Review: Catrice Slim'matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil (Light, Medium, Dark)

One of the new products by Catrice that I was most looking forward to trying out was Catrice Slim'matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil. I've been on a haunt for the perfect shade of super slim brow pencil ever since my brows developed a few gaps. There's so much emphasis on brows these days, that you can't not analyze yours and try to make them a bit fuller than they actually are. Don't get me wrong, I still hate Instagram brows. My brows need to be fuller, but still look like I actually have hair and not too precise, because that just makes me look like an evil witch.

Pencils come in a very slim pencil shape. Packaging is colored in the shade of pencil, so you can easily spot different shades in the store. On one side is very fine pencil tip that is 1.5 mm wide. On the other side is a spoolie. I love spoolies and think every brow pencil needs them. I always brush my brows before applying the product and after I've applied to blend it together and prevent it from looking too bold. This spoolie is just soft enough and not too hard to the touch. I think it does the job good. I also like that caps are different color so that I don't get confused where each belongs.

In it is only 0.05 grams of product and the price is 3.29€. I bought two in Austrian DM where the price is 2.95€. I've been using one of the shades for three and a half weeks and there's still some product inside, so it doesn't get used up super quickly. 

A few photos to give you an idea how slim this pencil actually is.

I have all three shades. One was sent to me and I bought two other shades, because I wasn't sure which one would suit me better. 

010 Light* is obviously the lightest brown and it has a very obvious yellow undertone. It's a bit too light and too warm for me (it might work in the summer when my hair almost gets blonde). 

020 Medium is my favorite shade and it suits me best. It's the most grey toned brown, but isn't too dark. In fact, it's the most similar to my favorite Catrice brow pencil - Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020 Date With Ash-ton

030 Dark is the darkest, although it's definitely not too dark. Just a shade or two darker than 020 Medium. It has more of a chocolate brown shade, but also a bit of yellow undertone to it.

Range is more suited towards light skin tones or brow shades. The darkest shade is still not dark enough for really dark brows. The lightest shade might work for lighter brows, but it might be too warm for ashy blonde hair. There would be nice to have a very light grey in the range as well.

I also compared it to some of my other shades. Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020 Date With Ash-ton is one of my favorite shades of brow pencil. It's similar to 020 Medium. The only difference is that 020 Medium is slightly darker and just a bit less yellow toned. I find that it's the closest shade to 020 Date With Ash-tone. Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Brow in 02 Dark Brown is the most yellow toned. In darkness it looks more similar to 030 Dark, but has a lot more visible yellow undertone to it.

Pencil has quite soft but still firm texture, kind of like a crayon almost. You can draw hair like strokes and depending on pressure, you can control how dark it shows up. In general you can make this really natural and sheer or apply more and make it bolder. Catrice says that it has powdery texture, but I wouldn't say that. It's more like a matte cream that doesn't have any shine and it doesn't move through the day. It's definitely long lasting. I would advise you to only pull out as much product as you need for one application. I've heard some say that it may break quickly, but it hasn't done this to me yet.

In general the pigmentation is very good. Definitely better than their Catrice Eye Brow Stylist pencil.

The tip is really precise and allows you to create very thin hair like strokes. I usually work in small sections with short strokes slowly filling in where I feel I have gaps and making a cleaner line on the edges. This is perfect for those that just want to fill gaps and not color in the whole brow. 

Here are my natural brows.

I've applied all three shades to give you some idea as to how they look like on me. In general, I could wear all these shades, because they are not that different once they're on brows. I only think that Light doesn't really suit me right now that I have darker hair.

On the bottom photo I'm wearing shade 020 Medium.

I am really happy that Catrice decided to make pencils like these. I love that they're really precise, well pigmented, have nice texture and are long lasting. I can make my brows more natural or fill them in completely. The shades are also a bit cooler as I like them. Especially compared to Korean such products.


  1. Škoda, da nisem opazila teh svinčnikov pri nas tako da sem na zadnje ponovno kupila Eye Brow Stylist, ki mi je sicer kar kul. Spoolie je res fajn, mogoče bi želela da je mal bolj kremna, kokr si predstavljam da je tista o kateri govoriš. Mi je pa fajn da ustvari res naraven videz, uno za evil witch velja tudi pri meni. :D

    1. Meni je bil Brow Stylist do zdaj super, ker mi je odtenek res odgovarjal. Sem pa želela nekaj malo bolj pigmentiranega in ta Slim'matic bolj zapolni luknjice v obrveh. In res je bolj pigmentiran, prav tako pa bolj kremne teksture. Če rabiš več prekrivanja obrvi, potem ti bo zagotovo všeč. Saj lahko ga naneseš tudi zelo naravno :). :D Če pa res izgledam kot da sem jezna s tako obrvjo :D.

  2. Tele pa izgledajo zanimivo ;) Sicer so odtenki na tebi res presenetljivo podobni, bom pa zagotovo pogledala najtemnešjega, kako izgleda v živo ;)

    1. Sploh medium in dark sta si izredno podobna. Vsi so nekje v podobnem rangu odtenkov :)