Review: Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation - 01 Light Beige

Buying new foundations is as stressful as buying pants. You can never find the perfect fit for you. That's why I rarely dive into these dangerous waters. But for some reason, I was intrigued by Catrice's HD Liquid Coverage foundation as soon as I saw promo photos. Their foundations were always sort of good and color selection wasn't that bad either.

Foundation comes in a heavy glass looking bottle. It's muted colored, suggesting that it contains a matte foundation. It's definitely luxuriously looking packaging.

In it is 30 ml of foundation and it costs 7.29€

It has s dropper that helps you to keep foundation as hygienic as possible. I like the dropper because it makes it easier to get the foundation out and it also controls the amount

Foundation promises high but natural looking coverage, ultra-light liquid texture and it should last up to 24 hours. You can choose among only 4 shades. Their range of shades is usually targeted only towards light to medium skin tones. 

Foundation is indeed very liquid, but it's still well pigmented. It has a lightweight feel to it and since it's water based it also feels light on the skin. 

I've heard from many that it oxidizes and at first I didn't notice this. I started using it in the summer while I had some tan and at that time it was even a bit too light for me. I'm using it now that my tan has faded away and I've notice that it definitely oxidizes on me. On the face it doesn't oxidize as much as on my hand swatches. It gets a half shade darker than what it looks like as soon as you apply it on the skin. I hope you can also notice the difference on my photo below.

Shade 010 Light Beige is the lightest shade in the range and it is a bit too dark for me for colder months. I find the shade fairly neutral although it blends well with my warm skin tone. 

Shade 010 is actually similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 Light Vanilla. Light Vanilla is a bit more yellow toned and lighter. Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff looks olive toned compared to other shades and it's also lighter. L'Oreal Infallible 24-Matte in 11 Vanilla is the darkest shade of them all and it oxidizes to a really orange yet cool toned shade. L'Oreal True Match in N1 Ivory looks very light as well, but has a more pinky undertone and it oxidizes to a slight orange tone which all L'Oreal foundations do on my skin. Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream in 21 Light Beige is the only shade that looks really grey and also on the darker side, but it blends into the skin well and it's actually really light on me.

It has a really nice coverage, but I wouldn't say high. To me it's more of a medium coverage, but you can build it up to a light high coverage. It's easy to build it up and it doesn't look cakey. It evens out skin tone and covers minor imperfections, but doesn't cover red patches or pimples. 

It also dries quickly to a very powdery matte finish. It's not a complete matte finish, because my skin still looks a bit luminous, if I use heavy moisturizer underneath it. I'd say it's more satin matte.

It doesn't particularly emphasize dry patches and it also doesn't minimize pores. It may settle into fine lines a bit if you're skin is very dry. 

This satin matte finish doesn't need powder on dry skin. I have more of a combination skin and I always powder over it. In the summer I get really oily T-zone and this foundation looks luminous and dewy by the end of the day. On very dry skin this can look really powdery. Water based foundations tend to evaporate water on dry skin and then all you're left with is a lot of pigment on the skin. So I'm assuming this is more targeted towards a normal to combination skin.

For that kind of coverage, it feels very lightweight on the skin. It also has a good lasting power. It's still on my face at the end of the day. Staying power is almost as good as with Revlon Colorstay, although that one is even more long lasting. 

It also has a subtle almost a bit creamy baby scent to it. I actually really like it. It's not strong and it shouldn't bother anyone.

Overall, this is a pretty good foundation. I like the packaging and the feel of it on the skin. It has good coverage, but is still lightweight and stays on the skin for the whole day. Finish is definitely not matte on my skin tone. It's perfect for me when I have a bit drier skin, but not too dry. Unfortunately, it's becoming too dark for me now. For the summer it is not matte enough for my liking. If you have fairly normal skin type or combination, would like good coverage, satin matte finish and long lasting foundation, then you'd probably love this one. 

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  1. Wow looks beautiful!!!!

    1. Yes, it's a lovely finish and so lightweight :).

  2. Meni je isto všeč kako je lahek, tudi prekrivnost mi je dobra, ampak nekako mi večinoma ta pudrast finiš ne sede, pa ne izgleda mi na koži preveč lep. Vseeno je pa eden izmed boljših pudrov za to ceno, vsaj za tiste, ki želijo več prekrivnosti brez težkega videza :)

    1. Mogoče imaš bolj suho kožo kot jaz. Ker meni na začetku tudi izgleda res zelo pudrast, ampak čez čas pa se mi koža zmasti. Sicer pa je res, da ti ne maraš tega pudrastega videza, če en uporabljaš pudrov v prahu :). Res je, za to ceno je vsekakor odličen. Boljši kot več drugih dražjih drugstore variant. :)

  3. I own the foundation as well and I agree 100% with this post! It's a great foundation with a good medium coverage. I use it all the time now. But it's funny.. I like how natural it looks, but if I use too much, my face really starts to look a bit orange! :p However, it's my current fave :)

    1. It must start to oxidize on you. L'Oreal foundation usually do that on my skin and I hate it. Good thing this has fairly good coverage, so you don't need a lot :). It was my summer fave, but now it got too dark for me :/.