Fresh Natural Makeup

Based on the situation in the world and times we are in, there has been a lot more natural makeup looks going around than previously. They say that after every depressing season comes a new revival with excess. Until that happens, we are going to enjoy some spring weather and fresh natural makeup. Here are a few of my tips how to get that natural look that enhances what you already have and doesn't look too made up.


Base of the makeup starts with skin care. You can have the most expensive foundation in the world and it won't do nothing for your skin, if you don't prep it before. For that you don't need a fancy primer, you just have to apply some sort of skin care. Skin care is different depending on your skin type. Usually, moisturizers are a must, you can even put some serums under it or even oil, if your skin is very dry. Just apply something to make your skin look and feel plump and well moisturized.

I see people apply foundation like a moisturizer. You really don't need half a bottle of product. It obviously depends on what look you are trying to achieve, but with makeup looking natural, less is always more. But I have a lot of blemishes or acne to hide? I hear you, but for that you have concealer, which has better coverage and you can only use it where you really need it. 

I like evening out my complexion with light layer of BB cream mixed with foundation to cover my discolorations around mouth and eyes. BB creams will look more natural than most foundations. When wanting to look as natural as possible go for bases with more natural finishes like satin or even dewy if your skin is very dry. Concealer is for covering anything that light foundation didn't. I used it on my blemishes and red spots. By applying concealer only where you need it, the rest of the skin still looks much more natural, but you have covered everything that stands out and you don't want it to. 

Adding Dimension

Foundation and concealer gives you even skin tone, but that also means there isn't much dimension to your face. If you can, don't add foundation everywhere. Play with your natural discolorations like on your lids to have "natural" shading or tan on your forehead, freckles on your nose...this all gives your skin that natural look. The biggest giveaway at cheating natural look is when you apply concealer very close to the lash line and you cover all natural redness around your eyes.

If you're like me and have pale to light skin tone, you'll want to add some "color". Here comes the fun part. You can use too dark foundation as a light bronzer. I love using dark cream foundation, because it has that natural finish on the skin. I apply it on my cheeks, sides of the forehead, around the hair line, across the nose and down the neck. Because it's a foundation color, it looks natural and isn't too pigmented. 

You've added shading, now you can also add highlights. If you like highlighting, go for creamy or liquid textures as those can look more natural and avoid any big shimmer or glitter particles as well as unnatural colors. It's best to find shade of highlighter that suits your skin tone the best, whether it be cooler silver, warmer golden or neutral champagne tone.

You can add the same colors that you used on your face on your lids. Use bronzer as cut crease shade, highlight to highlight inner corners and center of the lid and add cheek color to the lids.

Add Color

Some might argue adding a blush isn't natural, but I disagree. You have to find the color that matches your natural flush. I would again go with creamy or liquid texture. For a unified look use the same product on your lips as well as cheeks. Think of what your cheeks look like when you've been out on the cold. Mine are pink, so I opt for that very natural sort of berry pink and apply it sheer on my cheeks to get that natural flush look. 

I'd say use a fluffy brush, apply some liquid lipstick or blush on the back of your hand, rub it in the bristles of your brush, take most of it off on your hand and then lightly tap it on your cheeks without disturbing any concealing you did under it.

Enhance Eyes

You may not even need to add anything on your eyes, if you have naturally full brows and long lashes. I don't, so I like to add some minimal effort for big impact. Brows are my thing that I always love to do up. It makes the most difference, because it sort of frames your face. I like using super slim creamy eyeshadow pencil to just lightly fill in any bold spots. I would say add a few lines where you have big bold spots and make the tail of the brow sharp, but keep the front more fluffy and sparse for that natural look. 

I also go in with tinted brow gel, because with it I can brush my brows up for a more fluffy thicker look without adding too much color under them. It also makes them stay up better. If you have thicker brows, you may be fine with just transparent brow gel to groom them in place.

If you have thick and long lashes, you don't need to add anything. I am a firm believer in eyelash curlers. Curling your lashes will make them look so much longer and it will open up your eyes, if they are naturally straight or down turned. Trust me on this, it's a game changer that so many people don't use. If you'll be adding mascara like me, you can play with more natural colors like brown, but I actually used black. The key to making your mascara look natural is by applying more right at the roots of your lashes and less on the tips. Because your natural eyelashes are also thicker at the roots and they go thinner towards the tip. Don't overapply mascara. If you find it to look clumpy, use eyelash comb to comb them through and take off the excess. You can also use clean mascara wand to go through them.

Left: no makeup, Right: fresh natural makeup


Some people have intense lip color that looks like they're wearing lipstick, but mine look like they are barely there. I have a very pale color, so I like to use some sort of lipstick. Here I used the same liquid lipstick that I used as a blush. Instead of going straight from the bullet or applicator on your lips, use your fingers or fluffy brush. Use thin coat of lipstick and really work it in your lips. It creates natural stain like look and the edges look much more natural. Matte or satin finishes will look more natural than shiny gloss, but that is also an option, if you want your lips to look juicy. 


At the end assess the situation and see what you need more or less off. If you've applied too much blush, use foundation brush and tap slightly over it to tone it down. If you feel you need more lip color, add some. In the last step I like to see how my skin looks. I have combination skin tone which naturally produces sebum, so I wouldn't even need highlighter, because I have enough sheen from my skin care. 

Adding powder can quickly make your look made up and unnatural, but if you look too shiny, just add it where you need it. For me this is around the nose, on my chin and in the center of forehead. By leaving naturally shinier parts without powder, I finish of the skin that I would naturally have. The same goes for oily skin, add less product, especially where you get a lot of sebum, because that way you avoid foundation or concealer breaking down and looking very obvious. 

Obviously this is the way I like to do a very fresh natural makeup, it doesn't mean you have to do the same. Any of these steps might be skipped, it's all up to your preference. These are just my tips on what I do to have my makeup look as natural as possible. It takes me about 15 minutes to do this kind of look, so I often opt for it when I don't have time. I also love wearing it when my skin isn't acting up and it's looking especially nice.

Products used

Heimish Artless Glow Base
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 13 and Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51
Look by Bipa Matte Camouflage Concealer 010
Max Factor Miracle Touch Skin Perfecting Foundation 080
Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Flexitarian and L.O.V. LOVglow Highlighting Drops 020
NYX Lip Lingerie Exotic
RCMA No Color Powder

Essence Micro Precise Eyebrow Pencil 02
Benefit Gimme Brow 03
Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara 

NYX Lip Lingerie Exotic

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