Review: Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

I feel like this is the new L'Oreal Lash Paradise. It has gained some major popularity on Tik Tok. I was a fan of the original Lash Sensational, so I thought I might like this one too and I do. 


Just like the original Lash Sensational, this one has the same muted mauve packaging, but with a much more impressive 3D name design. This is definitely the prettiest packaging out of all the Maybelline mascaras I know of. It's a little bulky though.

Silicon wand has small short bristles which go from short to longer towards the outer edge. It's very bendable, so much that if you have stubborn thick lashes it may bend under them. 

In it is 7.2 ml of  product which is fairly small amount. Most mascaras have around 10 ml of product. I hope this isn't becoming a trend that L'Oreal started with their Paradise mascara containing only 6.4 ml of product. It's priced at around 11€.

Formula & Color

It's on the wetter side, but doesn't actually feel wet on the lashes. They say formula contains bamboo extract and fibers

I have it in color 01 Very Black which is classic black, but it's also available in Blackest Black.

Left: curled lashes, Middle: One coat of mascara, Right: Two coats of mascara


Silicon wand and bristles are able to catch all the lashes, but because they are a bit sparser, they can make lashes look a bit clumpy. It's all about how much you build it up. One coat gives you massive length and definition. Second coat makes the lashes thicker, adds some volume, but it can quickly look a bit clumpy, though I must give it thumbs up for still keeping lashes fairly defined - at least more than some other mascaras. 

I feel like this would be amazing for shorter lashes, because it would give you that length and definition which will make the lashes look almost wispy like that false lash effect. It's also going to be nice for naturally thicker lashes that just want some color, length and definition with one coat. 

It holds my curl, which I love, and my lashes are still lightweight and soft to the touch. There is no flaking or smudging even though this isn't waterproof version. The thing I hate about it is how hard it is to remove. I have to use double the product to get it off, so it's very long lasting, but also a pain to take off for somebody that doesn't wear waterproof versions for that reason alone. 

I can see why this has gained so much popularity. It's definitely one of the best lengthening mascaras, which also gives you nice definition if you don't overapply it. As for the volume, there is some, but you might sacrifice definition for it as it can look clumpy quickly. I personally love the effect, because it almost fans out the lashes and makes them super long, not too chunky. It's also very long lasting. I hate that it's hard to take off and I would like for it to give more volume without looking clumpy. But there is no absolutely perfect mascara, it's always the matter of preference when you're buying one. 

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