March 2021 Favorites

I feel like all I write these days is favorites and I promise I'll get back to writing more other posts as well. I tried to gather a few products, though honestly, I could copy my January and February favorites in this post as well. I don't get to go anywhere, so I also don't do much of colorful makeup anymore. It's all down to basics. I have some fun scents to introduce to you as well. 

A'Pieu Pure Block Daily Sun Cream SPF 45

This is one of my favorite daily SPFs for the face. I love it, because it has that thin, lightweight Asian formulation that gives you a bit of sheen, but wears so comfortably. It has citrus scent to it, which is quite pleasant compared to the usual floral powdery sun screen scents. There is barely any of it left and I have to order it from Asia, which is a bummer. I have Garnier to try next, but I'll definitely repurchase this in the future.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51 Light Vanilla

I'm not one of those people that applies one foundation, I always mix at least two and sometimes I add color correction to make it more olive and match my skin tone better. I've been notified that Bourjois has finally added some lighter shades to out drugstores, so I decided to use my old one up. I have it in 51 Light Vanilla which is just a tad too dark for me. It's one of the best drugstore foundations that I especially like recommending to those that want medum coverage and have normal or dry skin. This never accentuates dry patches and in general looks natural on the skin. My only problem with it is that my skin gets oily fast, but that's just on my combination skin. For dry skin, this is amazing.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream London

Recently I've switched to more cream/liquid makeup and I prefer to use matte liquid lipsticks as blushes. This month I've had a few tried with NYX London which is one of my favorite nude brown shades and this one is great to apply on the cheeks when I have something bright and colorful on the lids to make it more toned down. I also love it on the lips. It's just that perfect nude brown for light to medium skin tones.

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

While we're on the topic of NYX, I've also been trying out their matte setting spray and so far so good. It has fine mist that doesn't drip, doesn't feel tightening on the face and in general I notice my skin doesn't get as shiny as quickly as without using it. I still get my natural sebum coming through, but it's delayed. I will try it out more, but so far I really like it.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

This is the most hyped up mascara right now, thanks to Tik Tok. I always liked the original Lash Sensational, so I thought I'd like this one too and I do. It will give you very long and defined lashes. There is some volume to it, but if you build it up too much, it can look clumpy. I really love the fact that the lashes still stay soft and lightweight. It holds my curl and I haven't noticed any fall off. Silicon wand is very bendable and has those shorter bristles that really comb through the lashes. One thing that really bugs me with it, is the fact that it's hard to remove. I don't use waterproof mascaras neither waterproof makeup removers, so it takes me a while to completely remove it with Bioderma micellar water. But that also means it lasts on your lashes the whole day.

Avon Creme Legend Lipstick Adore

I have this in shade Iconic already and since the formula is so nice, I wanted a more nude option as well. Adore is light nude brown with grey undertone. Its fairly neutral shade leaning a bit grey. This can look a bit dead on medium skin tones, but it's perfect neutral brown for fair and light skin tones. Formula is lovely cream with that natural sheen and it's so comfortable to wear. Obviously, it won't be super long lasting, but the wear is more important to me. 

Avon Far Away Rebel & Diva Mini Perfume

Avon does mini version of their full size perfumes which is a great way of trying out a scent without the need to buy full size. I love buying these minis. Rebel & Diva has top note pink pepper, middle note jasmin sambac and base notes popcorn and caramel. It's what I would say oriental sweet scent as it has that spicy kick of pink pepper, but then a very sweet base. As with other Rebel scents, this is also very powerful scent which is sweet, but not girly. It's that strong pink pepper that makes it so much fun, but I'd say it's definitely more for the evening or colder months, because it's quite strong. There is also fairly musty base as it's drying down which to me almost smells a bit male like. I like the scent, but am not sure I would get a full bottle.

Avon Eve Confidence Eau de Parfum

I have many Avon perfumes and I am slowly rotating them, while still mostly using up just ma favorites. So I decided to use up older ones as well. This is that warm fruity sweet scent perfect for spring as you're transitioning into less heavy and more fun fragrances. It has top notes of whipped cream, pear, black current, middle notes of frangipani, red fruits jasmine and base notes of vanilla, musk oak. It's got a bit of depth to it with oak sort of grounding its fruits and vanilla sweetness. It spritzes heavy in the beginning, but slowly becomes more sweet in an elegant way.  It's also one of the more long lasting scents by Avon as I can smell this on my clothes the next day as well. 

Avon Planet Spa Aromatherapy Calm With Chinese Eucalyptus and Mint Essential Oils Body Mist

I love this as a room spray and for some reason I always spray it in the bathroom. It just gives it that spa like scent. This is that fresh eucalyptus minty scent that is mixed with something very clean and sort of creamy. It's not just one note scent you would except from description. Dry down is sort of very comforting. I really like this and would recommend if you like room sprays. You need one mist to make the whole room smell lovely. It's quite strong. 


  1. Pure Block tudi jaz zdaj porabljam do konca. Imam samo še za par uporab. Potem pa nazaj na Garnier.

    Maybelline maskara me malo mika, ker se obnaša kot vodoodporna, ampak vseeno ne vem, če lahko zaupam, da bo držala trepalnice zavihane. Sicer je vododoporna verzija s precej slabšimi ocenami in pa naročit bi jo bilo treba.

    Parfuma zvenita zanimivo :)

    1. Jaz imam potem še od SVR, nato pa tudi Garnier. Sem jo končno kupila in po prvem vtisu, ne bo slaba :).

      Ja to pa ne upam trdit. Jaz s tem nimam problemov z navadnimi formulami, tako da bi ti težko kaj zagotovila. Itak, pri nas po mojem sploh ne bo vodoodporne nikoli, ker itak skoraj nobene nimamo.

      Oba sta dobra, noben pa mi ni prirasel tako k srcu kot eni od Avona, ki so res moji favoriti in bi jih ponovno kupila.