Trend Alert 2018: Blue Eyeshadow

I was thinking of creating a new series of blog posts on my blog called trend alert. I love catching up with trends. It's not because I want to be on trend all the time, if that certain makeup suits me or not, but just to get an idea of what else can I try out. Trends are created more for the brands so they can release new products and charge you for it, which is fine. It's how the world works, but sometimes you may follow a trend with the products that you already own. 

I've seen blue eyeshadow gaining popularity last year already, but this year it is everywhere. Ever since the KKW x Mario collection came out with the blue eyeshadow in their palette, everyone is wearing blue. I love a good blue eyeshadow, so I decided to give you my own two cents on this trend. I created a simple blue look that I usually do, if I want to wear blue.

Because I have a warm yellow skin tone, I usually use warm toned eyeshadows. They just look more like they are a part of my natural skin tone. Blue is usually more cool toned, so I always pair it with a neutral warm tone in crease. This is just my way of making it work for my skin tone. If you have cool or neutral skin tone and you like an all cool toned look, you can use taupe, greys or even darker blues in the crease.

I used very yellow warm toned medium brown shade in the crease to add warmth to the whole look. Then I used slightly darker and more orange toned brown in the actual crease, not blending it out. On the lid I wanted to use this matte royal blue shade that I've been loving for a few years. You can definitely use something shimmery, but I wanted this look to be all matte.

Because I love a bit of definition around the lash line, I also used a bright royal blue shade of eye pencil and lined my eyes. I did a slight wing, because I have smaller eyes and like to elongate them in the outer corners. I also smudged the same pencil around the lower lash line. If you wear liner in the water line, this would look amazing with this look. I usually stay away from that, because it can irritate my eyes. I also used the same brown matte shades to smudge the blue out a bit more and make it look smokier. 

In the inner corners I used metallic champagne shade to bring some light to those corners. Everything else is matte, so something shimmery works nice to balance it out. Plus it opens up the eyes and makes them a bit fresher with that heavy matte look that we have going on. I also curled my lashes and applied lots of mascara. I don't like to pair colorful looks with heavy false eyelashes, so I just go with my natural ones. 

On my face I did the usual routine of foundation, concealer and powder. I also used a bit of bronzer to add some warmth and definition. For highlighter I used champagne gold shade and I decided to go with a more brownish blush color. Minimal face makeup to leave statement on the eyes. 

On my lips I smudged a bit of neutral peachy brown and I tried not to make it to precise. Just a bit of color.

Products used
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 21 + Revlon Colorstay Foundation 150
The Seam Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 01
Paese Rice Powder
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Moonstone
H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher Brown Sugar

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Zoeva Caramel Melange - Wax Paper
Nabla Eyeshadow - Caramel
Zoeva Caramel Melange - Start Soft
Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad Underwater Paradise - Shade 4
Avon Kohl Eye Liner - Ocean Blue
Essence Le Glow...Baked Metallic Highlighter - you're doing what you love
Maybelline Lash Sensational + Paese Blacker Than Black Mascara

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick Au Naturale 

In the fashion world blue eyeshadow is being applied more artsy, but we ordinary humans have to adapt these kind of looks to make them more everyday appropriate and wearable. I don't think application or shape is important, as long as you reach for at least one blue eyeshadow you are on trend in my eyes. This is an excuse for you to venture out of your comfort zone. 

Blue eyeshadow is always being avoided by people, because it can quickly look old like when your mother or grandmother might have worn blue eyeshadow combined with red lips and pink cheeks. But as long as you find the right shade for you and you pair it with some neutral face makeup or other eyeshadow shades, you can't go wrong with it. At least not this year. Another easy way to add color to your look is to just add it around the lower lash line. It's subtle, but still effective. 

My advise would be go bold on the eyes with blue eyeshadow and keep everything else minimalistic and neutral toned. If you decided on blue eyeliner, it can actually pair nicely with red lips too. Just don't do much on the cheeks and keep it more modern looking. Obviously, you should also consider that hiding away blue under eye circles is crucial for this look or your blue eyeshadow on lid might just be highlighting your sleepless nights.

Here are some of my blue eyeshadow picks that I found in my collection. You can find similar shades among many different makeup brands, this is just what I own.

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad Underwater Paradise - Shade 4 - matte royal blue shade. This is one of my favorites, because it's hard to find vibrant blue color in a matte finish. It needs to be build up, because it's on the sheerer side. It's vibrant, but still dark enough so it doesn't look too 80s or 90s.

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V1 - Bolt - matte vibrant azure blue shade that is for the brave one. It can look unwearable, but if you pair it with darker shades this will give you a pop of color in a modern kind of way. 

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 - Ink - matte navy blue that is great for those that prefer a darker color or to shade with. It has really pigmented base and would be a great alternative to basic black.

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar - Blueberry Swirl - shimmery steal blue color that has that silver base to it. I think these kind of blues would look great on grey or blue eyes. It's a very understated blue with just a hint of that blue sheen in it. This is for those that are not sure about wearing blue just yet.

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad Smokey Blue - Shade 3 - shimmery light cobalt blue that is already more blue than Bluberry Swirl, but is still a very wearable shade. This formula also needs to be build up. It has tiny shimmer in it, but gives you more of a sheen rather than shimmer. 

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Coconut - shimmery cobalt teal blue that has a slight greenish tint in the base, but the sheen on top is a proper vibrant blue. This is one of my all time favorite blue eyeshadows, because it  has such a metallic sheen and the color is so wearable. It's not too blue nor is it green. If you're looking for a metallic statement, this is it.

If you're too afraid of the full on blue lid look, you can start small by throwing away your usual black liner and instead go for the blue color. It can be bright or very muted. 

Avon Kohl Eye Liner - Ocean Blue - matte royal blue shade that is again kind of hard to find in the drugstores. These kind of blues are my favorite and if you're can't see yourself wearing a full on blue eyeshadow, maybe start with a bold blue eyeliner. Or just put in in the waterline for that blue haze on your eyes. 

Avon Kohl Eye Liner - Cobalt Blue - matte cobalt blue that is that off black color for when you want to add a certain color in your palette, but are unsure of how it will look. 

Avon liquid Chrome Eyeliner - Electric Blue - shimmery vibrant sapphire blue that has tiny silver shimmer in it. This is again one of my favorite liners to use, because it's bright and has fun metallic sheen to it. It's the easiest way of wearing a color. 

I already did some makeup looks with blue eyeshadow, so I'm adding them here, if you need some additional inspiration on how to combine it. 


  1. Avon Kohl Eye Liner Cobalt Blue izgleda popoln. Najbližji tak odtenek imam od Catrice iz kolekcije Travellight. Navy linerji so mi zelo všeč, bolj živo modrih odtenkov pa ne nosim. Super objava in krasen look <3

    1. Je res zanimiv odtenek. Se mi zdi, da je zelo težko najt mat barvne svinčnike v drogerijah. Večina jih je šimrastih. Vsaj kakšne bolj zanimive odtenke. Hvala :) <3

  2. Love your blog so much, so thorough and how gorgeous the looks you came out with. ❤❤❤

    1. Thank you so much. That means a lot to me <3 :)