Review: Secret Key Marine Racoony Hydrogel Eye & Multi Patch

Jolse is Korean online store that I buy most of my Korean products from. They also have certain products that they give up for review purposes. You have to apply and wait to get selected for a review and I was lucky enough to got these cute eye patches. I admit, it surprised me in a mailbox and I found them adorable from the second I opened up the packaging. 


Secret Key Marine Racoony Hydrogel Eye & Multi Patch comes in a plastic pot packaging. It closes securely and has another protective plastic cover on top to prevent the essence from those patches to spill out. It's well protected. The design is adorable like with most good Korean products.

In it you get 90 grams of product, which means 60 patches and the price on Jolse is currently 11.74$.

With the patches you also get a small spatula that should help you take them out. Although this is not as easy as it sounds since the patches are soaked in essence and very slippery. I still find it useful, because it seems more hygienic. 


It's olive colored hydrogel patch with gold shimmer that can be used on multiple areas of the face like under the eyes, on the cheeks, on the mouth, on forehead or any other area that needs intensive care. Patches have a half moon shape. Hydrogel is elastic and soaked in essence. The essence that comes in the packaging is transparent and viscose. That's why hydrogel patches are super slippery

Patches should give your skin a lot of moisture, soothe the skin, make it look more vital and provide nourishment. It's marketed for sensitive eyes and intensive multi care for other areas that need additional care. 

Patches contain various marine extracts, hence the name of the product. Among the ingredients are also fish collagen, kelp, chlorella and carob bean. Most of these ingredients come from Jeju island. It apparently also contains 24k gold which you can see as small gold shimmer in those patches. It looks very pretty might I add. You can read more about the actual ingredients here

The scent is herbal sweet and it sort of reminds me of sweet green tea. It's not too strong, so it doesn't feel irritating, but if you're sensitive to any kind of scent, keep that in mind.

Patches are so wet, that they slide down onto my cheeks, so I have to either hold them or lay down to let them dry out a bit. They noticeably dry out in about 10 minutes and that is when they stick to the skin well. You can walk around and go about your day. They recommend to leave patches on for 20 to 30 minutes and I do that when I have time. 

Patches have these small specks of gold in them that can transfer onto your skin here and there. I definitely had small gold shimmer around my under eyes when I took it off. It was unnecessary for me although not too obvious like proper glitter.


They feel very cooling on the skin. In the beginning I felt the slightest tingle which I'm not sure what it was, but they don't feel irritating or anything, rather soothing.

My skin felt very nourished after I took them off and it had a nice sheen to it. Skin feels sticky to the touch, which to me means the product was very nourishing. I don't see my fine lines being less pronounced, but they look nourished and moisturized. I would say that this is mostly just a nourishing product and because of the patches you can really control where you need that nourishment the most instead of applying it all over the skin. 

I can wear makeup over it and it sits well on top. You can also just use these as eye patches while you're applying eye makeup and by the time you're done with makeup, you have well nourished under eyes. 

I mostly used them under the eyes where they feel refreshing and soothing. I like the nourishment that they provide. I also tried them over the lips, but I didn't see that effect of my lips being any more nourished. I prefer my regular lip treatments for that. This might also be great for any dry patches on the face, if you have problems with that. 

You get no waste with this product. Patches can be dissolved in hot water to create essence. When I tried that for the first time, I wasn't that impressed with it, because it was very watery. The next time I dissolved it in a much smaller amount of water (about 50 ml) and I liked it better. Essence had more of that slight stickiness to it and grip. It wasn't as watery. I used it on my face as well as all over my body. It felt hydrating and refreshing. 

I love that these patches act almost as a spot treatment. They feel very nourishing and soothing, because of the cooling effect on the skin. I love using them under the eyes for that extra nourishment as well as soothing effect when I feel like my skin is irritated or tired. Patches also look very cute and the packaging is practical. If you need that extra nourishment for any part of the skin, you might like these. They are like a mini targeted sheet mask. Although I feel like you can achieve the same result with a good cream too. Cuteness factor may be the one that closes the deal, since they are so fun to use and would make a great gift for someone.

Secret Key has two more versions of these eye patches - Pink Racoony Hydrogel (moisture and nutrition) and Gold Racoony Hydrogel (moisture and soothing). Mateja already tried out Pink Racoony Hydrogel.


  1. Jaz moje zdaj že bolj redko uporabljam, čeprav so kar kul, vsaj tako za sprostitev in za začasen "plumping" efekt. Mi pa ni nikoli na kraj pameti padlo, da bi jih lahko spremenila v esenco :D

    Slišala sem pohvale za Berrisom patches in me kar mikajo :)

    1. Tako je, bolj zabavni dodatni izdelek, ne vem pa če je res nujen v rutini :). Jaz ne bi vedela, če ne bi prebrala na Secret Key strani. Je kar kul, ampak če zmešaš z veliko vode, je bolj samo vodeno.

      Na Jolse sem našla toliko teh patches, da sem kar zgubljena. Za Berrisom pa še nisem slišala. Sem jih zdaj pogooglala. Moraš kar za vso azijsko kozmetiko naredit prej raziskavo, vsaj jaz jo :D.