Review: Catrice Professional Brow Palette - 010 Light to Medium

Catrice came out with two brow palettes that are now in their regular range. It's a part of spring/summer 2020 revamp. I was most excited about this product when I first saw PR photos. It seemed like something that I would actually use a lot. 


It comes in a cardboard packaging with magnetic closing, which is my favorite kind of packaging. The palette is surprisingly small, which I like also. There is small mirror inside it, so you can actually do your brows with it.

Design and placement of shadows reminds me a lot of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette, but in a smaller format. 

In it is 5.5 grams of products and it costs 7.09€.


It's a fine powder formula that feels a bit wet and very smooth under the fingers. Pigmentation is good and you can get a nice color payoff with just one swipe. 


It comes in two shades and I have the palette with lighter shades called 010 Light to Medium which are supposed to be meant for light to medium brows.

In the palette are two highlighters to highlight brow bone, six brow powders and one wax to comb through the brows and make them stay in place or make them look fluffier.

Highlighter - pale pink toned highlighter with fine shimmer, pale gold toned highlighter with fine shimmer (but this one is more shimmery than the pink one)

Taupe - neutral light olive brown, cool medium to dark taupe brown/black

Ash - neutral light taupe (grey based), neutral light to medium taupe brown

Soft Brown - warm medium redish chocolate brown, cool medium taupe brown (very similar to the second shade in Ash, but this one is darker and more grey toned)

Wax - transparent wax with a sheen

Highlighter shades are nice, if you like to highlight the brow bone. I don't, because I have hooded eyes and it just emphasizes it even more unless I apply very little of it right under the arch. I like pink one more, because it has finer shimmer. If I highlight the brow bone, I usually do it with a matte pale shade and not a shimmery one.

Powders are of great quality. I think there is a nice variety of shades although it will be useless to an average consumer, since they would probably use two shades maximum from this palette. However, if you do makeup on others or often change hair colors, this might come in handy. I feel like shades in this palette cover almost all brow hair colors, except for very pale and very dark to black. 

Wax is ok, I was actually expecting the worst from it, but if you apply it on the spoolie and put it in brows, it makes them stand up and look fluffier. I wouldn't use this, if you want something to hold your brows in place. 

On the upper photos you can see comparison my natural brows on the left and filled in with both Ash shades on the right. 

On the lower photo I applied a bit of pink highlighter right under the arch on brow bone and brushed them through with wax. 


I think these powders are nice. They don't look patchy, have good enough pigmentation and last on my skin as well as most other brow powders. 

Split pans can mean that you can do ombre brow by applying lighter shade in the front and darker on the tail or just create more dimension in your brows, but I usually just mix the two. Sometimes I add lighter in the front of the brow for a softer look and I use darker one where I have bold spots. 

I was nicely surprised by this palette. First of all, shade selection is very nice and I love that there is variety of shades as well as the fact that they have a very grey toned shade, which I always look for. Powders have surprisingly smooth formula and apply as well as stay on well. I don't think it will be for everyone, because some of you probably just need one or two shades and this is just a waste of your time. However, the price is great for the formula and I actually love variety of color choices. 

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