light in color, but the more you build it up the darker it looks. I also like it's not too pigmented as you can build it up slowly. Packaging is crap, mine broke like one month into using it.

NARS Blush Orgasm

I usually prefer smoother more buttery formulas for face powders in general, so this formula is surprisingly dry for my liking. But it makes up for the amazing longevity and shade. It lasts for the whole day without fading. Color of it is a best-seller, though I suspect it's because of the name. It's one of those sheeny blushes with almost highlighter like sheen. Base is that perfect pink, but it has lots of gold shine on top which makes it look more peachy in general. If you avoid shiny blushes, this one is definitely not for you. But if you like that highlighter blush combo that sort of looks semi-transparent like it's part of your skin, you'll love it.

L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush 60 Be The Next She.E.O.

I've gushed about my love of LOV blushes so many times on my blog and I have always wanted to add more shades. Last year I added this one in shade 60 which is light pinky coral shade with lovely metallic sheen. It's the most reflective color out of all LOV shades I own, but it looks especially nice in summer. This would work on medium skin too. Formula of these is baked, but so soft to the touch that you really don't need to build it up. Pigments is there and it lasts on the cheeks all day. It's definitely the best drugstore blush formula I have tried, though sadly LOV isn't sold in our drugstores anymore.

Viseart Warm Edit and Paris Edit Eyeshadow Palettes

The best eyeshadow palette purchase from last year has to be those two Viseart palettes. These are mini formats of their usually bigger sized pans, so it's sort of good to buy, if you want to try out the formula or just don't like big pan sizes in general. I have depoted mine into an empty Nabla palette, because it makes it easier to see and use. Pan sizes are small, but if you get these on sale, they're worth it. There is still a lot more product in them than in some famous high end brands. Quality of eyeshadows is superb. They are all finely milled, blend out like a dream, have great pigment and have great lasting power. You can choose among different color schemes. I choose a classic warm and more romantic rosy one. You also get different finishes from satin to matte and metallic ones. I would love to own bigger eyeshadow palettes from Viseart in the future. 

Avon Distillery Shadow Shots 330

Apparently I was missing cool medium brown in my collection. Because ever since I got this one by Avon and have depoted it into my magnetic palette of nudes, I use it a lot. Mostly for brown liner and sometimes for darkening outer corners. This is surprisingly smooth, buttery formula and it has great pigmentation. Most eyeshadows from Distillery line I have tried out are really nice quality. Avon always does better mattes than shimmery shades and this one is a winner. Cooler chocolate brown is one of those universal shades that will suit many. I have been using it a lot in the past year. 

Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Silver Dollar and Cosmic Glow

These are Inglot's best sellers and I probably wouldn't have ever tried them out if it wasn't for my cousin being in Poland and asking me if I needed something from there. Poland prices for Inglot are much cheaper than around other EU countries, so I said what the heck. These are part of some LE by J.Lo, but they have amazing choice of shades in regular range. It's loose powder and these have strong metallic sheen. Apply this with mixing medium and you get a proper foiled look. I like that they feel almost sheer, so there isn't that heavy opaque look on the lid. One is warm golden brown and the other is pale silver pink. They both have that duochrome sheen to them, one leans more green and the other more yellow green. These are proper statement pigments that paired with neutral matte colors in the crease give you the perfect glamorous look.

Inglot Duraline

This is probably the most famous mixing medium. It's silicon based liquid which you mix with any powder or cream products and it prolongs its wear as well as makes it waterproof. This is perfect for mixing with pigments or any powder eyeshadows to create your own colorful cream liners. It's such a multipurpose product which can be used with pretty much any product, but I like it best for pigments and eyeshadows. It gives you that fool proof longevity and prevents anything from creasing or transferring. You just need to let it dry properly and use as little of it as possible. 

Catrice Brush Ink Tattoo Liner Waterproof 010 Black Waterproof

So I don't think I have found my perfect liquid brush liner yet, but there have been some solid ones that I have been trying out for the first time. Catrice's version of a brush liquid liner impressed me. It has fine tip, fairly thick formula that doesn't spill and in general it wears well. I didn't have problems with transferring. The only thing was that it sometimes looked crunchy, because of the thicker formula and I needed to go over the line a few times to make it completely opaque. I still think this is a good affordable drugstore choice, if you're on a lookout for one.

NYX Epic Ink Liner  Black

After Catrice came this brush liquid liner by NYX. I've heard rave reviews of it and at first I like it a lot. It has good liquid formula which is well pigmented, it applies smooth, lasts all day and doesn't transfer at all. When I stored it upside down and the more I used it, the more it seemed to have been liquid and it started to spill into my fine lines on the eyes. It might be the problem with storing it upside down, I can't say, but it sort of put me off from applying it. However, this one stays more saturated and for longer than Catrice version. I still think this is a good brush liner, it just isn't perfect. 

Catrice 24h Brush Liner 010 Ultra Black

After two brush liners, I got the chance to try out regular liquid liner with a brush applicator. Thin brush applicator is a bit harder to work with, but it is quite precise. I find this one spills in between eyelashes, so it's harder to remove. However it gives you completely matte finish which I love. It also doesn't transfer and stays put all day long. So this is another great drugstore choice with completely matte finish and a slightly different regular liquid liner brush applicator. 

Catrice Professional Brow Palette 010 Light to Medium

Brow palettes are usually not as interesting for drugstore brands as the regular user doesn't use more than one brow color. But that is why I love that Catrice made this palette, two in fact. I have both, but on myself I use lighter colors. Colors are really nice, you have good tones of grey ash colors to slightly darker warmer browns. I like to chance up my brow color with my hair colors, so this is very useful. Formula is nicely smooth and it has just enough pigmentation that you don't need to build it up, but also doesn't look too stark. Ash is my favorite color combo as it's one of rare cooler grey tones that match my natural brow colors well. This is great drugstore brow palette.

Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumising Eyebrow Gel 03

I love me some brow products. Especially ones that can work on its own and give you impact without too much effort. This brow gel quickly became one of my favorites and surprisingly this mini size lasts for so long. It's one of those brow gels with fibers in it so it makes your brows look thicker, it colors them in and helps them to stand a bit more up though it's not the best hold brow gel, if you're looking something just for that. I like color 03 which is that perfect medium brown with a bit of grey undertone. On no makeup days, when I want to look put together, I love concealer and something for the brows. This gives me color, makes my brows evenly thicker looking and brushes them up which is all I want. On most days though I use this for that basic shape and then I fill in with some brow pencil on those sparser areas. 

Avon Euphoric Volume & Length Mascara Brown Black and Black

One mascara that seriously impressed me is this Euphoric one from Avon. In fact this is currently my favorite and most used mascara. This one has that slightly drier formula which gives my lashes exactly what I like - volume, but with good definition. I don't mind thicker looking lashes, I just don't like them to look clumpy. I want definition, but also volume and this one does just that. I only dislike that it dries up faster and you need to build it up when it's not as new anymore. I also love that it comes in dark brown color. It's such a nice change from the usual black. It holds curl on my lashes as well and there isn't much crumbling under my eyes - only some when it gets drier. I've repurchased it already and probably will more in the future. 

NYX Slim Lip Pencils

NYX has been one of those brands that I have explored a bit more in the past year. There I also found one of my favorite lip pencil formulas - their Slim Lip Pencils. NYX has the best nude lip colors in general, I love their Soft Matte Lip Creams as well. In the range you'll get a pretty basic creamy lip pencil formula that isn't too creamy, but also doesn't tug on the lips. It's fairly classic, but it works. I love their shade range which offers so many nude versions from pinks, to mauves, to browns and peaches. I have accumulated quite a few shades and love them all, but my favorite is Natural. It's the perfect nude for my skin tone. If haven't been able to find the perfect nude pencils, I'm sure you'll find the right shade with NYX.

Catrice Plumping Lip Liner + Maxi-Lip

Another great lip pencil formula that I've fallen in love is this one by Catrice. Catrice and Essence were always my go to drugstore choices for lip liners as the formulas were always great and the price very affordable. Catrice came out with their new lip plumping formula with mint in it, but it doesn't really linger on the skin or feels irritating, it's just a bit of that mint feel that lasts a few seconds right after application. Other than that this is so nicely creamy and there is also nice choice of nudes to choose from. I find I can wear it almost instead of lipstick, because it has good pigmentation. So far I have two nude shades, but I might get more. 020 What A Doll is a more pink mauve nude and 010 Understated Chic is more peach brown nude. 

Bronx Colors The Legendary N°2 Lipstick Nutmeg

This is such a comfortable creamy formula of lipstick. Heavier metal packaging makes it seem more expensive than it is. Formula is creamy, applies like a dream and doesn't emphasize any dry patches. It's nicely pigmented and wears lovely on dry lips. Shade is sort of a coral pink, it's not my typical kind of shade, but surprisingly I like it. It brightens up any boring everyday look and doesn't look too much.

Avon Creme Legend Lipstick Iconic

Another classic creamy lipstick formula that I have fallen in love is this one by Avon. Creme Legend is creamy lipstick formula that applies super smooth, it's well pigmented and feels so comfortable and soothing on the lips. It's again one of those great formulas for dry lips. Iconic is that dirty mauve that will look good on many skin tones and is one of my favorite nudes. Avon does amazing lipstick formulas anyway, so it's no surprise this one is just as great as their others.

Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish Date Night

Contrary to other two, this is actually liquid lipstick. It's one of the most comfortable formulas which almost feels like nourishing lip balm, but has full opaque pigment of a proper lipstick. It leaves sheen on the lips, but isn't as shiny as lip gloss. Date Night is another one of those brownish mauves that is so wearable with any look. It can feel just a tad sticky, but that makes it last longer and as it's wearing off it still leaves that nourishing layer on your lips which feels like lip care. I just wish they had more nude shades to choose from. 

Avon Artistique Parfumiers Iris Fetiche Eau de Parfum

This is one of those fragrances that I have already used up so much, which is rare for me. I usually have multitude of fragrances in my rotation, but when I got this one I didn't use anything else and I have about one quarter left. It's Avon's first attempt at niche perfumes and they got it right with this one. It's oriental fragrance with kick of pepper, some florals and powdery creamy vanilla, amber and sandalwood base. I absolutely love how creamy powdery this wears and the oriental base notes make it so chic and elegant. It's probably one of my favorite scents of Avon of all time. Bottle is heavy feeling and well made. The price is ridiculously cheap. I find a lot of Avon fragrances underrated and this one is definitely one of their best ones.

A-Derma Exomega Control Emollient Cream Anti-Scratching

I am finishing with a few boring skin care products that I have repurchased multiple times in the past year. This is cream rich in glycerin and niacinamide perfect for atopic prone skin and irritated skin. I use it to moisturize my hands and back where I have atopic dermatitis and eczema. There is no added fragrance to it. I have had lotion version as well, which is slightly lighter and thinner in consistency, but I prefer cream version as it feels just a tad more nourishing and I like light nourishing layer which stays on the skin. It helps my dry skin and keeps it protected from outside aggressors. 

SVR Cicavit+ Creme

I bought this also for my eczema, when it was even worse and I had lots of open wounds. I heard that this cream helps to heal skin faster and I definitely noticed that too. It's another soothing formula with nice nourishing and moisturizing ability and it helps to heal skin faster. I have applied it over blemishes and it helped to heal those up faster as well. This is sort of my go to for whenever I have scratched or wounded skin. I have repurchased multiple tubes already.

Cien Sun Sun Spray Sensitive SPF30

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find good unscented body sun screen on a budget, when you have dermatitis. I was so happy to find this one in Lidl. It was cheap, yet effective. It has that milky white texture which also feels nourishing and moisturizing on the skin, but doesn't feel too heavy or greasy. It has fairly high SPF, which is for me enough for my body. It's unscented and in general it didn't further irritate my skin and I felt protected outside. I hope Lidl has it again next year, because I haven't find any good affordable alternative in other stores. 


  1. Looks like a lot of great products - that blush is absolutely gorgeous!
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

  2. Couldn't agree more on Nars Orgasm and those NYX lip pencils! Also, those Inglot x J.Lo shadows look so intriguing! Xx

    1. I got a little obsessed with those NYX lip liners. If I could buy them in person, I would probably have all shades :D. Yes, those are really pretty too. I think their regular range also has some really nice colors.


  3. Avonov Iris parfum je zelo mika :) Bom ga morda enkrat naročila, ker mi zveni po mojem okusu. Sem pa pred kratkim preizkusila Far Away in Today, in mi je sploh zadnji res dober :) Meni je všeč, da ima Avon veliko parfumov na voljo v tistih mini sprejih, bi kupila, če bi se mi dalo včlanit.

    Odlična objava, kot vedno :)

    1. Avon ima res dobre parfume in cene so tudi zelo ugodne. Tisti miniji so res super, sicer nimajo vseh v teh mini variantah, veliko pa. Jaz rada naročim kakšnega, ker ga v bistvu lahko nosim v torbici pa še dobro preizkusim vonj. :) Ja, to je res bedno. Da se moraš včlanit. Škoda, da Notino nima več njihovih izdelkov.

      Iris je tak poseben se mi zdi, da ne paše v nobeno prejšnjo katergorijo Avonovih parfumov. Meni pa Far Away ni bil všeč. Today pa nisem preizkusila. Zdaj prav vem že katere linije so mi zanimive. Npr. Mesmerize, Attraction, Rebel...ampak ti so vsi bolj sladki. Všeč mi je tudi, da Avon vedno doda kaj novega.

      Hvala :) <3