Review: The Ordinary Coverage Foundation 1.1N

I was so excited when The Ordinary came out with their foundations, especially because they had such a huge shade range. Let's face it, when none of the drugstore foundation shades fit you like a glove, you're ready to try out anything. My expectations were high, but unfortunately foundation didn't live up to it.


It comes packaged in a additional black paper box. The bottle is transparent plastic and it has that rubberized black pump which gets dirty almost instantly and it's impossible to clean.

It contains a standard amount of foundation - 30 ml, but because of the packaging, it looks a lot smaller than the rest of my drugstore foundations. It costs 6.90€. You can buy it from Deciem.


Foundation has a creamy, not too thick formula that has a slip to it. It spreads with ease and feels almost a bit greasy under the fingers. I assume this is due to the coconut alkanes as one of the high up on the list ingredients. 

Coverage is light to medium. If you apply a regular pump you get light coverage that just slightly evens out your skin tone. You can add more and build it up to that medium coverage or to a higher medium coverage that covers some redness and minor imperfections. I don't think this is full coverage in any way.

It applies almost the same with the brush as well as a makeup sponge, although I prefer sponge for a better blend, but it does soak up more product.

I have to use this without any heavier skin care underneath, because the formula has a very emollient base to it. If I use any kind of more nourishing cream underneath, it turns into a greasy mess.

It leaves a satin almost slightly dewy finish, but it never really sets. On the skin it leaves sheen  and slight stickiness. I always need to set it with a power or it will just rub off as barely touch it. As it's drying down, it turns slightly darker almost as if oxidizing a little. 


The Ordinary offers 21 different shades. They have a shade guide that can help you with their naming and undertones. 

I chose my shade based on the few swatches that I found online. 1.1 N is supposed to be a fair neutral shade. I would say it's a warm light shade with yellow undertone. I consider myself more in the light spectrum than in fair and I have warm yellow to olive undertone and the yellow undertone in this matches me almost perfectly. The lightness is also just right for my current skin tone. I think it would suit someone with NC15 to NC20 skin tone. 


The Ordinary Coverage Foundation 1.1N - light warm yellow toned shade.
EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation 2.0 - light warm very yellow toned shade.
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51 Light Vanilla - light warm peachy yellow shade. 
Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combination/Oily Skin 150 Buff - light warm yellow shade.
Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 010 Light Beige - light neutral to warm shade. 

Coverage foundation in 1.1N is the most similar to Revlon Colorstay 150 Buff. It's actually lighter than Revlon and seems to be just slightly more yellow. 150 Buff almost has a tiny bit of that olive tone to it. EX1 is the most yellow toned, Bourjois is more of a peachy shade and Catrice HD is the darkest when it dries down and the most neutral out of all of these. 

Revlon 150 Buff is just a tiny bit too dark for me that's why this one by The Ordinary fits me so well, because it's just a tiny bit lighter. If it had a bit of that olive tone in it, it would be a perfect match. 


For being so emollient, this looks surprisingly cakey. It looks like you have overpowdered it and the foundation gets into all the pores, accentuates them and makes it very obvious that you're wearing foundation. It will also get into any pronounced lines on the face like on my forehead. 

Whenever I wore it with my regular skin care underneath, I got extremely oily very quickly which I hated. Even when I wore it with some minimal serums, it quickly started to break down through the day. The weirdest thing was that it wore off patchy and took my bronzer with it. You can imagine how weird that must have looked. So it's not long lasting in my opinion and it wears off patchy which is a big thumps down for me. 

Foundation has no scent.

I think this would be suited for someone that has already nice skin with no visible imperfections and no lines. It's also more for normal to dry skin. Oily skin would find it too greasy. Mature skin stay away from it.

L to R: no foundation, light layer of foundation, thicker layer of foundation

Apart from their shade range which is actually really nice and the fact that this shade is almost an exact match to my skin, there is nothing else I love about this foundation. It's just way too obvious that you're wearing it. There's no skin like look nor that oh-so-high coverage they are promising me. I also hate that coconut oil in it which makes it way too greasy for me and can be a problematic ingredient for some. It wears off so patchy that is just not worth taking a second look. I personally definitely wouldn't recommend it. It's one of the worst foundations I have tried so far. Not for me, but if you think it would work for your skin, try it out, it's affordable enough.


  1. Ojoj, moja koža že od daleč po naravi izgleda tako, kot je na tvojem close-upu - si sploh ne predstavljam, kako bi tale puder na meni izpadel! Če česa ne prenesem, je to lepljiv občutek podlag, ki se nikoli ne posušijo. Tudi, če drugače izgledajo lepo, je to prevelik minus. The Ordinaryja na splošno ne prenesem kot znamke, se pa spomnim, kakšen hype so povzročili te pudri �� Potem je pa kmalu vse zamrlo ...

    1. Jaz tudi ne maram tega sticky občutka, zato ker to samo pomeni, da se bo mazal po obrazu cel dan. Sploh se ne smeš dotaknit. Jaz imam rada The Ordinary negovalne izdelke, ampak pudrov pa se več ne dotaknem. Mislim, da jim ta veja enostavno ne gre. Na začetku je bil res ogromen hype, ampak očitno je bilo več takih izkušenj kot sem jo imela jaz :D.

  2. Res se ful ujema s tvojim tenom <3 Čisto natural deluje.


    1. Saj to..:( Ampak kaj ko je formula katastrofa. Mi je pa res žal, ker je prvi tak odtenek, ki mi res odgovarja. No zdaj vsaj imam nekaj s čim lahko primerjam, ko iščem odtenke zase :D.

  3. Meni se je zdel sicer kar precej prekriven (jaz itak na te stvari drugače gledam kot večina), ampak se pa strinjam z ostalim. Res je zelo očitna podlaga in mene vedno živcira, če se puder ne posuši na koži. Glede na to kakšen hype je bil okrog njega še preden so ga začeli prodajati, ni nič posebnega in obstajajo veliko boljši pudri za podobno ceno. Edino izbor odtenkov je odličen :)

    1. Meni je npr. Revlon bolj prekriven kot ta. Mislim, da je bil tak hype glede na skin care izdelke od The Ordinaryja in so vsi mislili, da bodo pudri tudi oh in sploh. Ampak naj se oni držijo tega kar vejo, podlaga je res bedna. Tako kot praviš, v drogeriji dobiš npr. Catrice, ki je meni veliko boljši in ima bolj prefinjene formule. Saj to...mi je odtenek skoraj perfekten. Prav ironično :D.