Review: Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick (06 Abrico'dabra!, 12 Brunette)

I mostly know Bourjois after their lip products and mascaras. Rouge Edition Velvets were very popular when they came out and I heard good things about their new Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipsticks as well. Expect nothing, but the best from Bourjois lipstick formulas and this one didn't disappoint either.


It comes in a colored plastic packaging with black details. It has round bottom and square top, so it's a bit different design, but it sits on the desk. You can actually see what the color of lipstick is inside on the outside packaging. This makes it quick to choose the right color from your lipstick drawer. It also closes very securely and almost a bit hard, so no worries of it opening in your bag.

In it is 2.4 grams of product and it costs 13.99€.

Bullet has a tear shape which is kind of new to me, but it makes it really nice to apply on the lips. The shape fits well on your lips and the tip makes it easy to  really define outer edges, while thicker bottom shape deposits color on the middle of the lips. 

I got the shade 12 Brunette to test out and later Mateja sent me one of her shades called 06 Abrico'dabra!, because it wasn't really her color. I have to say I like both of these. Peach color is actually the most vibrant peach in my collection and absolutely perfect for warmer months and dark red is the perfect fall shade, because it has a nice brownish tone to it.


These lipsticks have the most creamy formula ever, but it feels ultra smooth. It doesn't feel waxy or thick at all. It also doesn't seem to be silicon like, but just super buttery and it glides on smoother than most of my creamier lipsticks. Because of that you may need to use a separate lip brush to get it really even on the outer edges. Especially with darker colors, where mistakes can look more visible.

But as soon as it sits on your lips for about 2 minutes, it dries down to a complete matte finish. This finish looks almost like a matte finish that matte liquid lipsticks give you, which is odd for a creamy regular lipstick formula. 

Both shade have nice pigmentation, but you need to apply at least two or maybe even three thin coats to cover all the cracks and get it fully even. You can apply thin layer for a more stain look, if you don't like full on lipstick.  

Another surprising thing is also how comfortable they wear. I never get that super dry feeling and they feel very lightweight in general. These lipsticks are very long lasting. Transfers is minimal, only the slightest stain on the back of my hand. It can survive drinking as well as some eating.

My dark brown color has a more artificial scent and the peach shade seems to be powdery floral scented, so I don't know if this depends from shade to shade. 


In the range you can choose among 12 different shades. They have a selection of few nudes and some more colorful pinks and reds as well as a few dark shades. 

06 Abrico'dabra! is medium warm peach shade. It has a a bit of brown muddy undertone to it, but is in general quite bright on the lips.

12 Brunette is dark warm redish brown. It's that perfect mix of red and brown in one. I absolutely adore this shade for the fall time. 

I swatched the closest shades I could find in my collection. Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick in Cantaloupe is even more brownish peach and a lot more muted down version. It's more of a nude peach for every day compared to the vibrant 06 Abrico'dabra! Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick in Truffle is the closest that I could find to 12 Brunette. It's a bit sheerer and leans more on the red purple family than brown. I don't see as much brown base in it. 

You can also see how these shades look like on my NC15 skin tone. I took these in different lighting situations, but you can probably still see how dark and vibrant each shade looks on my face.

I actually really like mixing both shades together. That way I get that perfect muted brownish peach shade that is not too vibrant and not too dark. I applied this mix on the photo below. 

I already own a few of the Bourjois lipstick formulas. New Rouge Velvet The Lipstick formula is like a mix of regular ultra creamy formula with a liquid matte finish. I think anyone that likes a proper matte finish will like these. It's also surprisingly comfortable formula to wear for those of us that often have problems with too dry lips. Pigmentation is good and it's buildable. They are probably the most long lasting regular lipstick formula I've tried so far and the shade selection is not bad. I'm sure they'll further expend it. I have my eye on 06 Brique-a-brac (muddy mauve) and 07 Jolie Carmin'ois (orange red). It really is an amazing formula, I just wish the price would be cheaper. It's a bit expensive for drugstore brand. Just wait for the discounts, we often times have them in DM and Müller.

Sara from Passing Fancy also talked about these lipsticks on her YouTube channel. She has different shades than me, so if you want more swatches, check it out. 

Pink Paradise Beauty has swatches of all 12 shades on her blog. 

*Product was sent to me.


  1. Popolnoma se strinjam s tvojo oceno formule :) Mat finish je krasen in na meni isto ni nič suha formula. 06 izgleda tako drugače na tebi, takoj vleče že proti koralni in je veliko lepši ob tvoji polti. Evo da vidiš za primerjavo kako izgleda na meni, čisti oranžen odtenek:

    Škoda, da nimajo bolj razumne cene. 6-7 € je maksimum za drugstore šminko kar se mene tiče, pa naj bo še tako dobra.

    1. Mislim, da jim je ta formula res v nulo uspela. Upam, da bodo dodali še kakšne odtenke v zbirko.

      Pa res. Na tebi je veliko bolj oranžna :D. Prav hecno, ampak pričakovano. Zdaj točno vem, ko je nekaj na tebi koralno, bo na meni roza. Ker je vedno tako. Čisto drugače potegnejo odtenki na tebi in na meni :).

      Imaš prav. Saj bom rekla, da je formula res fantastična in bi razumela, če bi bila cena tam 8 do 9€, ampak zdaj je pa definitivno malo pretirana.

  2. Nikoli me niso pritegnile te šminke v trgovini, ker na swatchih na roki sploh niso izgledale mat. Sem šla kar stran in jih ignorirala. Na tvojih fotkah pa izgledajo odlično, točno tak finish že nekaj časa iščem. Še posebej me pritegne Brunette - bom šla probat, kako izgleda na meni, ker ravno take barve še nimam.

    1. Ja, ene dve minute rabijo, da se posušijo v mat finiš. No tudi odvisno, kako debelo namažeš. Če ti je všeč ta res mat finiš, ti bodo tudi te šminke. Samo odtenek moraš najt pravi, ker formula je res dobra :). Brunette je res zanimiv odtenek. Mislim, da bo na tebi podobno izgledal. Je v moji zbirki dokaj unikaten :D.

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  4. Si me navdušila glede odtenka Brunette in se strinjam z vsem kar si napisala. Formula je prekrasna, ampak cena je pa res malo pretirana za drugstore.

    1. Je kar zanimiv ta odtenek. Se mi zdi dobra mešanica barv. Ni ravno tipična :). Formula je res odlična, škoda da tudi za ceno ne moremo reči da je taka.

  5. Top je temen odtenek <3

    Meni je tudi všeč finiš <3

    1. Se strinjava :) Prava mat šminka in zelo lepo nosljiva :) <3