Summer perfumes

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Summer is coming, I can feel it :) Although  I still have a lot of things to do for my college, I am getting into summer mood. One of my obsessions are perfumes. Since I can remember I always invested in good perfumes.  I'm not trying to say that only expensive perfumes are good, rather I wanted to point out that I was always willing to pay the price if I really liked the perfume.

So let's get on! I wanted to introduce you to some of my favorite smells for the summer. Keep in mind that I like very sweet perfumes. I don't like flowery or citrus ones. Here are some of my picks that are suitable for the hot summer days and nights.

Avon Far Away Exotic

This has been my favorite summer smell for two years now. It is an Avon perfume and I don't think it's in their range anymore. I saw that it was getting out of their regular range and grabbed one more. Now I'm kinda sad I didn't buy more. It's cheap in my sense, because it costs around 16 € and for that you get 50 ml! That's a lot!

I would describe it as powdery sweet smell. It has an oriental or tropical note to it, if you know what I mean. It's not your typical sweet smell, but it has that extra something feel to it. I think the coconut and spices give it that extra kick. I love it, because it's sweet, but not overpowering sweet and it lasts a really long time on the skin. It's pretty strong smell, that's why it lasts a long time. Whenever I wear it, I always get compliments how nice I smell, even if it's been a long time since I used it.

Top notes: spices, mango, mandarin orange
Middle notes: coconut, rose, jasmine
Base notes: amber, patchouli, sandalwood, musk

The bottle takes me into "oriental" places. It's a peach violet color and it has a mat finish on the glass. It also has a little violet charm that reminds me of the ends of Aladin's carpet:) The top get's off very easily, so it's not recommended for carrying in the bag.

L'Eau Par Kenzo Eau Indigo Pour Femme

Does anyone else get's annoyed by how long the name of that perfume is? I mean it's hard enough to find it online and then to know how to write the whole name in french. Well...the smell however it's amazing. This is one of my pricey perfumes that I got when one store was closing and grabbed the opportunity to buy it 50% off. The price is in that range 1 ml for 1 €, so 50 ml it's around 50 €. In my opinion an expensive one.

I love it, because it has this specific finish on the skin. It feels like you put on perfumed powder. If you know what I mean? Some perfumes have that feel on the skin, that it's powdery and it feels like you have a cream or powder on. I love that special feeling. It's very subtle smell, it' not strong, but is lasts a long time. It's pretty much a sweet smell.

Top notes: mandarin orange, bergamot
Middle notes: ylang-ylang, jasmine
Base notes: amber, tonka bean, plum

The bottle is a clear glass that get's into an ombre violet color in the bottom. The top has a very strong hold.

Cascade Chopard

This is again one of those expensive ones in my range. It's in that price range 30 ml for 30 €, 50 ml for 50 €. I bought it at a half price.

I like this perfume, because it's a very sweet smell, but also like I said before, the sweetness is not as strong, so it's good for the summer use. It has a bit of kick to it, which is probably the musk.

For this one I didn't find the specific base, middle and top notes, so here are all the notes in it.

Notes: musk, amber, woody notes, mandarin orange, orchid, pink pepper, night blooming cereus

The bottle is light pink and has a very luxury feel to it with the top, which is like a waterfall off shine that reminds me of rhinestone chain:) The top is also very strong, so it won't fall down.

Mont Blanc Femme Individuelle

This is a very big perfume and it's not the most expensive one, but not a cheap one either. I got 75 ml for around 40 €. A long time ago I got a tester of this perfume and I sort of smelled it and then I left it in some drawers. After a few years I rediscovered it and smelled it again. I was instantly in love with the smell. So I went to find it in some perfume stores and they didn't have it. Probably because it was launched a very long time ago. So when I found it in online store I was very happy and bought it immediately  Although I have to say it's not one of my every day to use smell, because it's pretty strong.

It's a very strong sweet smell. Again one of those in the spice and musk range, so you know it's gonna be pretty strong. In my opinion it also has a very little citrus feel to it.

Top notes: red current, pink pepper, bay leaf
Middle notes: rose, lotus
Base notes: vanilla, musk, patchouli, amber

The bottle is a clear glass, but it looks like it's very subtle pink. I can't decided if the glass is slightly pink or is the perfume in it that's pink. But it definitely is a very light color of pink. The top has a very strong hold with their typical sign of Mont Blanc mountain.

As you have noticed I looove sweet smells :). The basic notes that I love in the perfumes are musk, amber, vanilla and a punch of spices to get it to the next level.

My experience with notes

I have to say that musk based perfumes are usually pretty strong in the sense of smell, so if you don't like overpowering perfumes stay away from it. Spices give the perfumes something extra, it makes them stronger and more nighttime appropriate. If the perfume has a lot of floral notes it can become overpowering with the flower smell, which I personally hate. Also if the perfume has a lot of citrus notes it can turn pretty sour on the skin, which I also don't favor that sort of smell. Of course the important thing is the whole mixture of the notes, that gives the end result to any fragrance. It is nice to know which sort of notes do you like, because it can help you find new perfumes that would suit you the best. Everyone has different preferences and that's a good thing, otherwise we would all smell the same and that would be pretty boring :).

I have a very long list of perfumes that I like and am hoping to buy once. Probably when I finish college, start working for real and have the money to buy it.

I would really like to know what kind of smells/notes/perfumes do you like? Also, would you have any recommendations for which perfumes should I try next?


  1. I've never tried any of these perfumes, but I love how you've reviewed them! xx

    Gemma | ♥ International MAC RiRi Woo giveway on my blog!

  2. Uuu, super post, js bom pa ravno danes objavila enega o pomladanskih parfumih, mal sem pozna, vem. :P Drugač maš pa super blog, te spremljam! x

    1. Hvala:)Bom prečekirala tvoje parfume, dobim še kako idejo:)

  3. Zanimiva izbira parfumov. Sploh prvi od Avona se mi zdi takšen, ki bi ga še jaz imela, čeprav sem bolj ljubiteljica svežih parfumčkov :)

    1. Hvala:) Ja ta od avona je definitivno moj najljubši trenutno - taka zanimiva kombinacije:)