Review: Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine and Matte (All Colors)

Liquid lipstick trend, especially matte, is probably one of the most widely popular trends. I feel like everyone owns at least one matte liquid lipstick. It's one of those trends that is here to stay or so it seems. Obviously Avon also decided to create their version. A bit late, but better late then never. I was very excited to test out Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers Shine and Matte. Based on my previous experience with Avon lipstick formulas my expectations were high. 

They came out with two versions Shine and Matte. In each range is currently 10 shades, but I have a feeling they'll be expanding the range, if they sell well. The color range is what I would say a very basic. The selection includes some nudes, reds, pinks and purples. I am mostly missing more unique shades like brick oranges, rich browns and darker shades in general. I wouldn't mind more neutral nude shades either. Avon usually does a more basic color range and then later they extend it sometimes, so I hope they'll add more unique shades like they often times do with their nail polishes. 

The packaging of these is a transparent plastic with black plastic top. Shine range has a shiny plastic top and matte range has a matte plastic top. It has a simplistic white writing on it and is in general very small, but a bit bulky. Still travel friendly.

In it is 7 ml of product and the regular price is 9.50€. On the launch day they're on offer for 4.90€ (from 19th October in Slovenia).

I like the fact that you can see the part that takes off the product from a wand. It kind of makes it interesting to watch and maybe it's the fact that most liquid lipsticks don't have that part visible, so you never really see it. 

The applicator has a petal shape, but looks triangular, if you look at it from sides. It's flat and not too wide, so you can get a fairly nice outline. My problem with it is that it holds too much product. I usually just apply it on the center of my lips first and when I take off most of product, then I go and fix the sides. It's quite fluffy, it could even be less frayed, which would make it more precise in my opinion. 

You have a sticker with the name of the shade on the bottom.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine

Formula of shine lacquers is thicker creamy consistency and it feels like a regular lipstick and lip gloss mixture. It sticks to the lips well and is actually well pigmented. It has just slight stickiness to it, but not as much as for example their lip glosses. It almost feels kind of silicony. Avon describes it as a formula with gel primer

The finish that it leaves on the lips is shiny, but not to the point of being like a high shine lip gloss. For some reason these reminded me of Too Faced Melted Latex Lipsticks, just in the way they look -pigmented and shiny.

I can feel a slight cooling and tingling sensation when I'm applying these and it lasts for a few minutes. They definitely have some sort of plumping ingredient in it. It goes away and I don't find it particularly irritating, but it's again unnecessary especially for us with dry and easily irritated lips.

They have a very interesting and odd smell, all at once. It doesn't remind me of anything, but it almost smells kind of fruity, although some shades seem like they don't have any scent to it. Odd really.

They stick to the lips very well and can actually be fairly long lasting for such a creamy and shiny product. But it can start to gather around the inner rim of your lips and that can look unappealing. So I advise you to stay away from putting too much on the inner part of the lips and always take some of it off with a finger trick. Although it may gather in the center again, as you talk and smack your lips together. You also need to regularly check if you have some lipstick on your teeth, but that happens with most liquid lipsticks anyway. It wears off in a less shiny stain version. That is, if you can leave it on for so long. I usually just reapply it or take it off, before it disappears from my inner part of the lips.

This is the kind of formula that you'll notice you're wearing it, but it also feels kind of soothing, because of such a thicker glossy feel that it gives to the lips. 

Blushing - light dusty baby pink (can look chalky, because it's so white based and it also doesn't seem to be really evened out once on the lips)
Nudeitude - light neutral brown (well pigmented and even looking)
Love Spell - light cool violet (well pigmented and even looking)
It Girl - medium magenta fuchsia (well pigmented and even looking)
Love Bite - medium pink red (well pigmented and even looking)
Redhead - medium orange with purple shimmer (slightly sheerer and can look a bit patchy)
Lacquered Up - medium vibrant pink red (seems slightly sheerer but not as much as Redhead and it does look even)
Work It - medium classic red (well pigmented and even looking)
Pouty - medium cool mauve with silver shimmer (slightly sheerer like Lacquered Up but even looking)
Caffeined - dark warm maroon brown (well pigmented and even looking)

My absolute favorite shades are Nudeitude and Caffeined. I also really like Redhead (shocker I know), Work It and Pouty. The most unique shade out of these for me is Love Spell. I don't own anything like it. The only shade that I think really doesn't suit me or is just not my style is Blushing which is too much of a Barbie pink for me and it seems too light for my complexion right now. 

I think the shine version looks ultra sexy on the lips, but is perhaps not the most practical formula to wear. You have to constantly check that you don't have it on your teeth or that it starts to gather on the inner rim of your lips. Formula itself feels kind of soothing and is not too sticky as you would expect from the shiny finish, but it also has that annoying plumping feeling which I could totally do without. I don't know why Avon keeps insisting on putting plumping ingredients into some of their latest lip products. 

So the packaging of Matte version is pretty much the same, as it's the applicator. I just put photos in so that you can see for yourself.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte

Formula is like a thicker whipped mousse. It's actually thicker and more pigmented than for example NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream formula. That one looks sheerer and you need to build it up more, but these by Avon are more of a one swipe color. The problem is that the mousse is thicker and since there's a lot of it on applicator, it can look gritty once on the lips. So I advise you to apply it with a light hand and then go over it with your finger to slightly even it out as well as sheer it out. I always just use my finger and go across the lips to get rid of the thickness of the product and it makes it look much nicer. 

Finish is definitely matte. If you apply it thicker, it can have a slight creamy sheen to it, but if you smooth it out with a finger you get an instant matte effect no need for it to dry down. For example with NYX formula I have to wait for it to dry down, because it has more of that sheen. They also don't feel sticky or anything, like some proper very liquid matte lipsticks can.

Since it is a mousse formula, you would think that it feels heavy on the lips, but it doesn't. It sort of goes on the lips smoothly and feels slightly silicon like (again that gel primer thing going on here), but not greasy or slippy. It dries down immediately and stays that way through the day. It doesn't further dry out the lips, but it also doesn't particularly moisturize them either. 

The scent is again different from shade to shade. With some I don't really smell anything and some have a bit of that artificial scent to it, which is not pleasant, but thankfully doesn't linger on the lips. 

These are actually very long lasting, although they do transfer. The formula sort of stays put on the lips through the day, but because it's so mousse like, it can disappear from the inner rim of the lips with eating and drinking. So you might need to reapply it in the center every now and then. But that also means that it's not overly drying, which I always prefer. However, if you want something ultra lasting and budge proof, this won't be for you. Also, always do the finger trick to get rid of the excessive lipstick from the inner part of the lips as it can transfer on your teeth, since it's not a budge proof formula. 

You can also mix these together. I especially love mixing the darkest shade - Passion It with other lighter shades like for example TKO to create a deeper mauve purple. Or you can use lighter shades as Whipped Latte to highlight on the center of the lip and give you that ombre effect. 

Pinking About You - pale dusty baby pink (chalky white based color, so it can look uneven)
Whipped Latte - pale beige brown (another more white based color, but not as chalky as Pinking About You, but it can also look a bit uneven)
Dare To Be Bare - light warm caramel brown (well pigmented and even looking)
TKO - medium bright magenta fuchsia (well pigmented and even looking)
Flushed - medium red pink (well pigmented and even looking)
Fabulosity - medium cool blue based purple (a bit sheerer and can look uneven)
Orange You Happy - medium warm orange (well pigmented and even looking)
Head Turner - medium vibrant pink red (well pigmented and even looking)
Irresistible - medium classic red (well pigmented and even looking)
Passion It - dark burgundy (a bit sheerer in color and can look uneven)

On my lip swatches you can actually see that grittiness I talk about. I applied lipsticks heavily to get the best color swatch and I didn't know that I have to smooth it out with my finger in order for it to look more even. I realized that later as I was testing them out. 

My absolute favorite shades are Dare To Be Bare, Orange You Happy (so pretty!), Irresistible and Passion It. I also really like Flushed. The two shades that don't suit me at all are Pinking About You (too light for my skin tone right now) and Whipped Latte (that concealer or dead look on my skin tone now). Most unique shade out of these all is Fabulosity which is so interesting to me. 

I love this formula for these reasons the most: it's enough lightweight formula, it doesn't feel drying on the lips and the pigmentation is great for such a mousse formula. Yes, you need to apply thinner coats and make sure you smooth it out, if you've applied too much and it transfers, which would be a minuse for some. But I prefer comfort over budge proof. They are long lasting, just not budge proof. I think those of you that like more comfortable formulas and prefer something that isn't drying on the lips, will love it. Lovers of a true cement matte liquid lipsticks will probably hate it.


I tried to compare it to my other shades from my stash to give you an idea of which colors are similar. I know it helps me to decided which to get, so hopefully this helps you too.

Nudeitude is swatched next to Trend It Up High Shine Lipgloss in 150 which is lighter and more neutral brown. MAC Velvet Teddy is more similar in color to Nudeitude, but it's a bit more warm toned while Nudeitude seems to have more pink base to it. Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Choco Latte is darker and more red toned brown. 

Pouty seemed the most similar to Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Divine Wine. Pouty is darker and more purple. Divine Wine has a similar tone and even the shimmery sheen, but it's lighter in color and not as plum toned.

Caffeined is very similar to Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Truffle. Truffle is sheerer therefor it looks lighter, but I'm sure the pigments used in both are the same. 

Love Bite is similar to Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Reddy To Go. These could be dupes. Reddy To Go looks just a hair darker, but the tone is the same. I also swatched it next to Makeup Revolution lipstick in Not In love, but that one is actually lighter and more vibrant pink.

It Girl is definitely the same as Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Plumping Plum. I don't see a difference between these two. 

Redhead doesn't have a dupe, because it's kind of unique in its cool purple sheen. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Coral Fever is darker and more cool toned red. Avon True Colour Perfect Reds in Poppy Love is more similar in the color, but seems more red toned against Redhead which seem slightly more pink next to it.

Work It seems most similar to Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Rebel Red. Rebel Red has a more obvious blue undertone and it looks slightly darker. 

Dare To Be Bare I swatched next to NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London. London is actually lighter and slightly more yellow toned brown. Dare To Be Bare compared to it looks more peach based. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Marvelous Mocha is more similar, but a tad darker and it has even warmer bronze orange tint to it. Dare To Be Bare compared to it looks more neutral in tone. 

TKO is swatched next to Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Plumping Plum. Plumping Plum is similar, but has a definite cool blue tone to it. Avon True Supreme Nourishing lipstick in Supple Magenta has a bit warmer pink tone to it, but it also has slight cool blue sheen to it with a purple shimmer. 

Flushed doesn't have a duper, but I tried to swatch it next to similar shades. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Ruby Kiss is a more classic red with blue undertone. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Ravishing Rose has that similar pinky red tone, but is a lot more red than Flushed, which is more purple toned. Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Reddy To Go is a lighter and more vibrant redish pink, but is actually the most pink out of all of these.

Orange You Happy is very similar to MAC Lady Danger. You almost can't see the difference. I think Lady Danger is just a tad bit more yellow toned therefore has slightly more orange tint to it. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Coral Fever is similar, but slightly more red toned, although it also has a bit of that orange tint to it, just not as much.

Head Turner is very similar to Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Rebel Red. They are both a classic red, but Rebel Red has a slightly more obvious blue undertone. Head Turner looks just a bit more vibrant red. 

Irresistible looked similar to Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Red Supreme, but Red Supreme is actually a bit darker and deeper red. Avon True Colour Perfect Reds lipstick in Scarlet Siren is darker and has more of that brown undertone to it.

Passion It is the most similar to Avon Mark Plump It lipstick in Roasted Red. Roasted Red looks lighter because of a creamier formula, but has that similar brown purple shade. It's maybe a bit more purple and Passion It is even more brown toned. 


Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers in Shine version are the ultimate pigmented, shiny, liquid lipsticks for those that love shiny color on the lips. It sticks to the lips well, is pretty long lasting, but does have a plumping effect to it.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers in Matte version is a lightweight, mousse formula that has great pigmentation and lasts on the lips well without making them feel dry. It transfers and the applicator doesn't help with applying it thin and smooth, so you need to work with it more. This is definitely a comfort over staying power kind of product. 

*PR products

Trend tekočih šmink, še posebej mat, je verjetno en izmed najbolj popularnih trendov. Občutek imam, da ima vsak doma vsaj eno tekočo mat šminko. Je en izmed teh trendov, ki kar vztrajajo. Seveda se je tudi Avon želel pridružiti s svojo verzijo. Malo pozno, ampak boljše kot nikoli. Sama sem bila navdušena nad testiranjem Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine/Matte. Glede na izkušnje s prejšnjimi formulami Avonovih šmink, so bila moja pričakovanja visoka. 

Avon je naredil dve verziji Shine - sijočo in Matte - mat. V vsaki liniji je trenutno 10 odtenkov, ampak prepričana sem, da bodo dodali več, sploh če se bodo dobro prodajali. Zame je nabor odtenkov dokaj osnoven. Izbor vključuje nevtralne nude odtenke, rdeče, roza in vijolične. Najbolj mi primanjkuje bolj unikatnih odtenkov kot so na primer opečnato oranžne, bogato rjave in temni odtenki na sploh. Tudi več opcij nude variant se ne bi branila. Avon sicer po navadi naredi bolj osnovno barvno paleto odtenkov in kasneje dodaja nove. Zato upam, da bodo tudi v teh dveh linijah v prihodnosti prišli zraven še kakšni unikatni odtenki. Na primer taki kot se pogosto najdejo med njihovimi laki za nohte, ki so res zanimivi. 

Embalaža je prozorna plastika s plastičnim črnim pokrovom. Sijoča linija ima sijoč pokrov, mat linija pa mat. Napis je minimalističen in bel. Na splošno je embalaža majhna, ampak debelejša. Še vedno dokaj dobra za potovanja in nošenje s sabo. 

V embalaži je 7 ml izdelka in redna cena je 9.50€. Ob predstavitvi izdelkov v katalogu, ki bo od 19. oktobra naprej, bodo na voljo za 4.90€.

Všeč mi je, da lahko skozi prozorno embalažo vidimo del embalaže, ki odstrani odvečen izdelek na aplikatorju. Nekako mi deluje zanimivo, ker to pri drugih embalažah po navadi ni vidno. 

Aplikator ima obliko lista, od strani pa izgleda kot bi bil trikotnik. Je ploščat in ne preveč širok, tako da lahko dokaj dobro obrišete ustnice. Moj problem z aplikatorjem je ta, da je na njem preveč izdelka. Po navadi izdelek najprej nanesem na sredino ustnic in šele, ko večino izdelka porazdelim po ustnicah, grem obrisovat robove ustnic. Aplikator je dokaj mehak, lahko bi bil celo malo manj razmrščen, kar bi omogočalo bolj natančen nanos. 

Na spodnji strani embalaže se nahaja tudi nalepka z imenom odtenka. 

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine

Formula sijočih šmink je gostejša krema in daje občutek mešanice navadne šminke in lip glosa. Dobro se oprime ustnic in je kar dobro pigmentirana. Na ustnicah se občuti rahla lepljivost, ki pa vseeno ni niti približno tako očitna kot pri lip glosih. Občutek je skoraj malo silikonski. Avon trdi, da formula vsebuje gel primer. 

Finiš na ustnicah je sijoč, ampak ne tako kot pri visoko sijočih lip glosih. Iz nekega razloga me te šminke spominjajo na Too Faced Melted Latex šminke. Imam občutek, da izgledajo na ustnicah precej podobno. Pigmentirano in sijoče.

Ko jih nanašam na ustnice občutim rahel hladilen in ščemeč občutek, ki traja nekaj minut. Vsekakor šminke vsebujejo neko sestavino za povečanje ustnic. Občutek sicer izgine in ni iritirajoč, ampak zame spet popolnoma nepotreben. Še posebej za vse nas, ki imamo suhe ustnice in so te pogosto občutljive na takšne sestavine.

Vonj je zame zanimiv in čuden hkrati. Ne spominja me na nič. Imam pa občutek, da diši sadno, čeprav ne vsi odtenki. Pri nekaterih ne voham tega vonja. Čudno.

Zelo dobro se "prilepijo" na ustnice in so lahko precej dolgo obstojni za tako kremno in sijočo formulo. Izdelek se čez čas lahko začne nabirati na notranjem robu ustnic, kar ni preveč privlačno. Zato vam svetujem, da jih ne nanesete na debelo na notranji strani ustnic in vedno uporabite trik s prstom, da odstranite večino izdelka iz notranjega roba. Čeprav se bo lahko spet nabiral na sredini ko govorite ali premikate ustnice. Svetujem tudi, da redno pregledujete, ali imate šminko na zobeh. Sicer se to meni dogaja z večino sijočih tekočih šmink. Čez čas postane formula manj sijoča in bolj podobna madežu šminke. Sama po navadi prej nanesem nov sloj, ali pa kar vse skupaj odstranim, kot pa čakam, da se sama odstrani iz notranjih kotičkov ustnic. 

To je taka formula šmink, ki jo boste občutili na ustnicah. Čeprav daje ustnicam tudi skoraj pomirjujoč občutek zaradi gostejšega glos občutka. 

Blushing - svetlo umazano rozana (ima veliko bele podlage in lahko izgleda neenakomerno nanešena)
Nudeitude - svetlo nevtralno rjava (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
Love Spell - svetlo hladno vijolična (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
It Girl - srednje magenta fuksija (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
Love Bitte - srednje roza rdeča (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
Redhead - srednje oranžna z vijoličnimi bleščicami (bolj prosojna in lahko izgleda neenakomerno)
Lacquered Up - srednje živo roza rdeča (deluje rahlo prosojno, čeprav ne tako zelo kot Redhead in lahko izgleda neenakomerno)
Work It - srednje klasična rdeča (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
Pouty - srednje hladno vijolično rjava s srebrnimi bleščicami (rahlo prosojna kot Lacquered Up, ampak izgleda dokaj enakomerno nanešena)
Caffeined - temno toplo rdeče rjava (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)

Moja absolutno najljubša odtenka sta Nudeitude in Caffeined. Zelo všeč so mi tudi Redhead (tega zagotovo niste pričakovali), Work It in Pouty. Najbolj unikaten odtenek zame je Love Spell. V svoji kolekcija nimam nič podobnega. Edini odtenek, ki se mi zdi, da mi res ne paše in ni ravno v mojem stilu je Blushing. Zame osebno preveč Barbie roza in presvetel za moj trenutni odtenek polti.

Sijoča verzija izgleda izredno seksi na ustnicah, čeprav mogoče ni najbolj praktična formula za nošenje. Vsekakor morate ves čas preverjati, da nimate šminke na ustnicah in da se vam ne nabira po notranjem robu ustnic. Formula deluje pomirjujoče in ni preveč gosta kot bi pričakovali glede na sijoč finiš. Ima pa ta moteč ščemeč občutek, ki bi ga sama zagotovo prezrla, če bi ustvarjala formulo. Ne vem zakaj Avon vztrajno dodaja sestavine za povečanje ustnic v nekatere svoje novejše izdelke za ustnice.
Embalaža mat verzije je identična, prav tako aplikator. Vseeno sem dodala fotografije, da si lažje predstavljate.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte

Formula je kot stepen mousse. Je bolj gosta in bolj pigmentirana kot na primer NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream formula. Ta deluje bolj prosojno v primerjavi z Avon in jo morate večkrat nanesti, da dobite lepo pigmentiran odtenek. Pri Avonu je dovolj samo en nanos. Problem je v tem, da je mousse gostejši in ker ga je veliko na aplikatorju lahko na ustnicah izgleda skoraj kot 3D tekstura. Zato predlagam, da jih nanašate z lahko roko in potem greste preko s prstom, da formulo izravnate na ustnicah. S tem odstranite predebel sloj na ustnicah in izgleda veliko lepše.

Finiš je definitivno mat. Če nanesete bolj na debelo, lahko ima malo sijaja, ampak če ga lepo zgladite po ustnicah, dobite takojšen mat učinek brez dodatnega čakanja, da se posuši. Na primer z NYX formulo moram malo počakati, da se posušijo v mat finiš, ker imajo več sijaja. Občutek ni nič lepljiv kot se to lahko zgodi pri kakšnih drugih tekočih mat šminkah. 

Ker je fomula kot mousse, bi si mogoče mislili, da deluje na ustnicah težko, kar pa ni res. Na ustnice se nanaša zelo gladko in daje silikonast občutek (spet smo pri gel primerju, ki ga opisuje Avon), ni pa mastno ali drseče. Posuši se takoj in ostane enaka formula in finiš skozi ves dan. Ne izsušuje ustnic, čeprav jih tudi ne bo navlažila. 

Tudi tukaj je vonj različen od odtenka do odtenka. Pri nekaterih ne voham nič, med tem ko pri nekaterih voham umeten vonj, ki ni prijeten, ampak na srečo ne ostane na ustnicah po nanosu. 

Te šminke so zelo dobro obstojne, čeprav se prenašajo. Formula ostane na ustnicah skozi ves dan, ampak ker je kremast mousse, lahko prej izgine iz notranjega roba ustnic med tem ko jeste ali pijete. Tako da jo boste morali ponovno nanesti vsaj na sredini ustnic. To pa pomeni tudi, da šminka ne izsušuje ustnic, kar je meni vedno ljubše od zelo dobre obstojnosti. Če pa iščete nekaj izredno obstojnega, da se zabarikadira na vaših ustnicah, potem te šminke verjetno ne bodo za vas. Tudi pri teh predlagam, da vedno uporabite trik s prstom in odstranite odvečen izdelek iz notranjega roba ustnic in s tem preprečite prenašanje na zobe. 

Lahko jih tudi mešate med sabo. Jaz najraje dodajam najtemnejši odtenek - Passion it na vrh drugih svetlejših kot je na primer TKO in potem dobim temnejši jagodičast odtenek. Najsvetlejše odtenke kot je Whipped Latte lahko uporabite tudi kot osvetljevalec in ga nanesete samo na sredino ustnic za ombre efekt. 

Pinking About You - svetlo umazano roza (ima veliko bele podlage in lahko izgleda neenakomerno nanešena)
Whipped Latte - svetlo bež rjava (tudi ta ima veliko bele podlage, ampak ne deluje tako pastelno kot Pinking About You, čeprav lahko tudi ta izgleda neenakomerna)
Dare To Be Bare - svetlo toplo karamelno rjava (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
TKO - srednje živo magenta fuksija (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
Flushed - srednje rdeče roza (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
Fabulosity - srednje hladno modra vijolična (malo bolj prosojna in lahko izgleda neenakomerna)
Orange You Happy - srednje toplo oranžna (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
Head Turner - srednje živo roza rdeča (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
Irresistible - srednje klasična rdeča (dobro pigmentirana in enakomerna)
Passion It - temno vijolično rdeča (bolj prosojni odtenek in lahko izgleda neenakomerno)

Na mojih nanosih na ustnicah lahko vidite to teksturo o kateri sem govorila pri nanašanju. Šminke sem nanesla zelo na debelo, da bi kar najbolje predstavila same odtenke in jih nisem zgladila s prstom, da bi izgledali bolj enakomerno nanešeni. Ta trik sem ugotovila šele kasneje, ko sem jih dejansko testirala z nošenjem. 

Moji absolutno najljubši odtenki so Dare To Be Bare, Orange You Happy (tako čudovit!), Irresistable in Passion It. Všeč mi je tudi Flushed. Dva odtenka, ki mi absolutno ne pašeta sta Pinking About You (presvetel za mojo trenutno polt) in Whipped Latte (tisti umirajoč videz korektorja in seveda presvetel za moj trenutni ton kože). Najbolj unikaten odtenek je Fabulosity, ki mi je izredno zanimiv.

Obožujem to formulo iz sledečih razlogov: je dovolj lahkotna, ne izsušuje ustnic in ima odlično pigmentacijo za tako kremast izdelek. Zagotovo morate paziti pri nanosu, da je tanek in da jo lepo zgladite s prstom, če nanesete predebel sloj, kar je lahko za nekatere minus. Sama imam raje udoben občutek na ustnicah kot pa izredno obstojnost. So še vedno dobro obstojne, samo niso zacementirane in se lahko prenašajo. Menim, da bodo všeč predvsem tistim, ki imajo raje šminke, ki ne izsušujejo ustnice. Ljubitelji pravih zacementiranih mat tekočih šmink jih verjetno ne bodo marali. 

Podobni odtenki

Odtenke sem poskušala primerjati s podobnimi odtenki iz moje kolekcije šmink. Vem, da lahko te primerjave včasih pomagajo pri odločitvi, vsaj meni. Zato upam, da s temi primerjavami pomagam pri odločitvi za nakup tudi vam.

Nudeitude je zraven Tredn It Up High Shine Lipglossa v odtenku 150, ki je svetlejši in malo bolj nevtralno rjav. MAC Velvet Teddy šminka je podobna Nudeitude v sami barvi, ampak je malo bolj topel odtenek med tem ko je Nudeitude malo bolj roza. Avon Mark Plump It šminka v odtenku Choco Latte je temnejši in bolj rdeč odtenek.

Pouty se zdi podoben Avon Mark Plump It šminki v odtenku Divine Wine. Pouty je temnejši in malo bolj vijoličen odtenek. Divine Wine je podoben odtenek in ima celo enake bleščice, ampak je svetlejši v odtenku in ni tako vijoličen. 

Caffeined je podoben Avon Mark Plump It šminki v odtenku Truffle. Truffle je bolj prosojen odtenek in zato deluje svetlejše, čeprav sem prepričana, da so uporabili iste pigmented za obe šminki.

Love Bite je podoben Avon Mark Plump It šminki v odtenku Reddy To Go. Ta dva bi lahko bila isti odtenek. Reddy To Go izgleda čisto malo temnejši, ampak imata enak podton. Zraven sem nanesla tudi Makeup Revolution šminko v odtenki Not In Love, ki pa je svetlejši in bolj živ roza odtenek.

It Girl je vsekakor enak odtenek kot Avon Mark Plump It šminka v odtenku Plumping Plum. Sama ne vidim nobene razlike med tema odtenkoma. 

Redhead nima identičnega odtenka v moji kolekcije, ker je unikaten zaradi hladno vijoličnega sijaja. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte šminka v odtenku Coral Fever je temnejši in ima bolj hladen rdeč podton. Avon True Colour Perfect Reds šminka v odtenku Poppy Love je bolj podoben odtenek, čeprav je rahlo bolj rdeč v primerjavi z Redhead, ki deluje bolj roza.

Work It deluje podoben Avon Mark Plump It šminki v odtenku Rebel Red. Rebel Red ima malo več očitnega modrega podtona in izgleda rahlo temnejši odtenek. 

Dare To Be Bare sem primerjala z NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream v odtenku London. London je svetlejši in malo bolj rumenkast odtenek rjave. Dare To Bare je v primerjavi z njim bolj breskvast. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte šminka v odtenku Marvelous Mocha je podoben odtenek, ampak rahlo temnejši in še malo toplejši in bolj oranžen. Dare To Bare je v primerjavi z njim bolj nevtralen.

TKO sem primerjala z Avon Mark Plump It šminko v odtenku Plumping Plum. Plumping Plum je podoben, ampak ima bolj očiten moder podton. Avon True Supreme Nourishing šminka v odtenku Supple Magenta ima toplejši roza odtenek, ampak ima prav tako ta rahel moder sijaj z vijoličnimi bleščicami. 

Flushed nima istega odtenka v moji kolekciji, čeprav sem ga primerjala z določeni odtenki. Avon true Colour Perfectly Matte šminka v odtenku Ruby Kiss je bolj klasično rdeča z modrim podtonom. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte šminka v odtenku Ravishing Rose ima podoben roza rdeč odtenek, ampak je malo bolj rdeča kot Flushed, ki deluje bolj vijolično. Avon Mark Plump It šminka v odtenku Reddy To Go je svetlejši odtenek in bolj živo rdečkasto roza in je najbolj roza odtenek izmed vseh teh.

Orange You Happy je zelo podoben MAC šminki v odtenku Lady Danger. Jaz skoraj ne opazim razlike. Mogoče je Lady Danger rahlo bolj rumenkastega podtona in deluje malo bolj oranžno. Avon true Colour Perfectly Matte šminka v odtenku Coral Fever je podoben odtenek, ampak malo bolj rdeč, čeprav ima tudi oranžen podton, samo ne dovolj. 

Head Turner je podoben Avon Mark Plump It šminki v odtenku Rebel Red. Obe sta klasični rdeči, čeprav je odtenek Rebel Red malo bolj moder. Head Turner bolj živo rdeč odtenek.

Irresistible izgleda podoben Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte šminki v odtenku Red Supreme, ampak Red Supreme je malo temnejši odtenek rdeče. Avon true Colour Perfect Reds šminka v odtenku Scarlet Siren je temnejši in malo bolj rjav odtenek rdeče.

Passion It je najbolj podobna Avon Mark Plump It šminki v odtenku Roasted Red. Roasted Red izgleda svetlejši zaradi bolj kremne formule, ampak ima enak rjavo vijoličen podton. Mogoče je rahlo bolj vijoličen in Passion It deluje bolj rjavkast. 


Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers v sijoči verziji so ultimativne pigmentirane, sijoče, tekoče šminke za vse ljubitelje sijočih barv na ustnicah. Se dobro prilepijo na ustnice, so dolgo obstojne, ampak imajo rahlo ščemeč občutek za povečanje ustnic.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers v mat verziji so lahkotne, podobne mousse teksturi, ki ima odlično pigmentiranost in so dobro obstojne na ustnicah brez da bi jih izsušile. Barva se prenaša in aplikator ne pomaga pri lahkem in enakomernem nanosu, zato se morate sami malo bolj potruditi. To so zagotovo mate tekoče šminke, ki dajejo prednost udobnosti in ne izjemni obstojnosti. 

*PR izdelki


  1. Joooooooj, tako sem vesela, ko spišeš tako izčrpno objavo in narediš tako čudovite swatche. <3 Fabulosity je tokrat moja najljubša - odpičena in totalno fabulous.


    1. Hvala Neža :) <3 Fabulosity je res posebna. Tudi meni je všeč ravno zaradi tega, ker res nimam nič podobnega v svoji zbirki. Sicer me pa vedno ti vijolični odtenki privlačijo, čeprav jih ne nosim ravno veliko :D.

  2. Wow, I loved seeing every single shade on your lips, thank you for doing this review! I have to try one I've been very curious about the matte ones xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. Thank you Carolina. I'm glad you liked my review <3 I actually really like the formula, because I'm one with more dry lips and that's perfect for me :).

  3. Klanjam se ti za vse te swatche, great job yet again :)

    Čisto noben odtenek pri matte me ne pritegne, vsi so tako "done over a million times". Nič novega, spet nič nosljivega za vsak dan. Kje so kakšni rosy mauve odtenki, ki jih vsi nosijo? Najsvetlejši je preveč white-based (isti Tokyo od Nyx), druga dva preveč rjava zame (tebi itak pašejo :)), živo fuksijo imajo dobesedno vsi, ok so mi edino rdeči, ampak to je spet klasika. Formula mi zveni zanimivo, ampak želim videt več nosljivih, office-ready odtenkov.

    1. Hvala Mateja <3 :)

      Imaš prav. Sicer sem jaz že navajena tega nabora odtenkov od Avona. Se mi zdi, da vsako novo formulo šmink pospremijo s podobnimi osnovnimi odtenki. Glede na to kako je trg zasičen z nekimi podobnimi odtenki, tudi mene preseneča, da niso bili bolj kreativni. Pri njihovih lakih npr pogosto najdem res unikatne odtenke. Vsaj v teh dodatnih odtenkih pri osnovnih kolekcijah. Nude odtenke pa jaz tudi vedno pogrešam. Ker jih itak največ nosim.

      Ja najsvetlejši je res presvetel za večino. Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo glede odtenkov. Imam sicer občutek, da bodo zagotovo dodali nove odtenke. Kakšne pa ne vem. Sploh če se bodo dobro prodajali, upam da res dodajo še kakšne. Jaz si pa izredno želim neko umazano rjavo oranžno, tako pumpkin varianto za jesen. Sem pri Artdeco kolekciji videla tako :D.

  4. Oo kako izčrpna objava. Bravo! Pa tvoji swatchi, lepši kot iz kataloga. Kapo dol!

    1. Hvala Ana :D <3
      Bi blo fajn, če bi me najeli za swatchanje ;D

  5. Spet čudovita objava <3 Tudi jaz pogrešam nekaj bolj nosljivih odtenkov. Sem dobila oranžen odtenek in mi je dejansko všeč kako pride na meni. Nasploh koliko sem stestirala mat formulo mi je zelo všeč, tako da sem želela naročiti še eno bolj za every day wear, ampak sploh ni izbire, svetli so itak presvetli za mene, ostale pa so preveč žive barve :/

    1. Hvala <3 :)

      Oh ta je moj najljubši. Sem prepričana, da na tebi izgleda še boljše. Si malo temnejše polti in na teh po navadi ti oranžni odtenki izgledajo še bolj živahno :D. Res je. Škoda in upam, da nas Avon posluša ter hitro izda še kakšne bolj nosljive odtenke.

  6. Res čudoviti swatchi, ne vem kako ti vedno uspe. Mene iskreno šminke niso ne vem kaj prepričale. Sicer jih še nisem probala kot treba ampak tako za prvič se mi zdi, da je transfer na kozarce, zobe in pač na vse kar velik. Po eni strani je super, da ne sušijo ustnic pa tudi ustnice izgledajo lepo, po drugi strani pa me moti, da moram stalno paziti, da nisem cela popackana s šminko. Tekoče šminke že na sploh niso zame. Mi pa gre ful na živce ta njihov plumping efekt... Ok tu še gre, me ne moti tako grozno. Med tem, ko Plump It Up Lip Glossa sploh ne morem nositi tako izrazito je. Počutim se kot, da so mi zmrznil ustnice in enostavno po nekaj minutah učinek ne odide. Ne vem če sem res jaz tako občutljiva... 😂 Za te šminke pa bom videla, moram jih dobro sprobat, mogoče mi bodo pa postale všeč 😊

    1. Hvala Larisa <3
      To je res, vsekakor se prenašajo. Sicer jaz večkrat kar prvi sloj popivnam z robčkom, da nimam na debelo namazano pa je potem malo lažje. Mogoče imam jaz tako suhe ustnice, da se kar posuši na mojih. Meni je dejansko všeč formula, ker sem pač tisti tip, ki ima pol leta tako suhe ustnice, da sploh ne morem nosit mat šmink :). So pa vsekakor pomanjkljivosti. No potem nisem edina, ker mene tudi ful moti ta plumping efekt. Sicer tu ni tako močan in mi dokaj hitro izgine, glose pa še nisem preizkusila in zdaj bolje, da jih sploh ne. Ne ve zakaj Avon vztraja pri tem efektu. Pokvari celo zadevo.

  7. Love your lip swatches, amazing job! My favorites are: Nudeitude, Love spell and Pouty :)

    1. Thank you <3 You chose amazing shades. I like all of those too ;).

  8. Hey ! I ordered Caffeined - shiny and Passion It - matte after I read your review and based on your swatches. It's strange, but the images from the avon brochure seem to be slightly different from your swatches, and not in a good manner (at least in the romanien brochure - I'm not sure if they have different images from country to country). I mean Caffeined it's a not so nice dark brown and Passion It it's a dark purple, not so nice again. But on your lips and swatches both of them look amazing. I'm looking forward to receive them and see their real shades, hope to be just like yours 😊
    All your reviews are awesome, your photos as well, you are very beautiful and talented, keep up the good work ! 🤗

    1. The swatches in Avon here are also different. I usually notice that their swatches don't really match the actual color. Hope you really like the colors ;). Colors look different on different skin tones, so if you're light like me, it will probably look the same on you :).
      Thank you so much for all the lovely words. It means a lot to me <3