Review: Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick - 14 Brownette and 16 Caramelody

I have expanded my Bourjous Rouge Velvet The Lipstick collection again, thanks to Mateja, who kindly gifted them to me. She is not thrilled about wearing brown lipstick, so she though I would get more use out of it. I have to say, I love both shades and will definitely wear them a lot. I have already reviewed three shades before, which you can find at the end of this post.


These lipsticks come in plastic packaging that should portray the color that is inside. I like the packaging, because it has a very tight closing, so you feel secure carrying it around with you.

In it is 2.4 grams of product and it costs 13.99€.

It has tear drop bullet shape which makes application easier and very precise without the need of having additional lip brush.


I've spoken a few times about the amazing formula of these lipsticks. They go on ultra smooth and feel almost balmy, but not waxy. In the matter of 2 minutes formula dries down to a matte finish which is similar to the finish of matte liquid lipsticks. 

Pigmentation is great. You need two swipes to completely cover the lips. 


Formula is also very comfortable to wear. It never feels dry, despite the ultra matte finish. It also feels fairly lightweight on the lips.

Lipsticks have good lasting power and minimal transfer. You can survive drinking and some eating with them on the lips.

Scent to me smells powdery and floral.


Bourjois first came out with 12 colors and they now added 4 new shades. I believe in total you can choose among 16 different shades. 

Today I am reviewing two newly added shades.

16 Caramelody is medium caramel brown. On me it looks very warm toned, but I've seen it being more grey toned on neutral skin tone.
14 Brownette is dark warm yellow toned chocolate brown

You should definitely check out how these colors look like on neutral and lighter skin tone than me here. On Mateja 16 Caramelody looks grey toned. 


16 Caramelody - medium caramel brown.
Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Marvelous Mocha - much lighter and more peachy brown.
14 Brownette - dark yellow toned chocolate brown.
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Berlin - lighter and more red toned chocolate brown.

Bourjois Levres Contour Edition Lip Liner - 14 Sweet Brown-ie

With the lipsticks I also got this lip liner. This is my first liner from Bourjois. It has the color of the actual shade on the pencil. It's a regular need-to-sharp pencil

In it is 1.14 grams of products and it costs 6.49€

Formula is surprisingly creamy. It applies very smooth, but has enough stickiness in it to grab onto the lips well. Formula seems more sheer as far as pigmentation goes, but it covers the lips well, just isn't extremely opaque. 

It wears comfortably, doesn't seem to bleed out of the line and is fairly long lasting.

14 Brown-ie is medium warm extremely yellow toned brown. It's the most yellow toned brown out of all these three. 

My Collection

Here is my current collection of Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipsticks. I think I have a good range of colors for all seasons. Pink for spring, coral for summer, deep redish brown for fall and two versions of brown for daily wear. I also like to mix and match these to get a perfect combo of undertones.

02 Flaming'rose - light muted pink.
06 Abrico'dabra! - medium warm peach.
12 Brunette - dark warm redish brown.
16 Caramelody - medium caramel brown.
14 Brownette - dark warm chocolate brown.

Obviously, this is one of the best regular lipstick matte formulas, if you like that completely matte look, but still want it to feel comfortable on the lips. The selection of colors is nice and I love that there are a lot of nude versions from pinks, peaches to browns. Caramelody is that my kind of perfect brown that will just go with everything. I love a good brown and this one isn't too warm either. Brownette is such a gorgeous warm chocolate brown and I think it matches so well with my eye color, so I love to wear it for a bolder look. The price is hefty and could definitely be cheaper for a drugstore brand, but the quality might be worth for you, if it's something that you're looking for to add to your collection. I am pretty satisfied with my current collection and will definitely be using them a lot. 


  1. Neverjetno kaj naredi samo topli podton. Caramelody na tebi nima niti malo sivkastega pridiha, na meni je bil že kar draining. Super ti pristajajo vsi odtenki <3

    1. Točno to sem se čudila na tebi. Je pa res zanimivo videt primerjavo. Jaz bi skoraj napisala, da je topla karamelna, ampak sem potem pri tebi videla, da sploh ni. Res zanimivo to s poltjo :D. Hvala :) <3