April 2018 Favorites

April has been a month of testing new products. Hence why some are featured in this monthly favorites. I also dug out some old favorites that I'm currently using, so it's the best of both worlds.

The Seam Cover Perfection Tip Concealer - 01 Clear Beige

I think this concealer has a cult status in Korea. It's very popular and I can see why. This is probably the one of the highest coverage concealers I have had so far. It has a thicker cream consistency that still lets you blend it out, but it sets quickly into a matte finish. I just love the coverage, because it means I can use very little of it and it covers it all in one go. I don't have to pile it on like with some other concealer. Shade 01 is also light enough for my skin tone. 

Makeup Revolution Soph x Eyeshadow Palette - Mixed Berries

I am including in my favorites a particular shade not palette as a whole. That shade is Mixed Berries and it's the most perfect purple for my personal taste. It's a medium warm toned purple that has almost redissh base and a very bright purple sheen on top. It's gorgeous and exactly the type of purple that I would make, if I would be creating my own eyeshadow palette. Formula is creamy and best applied with fingers.

Avon Mark Epic Intense Eyeshadow Mini Palette Island Vibes - shade 1

Another palette that I am including because of one shade that I loved instantly. It's the first shade in the pan and it's matte medium jade green. The formula of Avon eyeshadows is always sheerer, but the pigmentation is amazing, especially for a matte shadow. I like the fact that it's a bright matte color and not shimmery. This color is unique in my collection.

I had to include it in my favorites again, because I just love it so much. It's that perfect kind of grey toned warm brown that almost contours you a bit, but warms you up as bronzer should. It has smooth buttery formula that applies well, but needs to be build up for a more intense look. It also has tropical scent to it.

L.O.V. Healthy Glow Blush - 041 Radiant Rosewood

I found this blush on a sale and immediately feel in love with this shade. It's one of those blushes that has a glowy sheen to it, similar to Wet n wild Coloricon Blush and Milani Baked Blushes. Radiant Rosewood is that brick peach shade that is slightly muted and has very subtle gold sheen on top. I can't put this blush down. It's that perfect in between shade from brown to peach, very similar to Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush in Apri-Cot in the Middle, just less shimmery. 

This is one of the rare MAC lipsticks that I actually almost used up. It's one of the best pink nudes, because it's a mix of brown, peach and pink and it's neither. This is a great nude and I like that it has a sheerer buttery formula. I've been using it more this month since I'm trying to use it up. 

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres Barrier Repairing Balm

I bought this on sale for ridiculously low price and I didn't even use it much, until I saw a review of someone raving about this product as one of the best lip treatments. So I dug it out and finally started using it on those occasions when my lips felt extremely dehydrated. I feel like this really helps with making your lips more hydrated and soft. It's a transparent smooth almost cream texture. It doesn't feel waxy or greasy, but has a nice slip to it. 

Ecotools Define & Highlight Duo

Another product that I just got recently and knew I liked it from the first time I tried it out. Both of these brushes have extremely soft bristles. I also like bamboo handles, since they are not too heavy. Highlight brush, which is the fan brush, is great for that precise cheek contour or for that c shape highlight on top of the cheeks. I prefer it for contour. Define brush, which is a slightly tapered shape, is great for applying powder all over. I also tried to contour with it and it applies blush nicely as well, but I use it for powder, because it's so soft and not too dense.

Nivea Oil in Lotion Orange Blossom & Avocado Oil

Another great body lotion by Nivea. I love their body lotions, because they have the most perfect nourishing, but non greasy consistency and that perfect slip to it. This one contains avocado oil in the lotion base and it has that lovely emollient texture to it. It spreads easily and soaks into the skin well. It also has subtle fresh citrus scent. Perfect for warmer months.

I've been obsessing over Alluring past month and this month I've started using Confidence more. It's slightly lighter, more floral, but still has that warm vanilla base to it. It's more sophisticated, but perfect fragrance for spring.

The Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho

I got this as a gift from my cousin and it couldn't have come in a better time. As part of my additional education courses that I am in the middle of right now, I was learning about skin anatomy and physiology and I am always researching about Korean products - makeup as well as skin care. This book combines a bit of both and I find it so much fun to read and learn from it. It's a light read, but at the same time you definitely get good base for skin care knowledge based on Korean culture. If you love Korean skin care and want to learn more this is a great starting point. 


The Resident

This is a new TV show that I have started watching on FOX Life and I am hooked. It's basically a medical drama, so if you like shows like Grey's Anatomy or House, you'll like this one too. I love how this show let's you in on the medical system that works one way and resident Conrad on the other side that just wants to help everyone. There is new doctor coming in the show in the beginning, full of enthusiasm and Conrad shatters his view by saying that he has to unlearn everything he has learned so far. You get to see why sometimes some things just don't work. It seems logical to do the right thing on moral basis, but there is always an alternative motive behind that is all about the clinic making money. First episode is so interesting and it immediately sets the feel of the show. 


  1. Super, da ti je the Saem korektor tako všeč :) Prekrivnost je res odlična, tako da ga vedno uporabim precej manj kot ostalih, pa še zelo poceni je :)

    L.O.V. blushe sem si napisala na seznam za pogledat. Slišijo se super in mogoče mi pa pa kakšen odtenek všeč. Menda bodo zdaj vrgli to znamko ven iz Müllerja :/

    Patisserie je tudi meni eden izmed najlepših in zagotovo eden izmed najbolj universally flattering odtenkov. Bi imela full size če bi bila razumna cena, je pa itak od Jordane Nude podobna in meni še lepša :)

    Ecotools čopiče pa moram naročit enkrat.

    1. Res je. Veliko manj se ga porabi kot kakšnega drugega. Moj mi samo dela grozne probleme, ker se nabira izdelek okrog zaprtja potem pa vsakič ko zaprem mi ven priteče. Pol izdelka zavržem. To me pa res živcira. A tebi to tudi dela?

      Ja sem slišala. Bedasto. Upam, da mogoče DM pobere njihovo napako. Sicer je meni bilo čudno, ko so v Avstriji v DMu prenovili stojalo na spomlad pri nas pa ne. Bi mi že takrat moralo biti jasno, da očitno nekaj ni v redu. Meni res niso slabi ti blushi, pa še ful majhni so. Priročna embalaža.

      Mah ja...jaz tudi ne vem če bi še kupila kakšno MAC šminko. Samo če bi bil res odtenek nek uber unikaten. Včasih je bil MAC zakon za izbiro odtenkov, zdaj pa je že toliko bolj ugodnih znamk, da ni kaj za razmišljat. :)

      Jaz bi tudi rada še kakšnega. :)

  2. Ne, moja embalaža dobro drži. Si očitno dobila enega čudnega :/

    1. Šment. Očitno sem res ravno jaz dobila z neko napako. Me živcira, ker težko nosim s sabo. Umažem celo torbo. Ah bo drugič boljše. :)