New In (18)

Usually, my new in posts are full of makeup products, but this time I have a lot of skin care, body care and hair care. I also made a few repurchases of my favorite products that I've ran out of. I also wrote short reviews for some new products that I have tried out.

Balea Duschgel After Sun

I've only tried this once, but I go it, because I hear it's good at washing off sunscreen. The cooling effect that they promise, I did not notice. It has exactly the same scent than their After Sun Shampoo, which I get every year when I go to seaside, because it's the best at cleaning hair and making them soft. Scent reminds me of vanilla and vanilla baked goods. It's nice. It also leathers well and is just that typical gel texture wash gel.

Balea Erfrischendes Wash Gel Mit Aloe Vera

Bale has revamped their face wash gel. I've had the old version already. It's that basic gel type wash gel that I use as my second cleanse. They've changed the one thing that was bothering most of us using it, the scent. It doesn't have that manly scent anymore. I find it to be almost trying to be no scent at all, but to me it gets a bit of that herbal aloe vera vibe, but very subtle. There have also been slight changes in the ingredients list, but nothing major. If you're looking for a good basic wash gel to clean your face in the morning or use as a second cleanse in the evening, look no further. Plus, it's very affordable. 

Secret Key Aloe Soothing Moist Toner

This is a very basic hydrating toner, but it's what I have been lacking in my routine. Usually, I have a lot of BHA and AHA toners, but nothing basic. It's mild and can be used on most skin types, even oily skin. The only problematic thing about it could be fragrance, because it has that herbal sweet scent to it. It doesn't bother my skin at all. It's liquid, light, but feels moisturizing and hydrating. I use it in the morning skin care or evening, depending on what my skin needs. You also get a huge amount of it which is always a plus. 

Mizon Multi Function Formula All In One Snail Repair Cream

I'm hearing a lot about snail based products being so good for your skin, so I wanted to try one in a cream form. This is almost gel and cream hybrid with that typical slimy texture. It quickly absorbs into the skin and feels like nothing. I feel like this would be great for combination and oily skin types, because it almost gives you matte finish on the skin. It still feels hydrating and nourishing, but isn't emollient at all. This is the perfect moisturizer for summer. It has very natural almost no scent to it. 

Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream

I've repurchased this one. It's a very lightweight, again cream/gel type of consistency that applies like a dream, soaks in fast and moisturizes well. I feel like these lighter consistencies are exactly what I need this summer. Plus I like the tube packaging, it makes it really easy to use.

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm B.B. Triple Function Orange

I've been searching for olive toned BB creams and this one was recommended, so I got a tester size. It has light warm yellow color with a tint of olive undertone. It's almost the perfect match for my skin tone, but it appears to be more greyish on me than my natural skin color. It has a dewy satin finish that doesn't look greasy, but it gives that gloss like look to your skin. A bit too much sheen for my liking, I prefer something more velvet or semi matte. It doesn't get into pores, but it also doesn't particularly blurs them. One coat will even out skin tone and slightly cover blemishes as well. My problem with it is that it doesn't look skin like. You can see it on the skin being obvious. In this day of age, that's a no no for me. Plus the dewiness gets even more pronounced as my natural sebum comes out. It also wore off oddly unevenly, so I won't be buying a full version.

A repurchase, because I can't be without this. This time I got a regular version, although I've also had fragrance free version before. I use this as my lip balm to keep my lips nourished and moisturized.

Another repurchase. This is my favorite nail treatment. I have naturally thin nails prone to chipping and when I use this as a base coat, my nails grow longer and they don't chip as much either. I've raved about this a lot and always recommend it to anyone with weak nails.

Dermacol Make-up Cover - 210

This is known for being one of the most high coverage foundations and I realized they sell it on Salma, so I ordered small tester. It turns out I shouldn't buy foundations online, because I chose the wrong shade. 210 is too dark for me plus it seems to have rose undertone. I haven't tried it yet, but it feels a bit greasy, very mask like and has odd scent. I don't think this will be in my favorites.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

This is one of the most raved about setting sprays. I needed something to lock in the makeup when I do it on others and this seems to do the trick. It has super fine mist that you almost can't feel on your face. The scent is odd, I can't describe it. Almost like old water, but it doesn't bother me too much. However, this works. It sets your makeup so well and makes it wear for much longer without any smudging or fading. If you need something to last you through a special occasion, this is it. I use it very sparingly, because it's expensive. 

Avon Mark Epic Intense Eyeshadow Mini Palette - Color Crush*

Color Crush is one of the more colorful eyeshadow palettes in Avon's Epic line. Pigmentation might be the best out of the palettes that I have tried so far. All the shades look very vibrant on the eyes. I will have a separate review with the swatches. You can also see the review and swatches of other three versions that I've already tried - here.

Avon Mark The Big Intense Kohls*

Avon also sent me their kohls which they've had in the range for a while and I actually have review of it, but they are now under Mark brand and they've also added two new shades. These are creamy kohls that are great for smudging out and offer fun colorful options instead of just boring black.

Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Chrome and Mermaid Finishes*

One of these has a holographic finish which is named under mermaid collection and others are from their chrome collection. All of these have a thinner formula that you'll need at least two coats to cover the nail. Shade selection is interesting and I like the shine that they give to the nails. In general, their Gel Shine range is my favorite from Avon.

Colourpop In-Nude-Endo Pressed Powder Highlighter, Pressed Powder Shadow - 143 and Ultra Glossy Lip - On Board

Highlighter palette is actually darker than I though it would be. I've only been trying out the lightest shade and it's glorious. This is one of those formulas that gives you amazing glow, but no visible chunks of glitter or being too metallic and opaque. It's superb like most of their products. Pressed shadow in 143 is the most gorgeous warm purple that will look just stunning on brown eye color. Formula is very pigmented and blends with ease. I also couldn't resist getting one of their new lip glosses. On Board is caramel brown with lots of multi colored shimmer. It gives you that incredible high gloss shine that just looks so juicy and smells so amazing - like fudge.

Apparently, this is one of my new favorite nudes. It has a bit of warm tone to it that matches so well with my skin tone. I have worn it on my hands as well as toe nails and it looks gorgeous. Formula is thicker, creamy and has a nice wider brush that makes it apply so easily. 

Catrice Prime And Fine Smoothing Refiner

Catrice is discontinuing this product and I'm not sure why. I just got it and started using it. It's that typical silicon smooth base that fills in the pores well and can even prevent a bit of that sebum coming through too soon. I like it. Maybe they'll just repackage it into tube version which I saw are coming to their stand. 

Garnier Fructis Pracht Boost Shampoo

I believe this is called Garnier Fructis Full & Luscious Thickening Shampoo and it's meant for thin hair. I ran out of my favorite hair products by Joico, so I am discovering drugstore versions now. I'm a bit underwhelmed so far. I bought this one instead of L'Oreal Fibralogy version and it's ok, but I don't see it giving me any major volume. It cleans the hair well and makes it smell fresh fruity, but I feel like L'Oreal version made my hair thicker. Although this also gives me a bit of that grip, but not enough. If you have any good recommendations for drugstore shampoos for thinner hair, I'd love to hear. 

Balea Trocken Shampoo - Tropical Coconut

I was recommended this dry shampoo by a friend who loves it and since I'm so stuck on Batiste, I decided to give it a go. It's not bad. It will spray out that white powder which you can brush out and it actually makes my hair look less greasy plus gives them volume. I only tried it once, so this is a first impression. These come in two versions Tropical Coconut and Sweet Melon. Tropical Coconut has more of that sour fruity tropical scent, coconut is so faint I almost don't detect it. It's like a super sweet pine apple hard candy and it's a bit too artificial for my liking.

Schauma Repair & Pflege Spülung Conditioner

In the store this looked like a slightly thicker conditioner, but it disappointed me at home. I feel like this does almost nothing. As soon as I apply it on wet hair, it just drips off like there's nothing on. Drives me crazy. I love those thicker conditioners that grab on your hair and stay there. That's why I feel like this isn't much nourishing, it just makes my hair a bit smoother so that I can comb them through. It has more of a woody coconut scent, slightly deeper and not as coconuty as I would like, but it's better than most coconut scents.

Balea Icy Berry Body Peeling

I've already feature it in my favorites. It has the most amazing raspberry candy flavor. Super sweet and whenever I use it, I crave that candy. It has rough sugar particles in an oily base. I like that it's fairly strong peeling and it leaves behind nourishing oily layer once you wash it off. So you can skip body moisturizer. It comes in this small 100 ml packaging. I would have like this to be in a much bigger tube or pot, because it's really nice.

Nivea Soft Mix Me Moisturizing Cream - I Am The Happy Exotic One, Chilled Oasis One and Berry Charming One*

Nivea's Soft cream just got an update in three fun scented versions. Apparently this is their universal soft cream that now has different scents which you can mix and match to get a unique fragrance with your moisturization. Berry has a more floral fruity sweet scent, Oasis is fresh herbal with a hint of sweet green tea and Exotic is like pina colada - mix of pineapple and coconut. I love all three scents, although my favorite has to be Exotic followed by Oasis. It's a fun concept and would make a cute gift for all Nivea lovers.

Nivea Magic Pearl Anti-transpirant*

I've raved about this in my favorites as well. It has quickly become my new favorite antiperspirant. This doesn't contain alcohol. I don't notice it leaving white residue on my clothes although it is lightly milky colored. It doesn't feel irritating on the skin at all. Scent is floral powdery and it lasts well on my skin. I feel like it prevents me from sweating too soon and it definitely prevents odd odor. I use it every day since I got it and I will probably repurchase it, because I really like it. Plus how cute is the limited edition packaging?!

Labello Soft Rose #PINKPOWER LE*

Labello has come out with limited edition packaging lip balms. I got both versions, but have only opened one, because I rarely use tinted lip balms. Their regular versions Soft Rose and Pearly Shine come in LE packaging. Soft Rose is available in five versions: #girlboss, #pinkprincess, #pinkrules, #pink4ever and #pinkpower. Pearly Shine is available in fun designs of ice cream, cupcakes, lollipops, candy and smoothies. I got #pinkpower with the words #gogirl (it's what I often times say to my friends) and pearl version with candy design. #pinkpower is that typical lightly rose colored lip balm. It's not too thick nor sticky. On the lips it leaves a light rose tint and it has powdery vanilla scent which reminds me of cupcakes and my childhood when we all used these. Very fun limited edition design for all Labello lovers. 

I said I wouldn't repurchase this, but I did. To be fair, it was 40% off. This is very nice at creating super bushy volumizing lashes. The formul itself is great, but contains so little product at a ridiculous price tag. 

This is my favorite top coat nail polish of all time and I always repurchase it. It dries your nail color super fast, doesn't smudge the design or color underneath and gives your nails amazing shine. The only downside, it starts to get thicker when you use up about half of the bottle, so it can also shrink your nail polish underneath. Just make sure to apply plenty of it while it still has liquid formula. 

Another repurchase of my favorite Korean sunscreen. It's lightweight, absorbs well, smells citrusy and leaves a velvet finish great for applying makeup over it. I use this on daily basis when I don't spend much time outside. It's a chemical sunscreen.

Balea Duschöl

I bought this shower oil, because Mateja said she uses similar product by Aveo to wash her hands with. Instead, I poured this in my Balea Med Hand Wash to dilute it and add that oiliness to it in hopes of my hands not feeling as dry. I think it works, although it would be better to use this on its own, but I just can't. I feel like my hands are not going to be clean. I'm a freak when it comes to cleaning hands. It has weird plastic baby scent that I don't like, but mixed with that hand wash, I don't notice it that much. 

I already posted about The Body Shop products, so I won't go into details. I really liked the texture od body butter, loved the color and design of bronzer and like the color of lip juicer. Body butter and bronzer are the stand outs here.

I also wrote about first beauty box by Avon and even gave one away in a giveaway. It's a fun concept that I haven't tried from any other brand before. Most of these products are really nice and work great, but there are some that I would replace with others, because Avon has so many amazing products.

Avon Summer Beauty Box*

I also received their summer beauty box and I'll do a separate post for it. For me personally, it's even better than the first one. Products are more versatile and it's not just about makeup. 

*PR products


  1. Balein After Sun tuš gel mi je odličen, mislim da ga bom kmalu še enkrat kupila. Mi pa niti malo ne diši po vaniliji, ampak po tiare gardenijah :)

    Oranžne verzije Skin79 še nisem imela, ampak mi je zanimivo ko praviš, da je očitna na obrazu. Original roza izgleda super, ampak je pa sivkasta.

    Colourpop paletka mi je zanimiva, ker sem slišala toliko pohval. Izgleda mi sicer scary, ker je vse tako temno. Je samo najsvetlejši odtenek res uporaben?

    Škoda, da je ta Balein piling tako majhen, ker izgleda res zanimiv. Ta Nivejin koncept mešanja krem je pa meni popolnoma mimo. Ne vem zakaj bi bilo to zanimivo.

    Baleino olje še nisem preizkusila, ampak baby scent mi zveni bolje kot od Aveo. Moram sprobat.

    V TBS sem včeraj prvič na hitro skočila in seveda takoj našla še dva vonja, ki ju moram imet - Grapefruit in Moringa. Zdaj so mi pa res že skoraj vsi vonji všeč :). Green Tea bi bil zate, se mi je zdej res lep svež vonj. Bronzerji imajo pa res izjemno skoraj kremno teksturo, takoj sem videla, da so odlični :)

    Za Schaumo pa ne bom izgubljala besed...

    1. Res? Mene pa le na vanilijo spominja :D. Diši pa čist isto kot After Sun šampon in ker tega vedno uporabljam na morju, me je avtomatsko spomnil na počitnice :D. Jaz ga bom tudi zagotovo še kupila. Presenetljivo mi parfum ni tako dražeč za kožo kot v drugih tuš gelih.

      Meni se zadnje čase vse azijske bb kreme in podlage, ki jih imam sicer testerje, zdijo ful očitne. Saj ne vem v čem je fora, ampak Evropske podlage so nekako bolj fine na koži. Mogoče pa je samo ta očitna.

      Moram reči, da je formula teh osvetljevalec res zanima. Vsaj večine. Prav tisti glossy look imajo. Jaz sem se tudi bala tega, ampak sem dejansko vse uporabila na licih samo zadnjega ne. Za tvoj ten bi bil prvi definitivno najbolj svetel. Ampak najlepši je Fine Line. Ima ta močan sijaj kot Flexitarian. Zelo mi je všeč tudi On Tempo, malo bolj roza podlaga. Ti trije bi bili zate. On The Loose je pa precej zlat, po mojem ti ne bi bil všeč. Ampak formula in finiš sta odlična. <3

      Absolutno premajhen. Ne vem v čem je fora. Meni je sicer zanimivo to mešanje, ker prakticiram tudi s parfumi. Če bi uporabljala parfumirane kreme za roke, bi mi bilo pa še bolj zanimivo :D. Zdaj pa bolj uporabljam to na telesu.

      Meni takoj asociira vonj na Johnson's baby olje, tisto z vijoličnim zamaškom. Ker sem ga enkrat uporabljala, ampak potem še nekakšna plastika dodana. V glavnem, meni ni všeč ta vonj. Povohaj v trgovini :D.

      Hehe, potem pa boš imela dolgo wishlisto :D. Green tea sem že razmišljala, ker mi je načeloma ta vonj povsod všeč. Če praviš, da je svež pa še toliko bolj. Meni je predvsem všeč da so dejansko precej svetli. Vsaj 01, kar je res redkost. Formula je pa tudi zelo lepo mazljiva.

      Eh...sploh ne upam več nič kupit v naših drogerijah. Sem zadnjič gledala tisto kokos linijo iz click2chic, ker jo imajo v Müllerju pa nisem upala vzet. Vseeno 500 ml, če bo napačen nakup :D.