Brand Favorites: Best of Avon

I decided that I will do a few posts focusing on one brand and my favorite products from them. I think this is especially useful for brands like Avon, because you can't try out and see their products in person. Avon was one of the first brands that started working with me as a new blogger and it's also one of the first beauty brands that I started buying from, when my interest of makeup started growing. Most people hate their selling strategy and I don't like it either, but they have some amazing products that I always recommend to others. 


Avon does the best lipstick formulas at very affordable prices. Formulas are easily comparable to some high end brands. I am talking only about classic bullet lipsticks here and Avon has several different ranges. Their formulas are always very smooth to apply with that silicon modern glide. Most are very well pigmented and formulas are in general so comfortable to wear, none are too drying or heavy feeling. It's not as long lasting formula as a proper matte liquid lipstick, but I always take comfort over lasting power. 

Avon will often change packaging or names of the ranges and basically refresh them under a new name. I know that because a lot of shade names are the same and the formula as well.  My newest favorite cream finish formula is Creme Legend. I also love Mark Epic Lip, Mark Plump It and True Supreme Nourishing lipsticks, but I'm not sure, if Avon still has these. They also have range called Ultra Creamy which is apparently also nice, I haven't tried it.

As for the matte formulas their True Colour Perfectly Matte or True Matte lipsticks are my favorite. I think they are now called Ultra Matte lipsticks.

Their ranges usually have the same color selection which can get a bit repetitive, but they try to add new shades every now and then. They are definitely starting to widen nude shade range to compliment all the pinks, reds and purples they always include.

My all time favorite cream shades are: Creme Legend Iconic, Mark Epic Lip Rosy Outlook, Mark Plump It Cocoa Kisses/Cantaloupe/Choco Latte/Divine Wine/Berry Cute, True Supreme Nourishing Nurturing Nude/Revitalising Raspberry. 

My all time favorite matte shades are: True Colour Perfectly Matte Au Naturale/Peach Flatters/Coral Fever/Ruby Kiss/Red Supreme/Berry Blast and True Matte Nude Suede/Lush Cocoa/Rouged Perfection/Sunbaked Red/Rose Red.


The next products that I always recommend to everyone are Avon perfumes. Avon actually started with perfumes that made the brand so famous. Its's another category that Avon does so well and at very affordable prices. You can get 50 ml of eau de parfum from 15 to 25€ which is a bargain compared to drugstore prices. Avon has made hundreds of perfumes already. Some stay in their assortment and some are replaced by new. 

They often do ranges like Attraction and then have several versions of it available like Attraction, Attraction Rush, Attraction Sensation, Attraction Desire and more. When choosing Avon perfumes, I find that their collaborations with either world renowned parfumiers or celebrities are better than those ranges that have more simple square bottles and are more affordable. Some of their more "expensive" perfumes have proper artistic glass bottles that look amazing.

Their perfumes are very different to each other. You can choose from aquatic, fresh citrus to very deep oriental, floral or sweet scents. There are even some unisex versions available as well as niche scents. Some have amazing staying power while others don't really last on you. It depends from perfume to perfume.

I personally love more sweet, oriental scents, but I have fallen in love with lighter more modern floral woody scents as well. Here are some of my all time favorite Avon perfumes that are still available: Attraction Rush, Attraction Sensation, Eve Confidence, Eve Alluring, Mesmerize Black and Artistique Parfumiers Iris Fetiche.

You can also buy mini perfumes that have 10 ml of product for around 5€ and that is a fun way to try out a scent before deciding to purchase a whole bottle. I have fallen in love with some scents that I have in mini version and are actually on my wishlist now - like new Attraction Desire and Lucky Me.

Nail Polishes

Another category that I always loved from Avon are their nail polishes. As with lipsticks, they often add new ranges to some of their classics that are more trendy like glittery or matte nail polishes, but when it comes to the range that I love the most is definitely Gel Shine. It's that modern gel like easy application with even color payoff that dries fairly fast. Nail polishes last well on me only with a proper top coat, but these are in general descent in lasting power. They have huge range of colors and I especially like when they add new seasonal shades like olive green for fall or pinks for spring.

Some of my favorite shades are: Mint To Be, Rain Washed, Mauvelous, Roses Are Red, Head In Clouds, Stonewashed Clay and Marmalady.

I also really like their BB Nail Colour which come in only a few pastel and nude shades and are supposedly equivalent of BB cream, so something that offers color, but also care. 

This is just one specific product that comes in two shades - Blossom, clear one that I have and Shimmering Petal, with small shimmer. I have bought several tubes of it and am keep repurchasing it. It's the most comforting and soothing thicker lip gloss/oil/balm formula that actually sticks to the lips, stays on very well, doesn't feel sticky or heavy and gives you that natural glass shine. I consider this the most nourishing and comfortable lip product that I always have in my bag. You can apply it on its own when you feel your lips getting dry, apply it over drying lipstick or use as a lip gloss to add shine. I could swear this actually nourishes my lips as well.

This has quickly become one of my favorite mascaras of all time. It has that slightly drier formula which also means this one dries up fast, but because I love the formula so much, I forgive it that. It's one of those mascaras with natural bushy wand and it gives you just perfect amount of volume while leaving your lashes separated and defined. I find it the best compromise between volume and definition. Lashes are hard to the touch with it and it's a bit harder to take off. It comes in three shades Blackest Black, Navy and Brown Black. I actually really like Brown Black, because it looks so much softer on the eyes, but it's still that deep dark chocolate brown, so it defines them well. 

The Big Gel Paint Pencil

I am rarely satisfied with regular eye pencils and this is definitely not regular. This is like putting gel liner in a pencil form. Formula is hard enough that you can sharpen it, but at the same time it has the most buttery formula that glides on the skin with the slightest touch ever. I love pencils that are easy to apply without any necessary dragging on the skin or going over the line multiple times. Obviously, because the formula is so creamy, it may transfer, especially on hooded lids, but that can be solved with waterproof mixing mediums or setting it with powder eyeshadow. It's definitely long lasting on the skin and I love that you can blend it out almost like a creamy eyeshadow, if you wish too. Out of all eye pencils I have tried so far, this is definitely the easiest to apply. 

Setting sprays were almost impossible to find when I was getting into makeup, but Avon had this one in their range for a fairly long time. I always consider it as one of those basic, but good products that are worth the buy, if anyone asks me for a good every day setting spray. This is definitely not one of those that will completely lock in your makeup so it lasts through hurricane, but it sets makeup nicely, gets rid of powdery finish and definitely locks in makeup so it lasts a little longer than it would without it. It's not the best at keeping sebum at bay, but I find that it definitely keeps my makeup on longer especially in summer. It gives you a bit of that tightening feeling just after you spritz it on, but it goes away. No particular scent to it and the spray is fine, not amazing, but descent.

This powder was also available when drugstores didn't have as many loose powders choices as they have now, so I loved it immediately. It is that proper white finely milled loose powder that is great for just setting your makeup and taking the shine down. It's not for very oily skin, because it won't keep you oil free for long, but I like how light it was and universal white color will blend well into light to medium skin tones. I like simple plastic packaging with sifter that can be closed.

These must be their best-selling products, because I always see them in catalog. Avon had highlighting, blush as well as bronzing pearls and I think bronzing ones are the most popular. It's a product that is their staple and has pretty much stayed the same, just changed the packaging every once in a while. You get small plastic pot with different colored pearls and once you mix them together you get a nice slightly sheeny bronzed color that can lean more pinkish or warm golden, depending on which shade you get. I like this for the versatility. You can apply just this products and it almost acts as a blush, bronzer and highlighter in one, though I must admit I wear it rarely. But it's a very nice product that I can see working well for those that don't want to do 20 steps of makeup and just want something that does it all in one go and is easy to use. 

Hair Serums

Dry End Serum is one of those silicon serums that actually feels light enough on my thin hair. It's got that slip texture that adds shine to the hair and makes the ends look healthier and less dry. I use these after applying leave in conditioners and before blow drying as I feel it sort of dries on the hair better. If I use these on dry hair, it can quickly look heavy. The other Nourishing Hair Serum is more oily as it has moroccan argan oil in it and I use it more in the winter, when I have drier hair and ends. This one will be more appropriate for thicker hair. I use very small amount and I feel like these actually make my ends look better. I haven't tried a lot of such products on my hair, but these just work and I have been repurchasing it every now and then. 

Planet Spa Face Masks

When it comes to face masks, the regular clay based ones, I am very basic. I hate spending a lot of money on them and I don't notice much difference among them. Avon often has their face masks on sale for about 4€ and I like that you get them in tubes, are easy to apply and work decently well at cleaning out pores. Formula is usually easy to squeeze out and spread. They have different scents to them based on collections and most scents are very spa like. I've also had one of their masks with enzymes as well as that peel off mask - but that one doesn't seem to do much. I'd stay stick to basic clay masks and prep your skin with steam when applying them. Also don't let them dry on your face completely as that can just further dry out your skin. 

Planet Spa Aromatherapy Pillow Mist and Body Mist

This one on the top photo is actually very old packaging. They've now revamped it into dark plastic bottles that are on the photo below. As I've mentioned already, Avon does amazing scents. These are those aromatherapy scents with essential oils that I love to use as room sprays. I don't like using scented sprays on my body, because it can irritate my skin, but these make rooms smell like spa. I've used pillow spray a few times on my pillow, but it's a bit too strong for me. It has the most comforting gentle sleepy scent that is actually more like sweet chamomile and I don't sense annoyingly strong lavender, but rather a more sweet version of it.

The other two are Body Mists. Calm is my favorite as it has that fresh mint and eucalyptus scent, but again with that soothing sweetness to it that just gives it a hint of comfort, perfect for bathroom, if you ask me. Energise is the most citrus like with bergamot and lemon essential oil and it's more of summer scent to me, though bergamot gives it almost floral perfume like feel to it. 

All of these are very strong, so one or two spritzes are more than enough. Spray is actually fine enough that you don't get any splatters on your floor.

Another in that scented category are those scented spritzes that Avon does. It's basically body spray so it's like a much lighter version of perfume. This one obviously doesn't last long on the skin, but I can still sense it through the day. I like to use these either when I am at home and want to smell good, but not use actual perfume or again when I want to add nice scent to my room. Avon does several scents versions, but honestly, most of them are pretty two dimensional. It smells like what is says on it - for example vanilla sandalwood, coconut tiare flower, vanilla peach... Don't expect these to have dimension of perfumes like Bath & Body Works sprays. I still think these are good gifts for others, as they often come in sets with body peeling and lotions. I have gifted vanilla ones to friends that love vanilla and they loved it. 

Bubble Baths

As the last honorable mention, that I forgot to take photos of, are definitely Avon's bubble baths. I have used so many through the years, but I don't take baths now anymore as I am trying to keep my dermatitis from acting up. Scented products tend to irritate me much more now. If your skin is normal and you love taking baths, I definitely recommend Avon ones. If you pour them in under a running tap, you'll get a ton of foam, but it will definitely decrease fast. I didn't mind that, but if you want something that stays foamy, this may not be for you. Avon does so many different interesting scents like Lemonade, Apple Crumble, Peach Velvet and many more. My skin always smelled lovely after bathing in them and the scent makes for a lovely experience.

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