Review: Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss - 18 Golden Sparkle

While I love a good matte lip, I am also always searching for a good shimmery shiny lip and I thought I found a great choice in this Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss in the shade 18 Golden Sparkle. I already have this formula in another shade, so this is more just a presentation of a new color.


It comes in a wider transparent packaging that has rounded edges and silver details. I like slightly different packaging. 

In it is 6.5 ml of product and it costs 7.95€.

Applicator is fluffy doe foot that has a bend which fits well on the lips. It applies product evenly and holds enough of it for one application. 


It has that typical slightly thicker lip gloss formula that feels a bit sticky, but nothing out of the ordinary for a lip gloss. 

Pigmentation is good for a lip gloss, it gives you just enough of color and isn't too transparent. The scent is artificial, but not all that noticeable.


You can choose among 30 different colors. Some have that regular no shimmer lip gloss color and some contain small shimmers that makes them look almost metallic, like the shade that I chose.

18 Golden Sparkle is a nude bronze shade with small bronze and silver shimmer. The base is more of a bronze nude, but the shine from the shimmer is cooler silver. Because of the small shimmer, this shade almost looks a bit metallic. It also has a lovely glossy sheen.

This shade on me looks pale, but at the same time adds just enough color to my lips. I also love applying it on top of other nude lipsticks for added sheen and shimmer. 

I already reviewed the shade 27 Pearly Lavender.


Because of the slightly stickier formula, this lip gloss holds well on the lips and is quite long lasting for such a formula. 

As any other lip gloss formula, this one also wears very nicely. It feels comfortable and soothing on the lips. It also makes them feel hydrated and wears off evenly. 

It's a fairly standard lip gloss formula, that has just enough stickiness to it and feels ultra comfortable on the lips. 18 Golden Sparkle has a bronze base and cooler silver shimmer, which means it has the best of both worlds - warm base and a brighter cooler sheen. It's a fairly standard shade that may look borderline metallic and wears nicely over nude lipsticks to add sheen and shimmer or wear it on its own for that glossy shine.

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