Review: Catrice Brush Ink Tattoo Liner Waterproof - 010 Black Waterproof

I almost never get excited about drugstore eyeliners, because I in general dislike felt tip and regular liquid formulas. So when I saw Catrice was coming out with a brush tip, I knew I had to try it out. I am always trying to find European version of my beloved Clio Kill Black Liner, because it's a hassle to get it from Asia. I think this one might be a good enough replacement. 


It's a black plastic pen with rose gold writing. It has a brush tip which is supposedly made out of 270 hairs. I personally prefer brush tips over felt tips, because brush usually has sharper tip and it's more flexible and easier to control. 

I've noticed that the very tip on this brush got a bit fuzzy looking, but it's nothing too bad. I probably just need to cut the very tip off to make it sharp again. In general it works well. It's flexible and you can draw precise thin lines with it.

Brush tips can get dirty, so you have to clean hairs every once in a while and I've noticed that you definitely need to store this one upside down, because otherwise tip doesn't get saturated enough. 

I'm not sure how much product is in it, but it costs 5.09€.


It's that perfect combination of being liquid enough, yet having some creaminess to it that it doesn't feel like marker or bleed into lines.

Pigmentation is good, but not amazing. Black color could definitely be more opaque, although it's better than most drugstore eyeliners I've tried and it doesn't bother me personally. Finish is matte.


It's only available in black


I have to compare it to my absolute favorite brush liquid eyeliner and that is Clio's Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner. First thing that is different is the brush tip. They are both flexible and you can draw thin lines with it, but Clio's tip is sharper and let's you get that ultra thin tip on the wing. 

There is also a difference in color. Clio's is definitely blacker and more intense. It also feels thicker in formula which means it stays in place better (less bleeding) and it looks more opaque in one swipe.

Clio's is also more water resistant than Catrice's.  


I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, because so far I didn't notice any descent brush tip liner in our drugstores. The color is not as opaque in one go as I would have liked it to, but I always go over the line several times to perfect it and that makes it opaque enough. Sometimes it can look a bit crunchy, if you apply too much of it, but because it's black, it doesn't look obvious. I think the tip could be sharper, but it moves well over the skin

Formula is also nice to apply and I like that it sets quickly so there's no fear of smudging. It lasts all day long, doesn't flake or smudge which is all I want from an eyeliner. It's waterproof, if you run it under the water, but don't start rubbing it. I would say it's more water resistant. 

I have to say this is probably my favorite drugstore eyeliner that I can get in our country. I wasn't expecting much, because previous felt tip liners let me down. But this brush version is actually really nice. There's still room for improvement like more opaque color, sharper tip and actual waterproof lasting power, but it's precise, it glides well on the skin and on me lasts well all day long without smudging or transferring. It's also a lot more accessible and cheaper than my current favorite by Clio, so I think I'll definitely repurchase it in the future. 

*PR product


  1. I wish more brown or grey eyeliners were available in the drugstore! Black is too much for me :/

    1. I agree. Especially those liquid or brush versions. I love me some brown eyeliner. It looks so much more day appropriate and doesn't look too much. :)