Review: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor - 645 Forever

I already have one shade of Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor and it's Devotion. This is definitely the most comfortable matte liquid lipstick formula I have ever tried. So it's no wonder I decided to pick another shade. 

It has a plastic matte transparent packaging with silver top. The edges are rounded, which I like. In it is 5.9 ml of product and it costs 12.23€. This is definitely one of the more pricier products and I probably wouldn't buy it, if it weren't 40% off in one of our drugstores, so it cost me only 7.34€. 

The applicator is fairly flat, but looks like a cone from the side. It's soft and just fluffy enough. Application is easy and you can get a very precise line with the applicator. There isn't too much product on the applicator, which I prefer, but I do usually go in another time to get it really opaque and thicker on the lips. It's just my preference.  

645 HD Forever is a perfect my-lips-but-better kind of shade. I would describe it as a muddy nude pink. It has pink and brown undertones in it, but is more of a muddy shade and sometimes almost looks mauve like. I feel like this color looks different paired with different colored makeup. If I have something more neutral, it's more brown and if I have something with purple tones, it makes the lipstick look more mauve. This is that perfect every day shade that isn't too brown nor too pink. Just perfection.

I have a few similar shades to Forever, but no dupes. Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick in shade In The Buff is that muddy pink toned nude. It's lighter and more pink with kind of brown undertone. Avon True Supreme Noursihing Lipstick in shade Nurturing Nude is again lighter and has a bit more of that peachiness to it, although it's very much that mix of peach and pink neutral. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in shade Stockholm it's also a bit more pink toned and lighter.

Formula is creamy, very pigmented and feels ultra soothing on the lips. It almost feels like a lip balm and lipstick hybrid. It's definitely a thicker cream, but that gives it that opacity in one coat. It's one of the most comfortable formulas on the lips. This won't dry out your lips at all. It almost feels a bit soothing and nourishing. It's the perfect matte liquid lipstick formula for those that have naturally dry lips.

At first it has a creamy sheen, but then it dries down to a complete matte finish. Drying down depends on how thick coat you have on, but it can take up to half to one hour to completely dry down. If that bothers you, you can blot it down with a paper for a quicker matte look.

I find it very long lasting, once it actually dries to a matte finish. But if you'll be eating a lot, you'll definitely need to reapply it. It wears off very evenly too, but is not transfers proof.

The scent is the same as with Devotion, a pleasant sweetness. As I've said before it somehow reminds me of cookies and strawberry ice cream. 

I absolutely adore this formula since I have naturally dry lips. I can wear this matte liquid lipstick without worrying of drying out my lips. It has very comfortable thicker creamy formula that needs a lot of time to dry down to a proper matte finish, but it wears lovely. It has good staying power and it wears off even too. The shade is the perfect neutral nude shade for every day wear. I would love to get more shades of these. I especially like Seduction and maybe some more bold darker colors. 

If you like proper extremely long lasting, budge proof lipsticks with an instant matte finish, you probably won't like these.


  1. Formula teh je tako dobra! Sploh ne vem zakaj se ne govori več o njih na blogih. Si želim povečat zbirko odtenkov, ampak mi imamo Revlon samo v Müllerju, ker pa ni bilo te fine akcije. Sicer pa že Devotion veliko nosim, čeprav je bolj živ odtenek :)

    1. Se popolnoma strinjam. Res ena najboljših formul, ne glede na to ali je za suhe ustnice ali ne. Jaz sem bila prepričana, da ne bo vzela več nobenega odtenka glede na ceno, pa me je ta akcija potem res razveselila. Škoda, da nimate Tuš Drogerije. Oni imajo večkrat kakšne popuste na določene znamke. Saj Müller bo tudi imel kakšen popust še na Revlon ;)