4 Products That Will Make Your Makeup Stay All Day

Hey Beauties!

New Year's Eve is quickly approaching and if you plan to go to any party, you'll need a makeup that will stay on you all through the night. That is why I wanted to share four of my favorite products which help to prolong the wear of makeup. I've tested them out and I definitely see the difference when I use them or don't.

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

The first product that will help you with your base is this Revlon's primer. I'm on my second bottle, which means I really like this, because I use it only on special occasions. It's a silicon based primer which you put on before foundation. Because it's silicon based, it means that it will make your base very smooth. It fills in all the pores, therefore creating a perfect base for your makeup. It's also a bit sticky and the foundation sticks to it better. This will make your foundation look flawless and stay on for a longer period of time without the shine breaking through. If you are very oily, obviously this won't last on you as well as on someone with normal skin.

In it is 27 ml of product and I think the price is around 15€. The pump is very hygienic and if you don't use it every day, it will last you for a really long time. Review here

Avon Ideal Flawless Eyeshadow Primer

This is an eye shadow primer that I swear by. I must be on seventh pot or so. It's my favorite eyeshadow primer. Using an eyeshadow primer can make a huge difference. First of all it will even out your skin tone on the lid. It will help eyeshadows to stick to it, which means it will definitely prolong the wear of them. It also makes eyeshadows more vivid and it really brings out their pigments making your eye makeup look really pigmented. I find that this one makes especially any Avon True Color Quad eyeshadows a lot brighter and more pigmented looking. 

It only comes in one shade, which is Light Beige. The shade is actually very much like my skin tone. It's creamy and very slippery, so it applies with ease, but still evens out the tone. 

In the pot is 3 grams of product. The regular price is 6€, but you can often get it for 3.50€. 

Here is the proof with the actual eyeshadows. First two eyeshadow from the left are from Avon and the rest are some random ones. As you can see the top half of my hand doesn't have anything on. On the bottom half I applied this primer. I think it's pretty clear where the primer starts. 

E.l.f. Makeup Lock And Seal 

It's one of the most versatile products. This is clear liquid which seals in everything... eyeshadows, lipstick, glitters, liner.. You can use it over any makeup. You need to pour it into a plastic pot that comes with it and wet the brush with it. Then you take the makeup product and apply it. I guarantee you this will seal in the deal for the whole night. I especially like to use it with glitter, which tends to fall off everywhere, over eyeshadows and cream liners, which can sometimes transfer on the upper lid. I haven't tried it over lipstick, although I feel it would do the same thing. 

You get 15 ml of it and it costs only 3$. I have a review of it here

Avon Makeup Setting Spray

To seal the deal you need setting spray as the last step in your makeup routine. It seals in all the makeup that you've put on your face and prolongs the wear of it. I feel like this one from Avon also does a good job of getting rid of too much powder. It helps the skin to look more natural and gets rid of the excess powder look. I will say that I don't think the difference is major, but it does help my foundation to stay matte for a longer time and it doesn't slide as much. I like the fact that it's an easy to use spray with a transparent liquid. It doesn't smell like anything and it doesn't feel tightening on the skin. It just leaves a veil of liquid on the skin, which feels like a protective layer. 

In it is 125 ml of the product and the regular price is 11€, although now you can get it for only 4.90€. 

These are the products that I reach for when I want my makeup to last for a really long time. I know it's sometimes hard to find setting sprays and primers in our little country, for a reasonable price that is, but I think I gave you some good recommendations for when you'll need something like this. Those products are definitely not necessary, but they do make a difference. 


  1. Avonovo bazo za senčila smo dobile na konferenci, pa je še vedno nisem preizkusila, need to change that. Drugače pa jaz opažam, da tile izdelki tudi meni pomagajo, čeprav poleti bolj. Pozimi opažam, da mi makeup tudi brez baze ali fiksirnega spreja dolgo zdrži (se vidi, da se ne potim :D).

    1. Moraš sprobat in poročaj, če ti bo všeč ;). Imaš prav. Meni pozimi tudi bolje makeup zdrži že sam po sebi, čeprav me lahko kakšno divjanje sem in tja tudi pripravi do potenja. Z temi izdelki sem pa res ista popoldne kot dopoldne. Vse zafiksirano :D. Dobro tebi, če se ne potiš. Ko bi vsaj :D.

  2. Praktično vse take izdelke imam, razen Lock And Seal, ampak od drugih znamk :) Spray imam od Urban Decy, primer od Max Factorja in podlago za senčila od theBalm. Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer me že dolgo mika zaradi tebe, čeprav imam MF :)

    1. Odlično. Potem se ti tudi sfiksiraš po potrebi :D. Hehe Revlon imam res že zelooo dolgo. Všeč mi je ker res dobim gladko podlago in lepo zapre pore :). MF imam jaz tudi, ampak tisti mi j ebolj tako za dnevne podvige :D.

  3. I read somewhere that plain water works as a setting spray to keep your make up from wearing off? This doesn't make any sense because you take your makeup off with water.... is it true? any suggestions on how to keep your makeup to stay? I know about all of the sprays that you can buy but they are so expensive for a little bottle.
    Royal Canadian mineral water spray review

    1. I'm not sure how this could work. There are a lot of water based products that actually have a great staying power, but they do go off when they get it touch with water. I wouldn't say this could work with your regular makeup. Layering always helps it stay longer. I always say powder and lighter layers of foundation can help it stay on longer. I've also heard you can spray your face with hair spray, but I didn't try this, because it sounds a bit frightening to me. Certain brands like Makeup Revolution and Avon make a bit cheaper fixing spray. You should research a bit, I'm sure their are more affordable options available.

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