Review: Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss - 27 Pearly Lavender

Matte lipsticks have been really popular and many swear by them, but I love a good shiny lip just as well as matte. Kiko recently came out with a new line of their 3D Hydra Lipglosses and because I am crazy about glittery products, I had to try at least one.

Kiko lip gloss comes in a rounded and wide plastic packaging with silver detail. I definitely like wider and flatter packaging as it stands out from other classic ones (Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor has similar shape). It looks luxurious and simple as do most of Kiko products.

In it is 6.5 ml of product and the price is 7.95€

It has fluffy doe foot sponge applicator that is curved to fit the lips. It also hold most of the product at the back of the applicator. You can bend it to fit lips better. It applies lip gloss evenly.

Kiko has a whooping selection of 30 different shades. There are some shimmery ones and some without the shimmer. I was attracted to 27 Pearly Lavender, because it had a mixture of gold and silver shimmer. The base is pastel lavender, but when you apply it over lipsticks it doesn't change it much, just makes it slightly lighter. It gives it lots of high shine.

On the lips on its own it gives them a slight cool lavender shade with lots of silver sheen that almost makes the lips look metallic. Shimmer is really saturated and with one swipe you get a lot of it on the lips. This is definitely one swipe application lip gloss.

This shade on its own doesn't suit me best, because it's quite cool toned and a bit too pale for my complexion, that's why I always apply it over other lip shades. If you have fair cool skin tone this would look amazing on your.

If you blot it down, you're left with only lots of shimmers that still sticks to the lips. That's why I always remove it with an oil cleanser to prevent spreading shimmer all over my face.

My favorite way to wear it is to apply lipstick on the lips as a light stain and pat it on top and in with fingers. Then I apply lip gloss over it. It gives you the shade of the lipstick with amazing shine of the lip gloss.

Formula is thicker and a bit sticky, which I am used to with lip glosses. It's not like that old school annoyingly sticky, but you can definitely feel it on the lips as you smack them together. Because of that it also sticks to the lips better and is quite long lasting for a lip gloss formula.

Unfortunately it doesn't have any impressive scent to it. It's more chemical, but not that noticeable. 

It wears lovely. I think I like lip gloss formulas so much because they make lips feels so comfortable, protected and nourished. This one never dries out my lips and it feels nourishing and comfortable

If you apply it lightly over a heavy coat of lipstick, you almost can't notice shimmer in it, it just gives your lips a high shine gloss. 

If you're a lip gloss fan, you'll love Kiko 3D Hydra Lipglosses. They have everything that a classic lip gloss should have. High shine, slight stickiness and are so comfortable to wear. You also have a wide range of color selections. I chose the shimmery one, because I love shimmer, but you can also chose normal formulas. 27 Pearly Lavender isn't exactly what I expected it to be. I thought that it would have a more neutral sheen, but there's definitely more silver in it and cool toned lavender base doesn't really suit my skin tone. I do love it over other lip colors, but if this has a brown base, I would adore it. 


  1. Čudovite fotografije! :) Ful lepo pride tako samostojno kot na drugih šminkah. Mi je pa všečna tudi embalaža.

    1. Hvala :) Meni je skoraj bolj všeč preko drugih, ker se mi zdi drugače presvetel za mojo polt :). Embalaža je pa tudi meni luškana. Nekaj drugačnega.

  2. I think it loos so pretty and feminine. The pinky-lilac color looks amazing as topper or just wear on its own :)

  3. Hehe, obožujem ga! Super fotke! Sem prav vesela, da sem ga kupila, ker je res ultimate za tole poletje! Mogoč res mal girly izpade, ampak so what... mat šmink mam mal dost, ker vedno tok časa vzamejo, da jih lepo nanesem, tole je pa sam slap on in greš :P

    1. Hvala :D. Res je posebnež. Jaz sem trenutno nek ekstrem - ali mat, ali pa ultra shiny :D. Za takrat, ko rabiš nekaj na hitro, pa ga itak ni čez lip gloss :).