Review: GLOV Makeup Removers, Noelle Brush, Wet n Wild Highlighter

A really long time ago I got this super cute pink package from lič All the products in it are vegan and drugstore priced. My package smelled like Christmas cookies because of the O.W.N. Candles Happy Holidays Wax that was in the package. 

GLOV Bunny Ears Headband*

GLOV is Polish brand that mostly focuses on makeup removal products. I believe bunny ear headbands are a fairly known concept to most of you. It's a soft fabric with wire in it that keeps ears up and the headband is soft and stretchy. You can basically put this on your head to keep your hair away from the face to either remove makeup, do your beauty routine or apply makeup. I already have one of these and they are super cute as well as useful, if you like this concept. Most of the time I just put my hair in a bun, but when I want to look extra cute, I put these ears on. 

It's made out of 100% polyester and it's extra soft. Headband can be adjusted to fit any head size

I can't find it on lič anymore, but on GLOV site the price is around 10€. They come in different colors. I have light pink one, but there is also a really cute leopard print one. 

GLOV On-The-Go Makeup Remover Glove and Quick Treat Makeup Remover*

These are two makeup remover cloths in different shapes. One is a glove that fits on your hand and one is a mini that fits on your finger. It's basically a tiny microfiber material which catches dirt and removes it with ease, or so they say. Fibers are antibacterial and safe to be used for up to 3 months. They are very soft and gentle on the skin.

GLOV sees it as a step closer to a shorter and more environmental friendly routine, since you don't need to use anything with it but water. I put it to the test and it definitely removed a good chunk of makeup which sort of surprised me. I only wet the glove with water and started removing my makeup. However, stubborn mascara and waterproof eyeliner or long lasting lipstick won't be as easy to remove. It involves heavy rubbing which isn't ideal for your wrinkles or sensitized skin. Even if it seems like you have removed everything, try going over it with a micellar water and you'll see there is still some makeup left. This I would only recommend as the first cleanse and definitely go in with another cleanser to remove every last bit of makeup.

I would say that this is a good product for on the go or when you really don't have the luxury to do a full makeup removal routine, but I wouldn't use this daily. I find it a hassle to clean it after every use as well. It would help if I had 7 of these for each day in the week.

Smaller finger version is exactly the same as glove, but it's nice for your clean ups, like removing eyeshadow under your eyes before applying concealer and foundation or maybe even sharpening the edges of the liner, but for that it should be more precise and sharper. You can also use it to just remove eye makeup with it.

Glove comes in different colors and there are different gloves meant for each skin type. I have the one for mixed skin in a pink color.

Price of glove is around 15€ and I couldn't find the price for a small mini finger size. 

These three products are also available as a set on GLOV online store for around 19€.

Noelle Foundation Brush No. 2 Base

I actually already tried one Noelle brush and it was nice, but I wanted it to be a bit denser for my liking. However, super soft bristles impressed me from the start.


This is a foundation brush and it's that classic tapered and dense shape. It comes with a pink wooden handle and pink metal details. Bristles are super soft, 100% synthetic and they have white and  brown color to them. 

It costs 10.99€ on lič


This was love at first try. I have been using only this, and a makeup sponge on occasions, to do my foundation ever since I got it. I love that the bristles are dense enough, yet so soft that they spread foundation on the face evenly and don't leave any stripes. I prefer this brush over my much more expensive Zoeva one. It must be the density of those bristles that makes it apply foundation so seamlessly. This one I can't recommend enough. It has become one of my favorite face brushes.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter - Halo, Goodbye

You know my love of highlighters. I love trying new ones and especially find a good creamy or liquid alternatives which look even better on the skin.


It comes in a transparent glass bottle with black plastic top. I like that it's a small bottle and it seems sturdy enough. It has big and fluffy doe foot applicator. You can use it with applicator directly, but I usually apply it with fingers or brush for a more even application.

In it is 15 ml of product, but I couldn't find it on lič anymore, so I don't know the price. 


It's a thin liquid formula that doesn't run all over. It's got a bit sheer pigmentation, but you can definitely build it up for a more opaque look. Shimmer in it is super fine and it just gives off high metallic sheen, but with a sheer enough base to still look natural. 


It comes in 7 shades which cover a wide range of skin tones. I got the shade Halo, Goodbye which is neutral pink champagne shade that has cool sheen to it. It sort of looks like a champagne base, but it has pink hue to it and the shine on top is definitely leaning more on the cooler silver side. It's a lovely shade for light skin tones. 


It's got great formula which isn't runny or oily, so it sets fairly quickly, but still feels just a tad tacky to the touch. But it doesn't bother me or feels sticky at all. I find it to last on my skin all day and it doesn't loose intensity. It also blends out lovely with either fingers or a brush and can be applied on top of cream or powder products

All in all I was most impressed with Noelle foundation brush and Wet n Wild liquid highlighter. Those two products are one of the best I have tried in a while. For a drugstore brands those two are well worth it in my opinion and I couldn't recommend them more. As for the GLOV products, those are that kind of products that you would either love or never use. It all depends on your preference. I find this set to be a super cute gift to your friend - especially bunny ears headband (I have gifted a few of those already), but I know I won't use makeup removers a lot. It's just a hassle to clean and it doesn't remove all of the makeup, so I prefer my usual skin care products. 

*Products were sent to me from lič

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