Review: Beyu Be Outstanding Collection

Beyu is German makeup brand that is part of the Artdeco brand. Beyu came to our drugstores this year (you can get it in certain DM stores) and I was intrigued. I already bought their famous Beauty Queen Volume Mascara, but still didn't get to testing it out (so many other mascaras opened) and now I got a chance to try out their newest Limited Edition called Be Outstanding. It's limited edition for power women encouraging them to be brave and make a statement. I like the concept, because I love bold makeup products, although I don't wear them as often as my nudes. But I try to wear a bold lip or eye as I love bold colors.

The collection came packaged so pretty in a magnetic closing box with black paper cushioning. Definitely one of the prettiest makeup packages I ever recieved. 

In this #BeOustanding collection you can buy:
2 Eyeshadow Palettes
5 Soft Liners For Lips And More
Soft Liner For Eyes And More
Pure Colour & Stay Lipstick
4 Beyu Cashmere Lip Color Matt

Be Outstanding Eyeshadow Palette - 1 Purple Me On

It's a small and compact metal packaging with black and white stripes and super cute french bulldog design. If you don't know, frenchie is my favorite dog and I wish to have one when I'll be living on my own. Obviously the packaging is a hit with me. 

Inside you also get a small mirror, which is surprising for such a small and compact palette, but very much appreciated. You also get one of those double sided sponge applicators that I never use. 

Inside you get 6 x 1.1 grams of product and it costs 13.99€.

You get a mix of 6 shimmery and matte shades all in the cool purple family.

Vibrant Chic - shimmery white (pigmented)
Greyness - pale matte cool grey (not that pigmented)
Lavender Glow - pale cool grey base with lavender sheen (poor pigmentation)
Royal Purple - medium matte cool purple (not that pigmented)
Secret - dark shimmery cool brown purple with purple sheen (really pigmented)
Marvel - medium matte dirty pink (not that pigmented)

In general these have a very dry texture to them (matte shades are a bit less dry) which also means the pigmentation is poorer than I expected. Some shades really disappointed me - like Lavender Glow which has such a pretty purple sheen, but just looks so sheer. Shame really, because the shades are very nice and I personally love purples. I especially like Marvel and Secret. 

I had a problem blending out the shades, especially mattes like Greyness and Royal Purple which just looked very patchy. You need to build up the colors a lot which I'm not a fan of. The eyeshadows faded a bit as the day went on, but didn't crease (although I always use and eyeshadow primer underneath). 

Here is the look I created using all of the shades from this palette. 

Crease: Greyness and Marvel, Outer V: Royal Purple, Inner lid: Lavender Glow, Lid: Secret, Inner corner: Vibrant Chic

Lipstick: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor - Forever

Be Outstanding Eyeshadow Palette - 2 Spice Me Up

The second palette has the same design, but this time with a cute cat on the packaging. In it is also 6 x 1.1 grams of product and it costs 14.99€.

Both of these palettes also have instruction on the back telling you were to place each shadow for a day and night look. I think this will come useful to those that are not that skilled in applying makeup.

The palette has a mix of 6 matte and shimmery shades. I actually really like this color range. It has some neutrals and pops of red and green colors. All the shades that I personally love. I love red eyeshadows in the fall especially and I always like greens too. To me this is the perfect fall color scheme. 

Clear - matte beige (really pigmented)
Jewel - shimmery light beige (pigmented)
Star Anise - medium cool brown (pigmented)
Burgundy - medium shimmery cranberry red (pigmented)
Spirit - medium warm golden green (really pigmented)
Desire - dark cool green with sparse gold glitter (pigmented)

These are also dry in texture and mattes can feel just a bit more wet. Pigmentation is actually much better than with the 1 Purple Me On Palette. Most shades have good pigmentation. Star Anise needs to be build up, as well as some others, but Clear and Spirit have really good pigmentation with just one swipe. I absolutely love Clear to set my eyeshadow primer and I also love Burgundy and Spirit.

These also fade a bit through the day, but stay in place with the eyeshadow primer underneath and don't crease. They are actually pretty long lasting

These also blended much nicer, although some matte shade and darker ones can also look a bit patchy. 

I did two makeup looks with it. One more green and one more red. 

All over: Clear, Inner corner: Jewel, Crease: Star Anise, Lid: Spirit, Outer V: Desire
Lips: Makeup Revolution Lipstick - Wishful

All over: Clear, Crease: Anise Star, Inner corner: Jewel, Lid: Burgundy
Eyeliner: Beyu Soft Liner For Lips And More 547 Burnt Sienna

Lips: Beyu Soft Liner For Lips And More - 530 Dynamic Relief

Pure Color & Stay Lipstick - 150

The lipstick comes in a metal shiny black packaging. It feels heavier and well made. In it is 4 grams of product and the price is 13.99€.

The bullet is black and has Beyu embossing on it. Beyu actually has a whole line of Pure Color & Stay Lipsticks, but this is a fun new black shade. They describe it as a long lasting matte lipstick without the feeling of dryness

It has a very smooth formula and it applies with ease. To me this is not a matte finish, because it has a lot of sheen to it. It's more of a cream finish. Pigmentation is sheer and you need to really build it up, but it never looks completely even. I can still see my lips through the color. It's actually very comfortable formula that sits waxy on the lips and it transfers. Because of the shiny finish, it's not long lasting

I love the black color, because it's unique in our drugstores, I just wish it would be more pigmented for such a bold color. You could eventually use this sheerer formula to darken other lipstick shades as it could work as a nice stain. 

If you want it to look opaque, I advise you to apply it over Beyu Soft Liner For Lips And More in 500 Dark King. The combination looks a lot more intense and opaque. 

Soft Liner For Lips And More and Soft Liner For Eyes And More

These lip and eye liners have the color of the product on the packaging. They are in a regular need-to-sharp pen form. The top is plastic.

In each is 1.2 grams of product and the price is 6.99€.

Lip pencils have a creamy formula that is easy to apply, but leaves a completely matte finish. You can outline your lips with precision and it slides on the lips with such ease. 

Because of the matte finish, they can be a bit drying on the lips. I also feel slight stickiness with this formula, but it's nothing too annoying. Pigmentation is good, although some colors can look a bit patchy, if you don't take the time to apply them as evenly as possible. This is especially with shades 530 Dynamic Relief and 556 Sixt Sense. 

They stick to the lips very well and are transfer proof once they set a bit. It's a very long lasting lip pencil formula and it's waterproof (just don't rub it under the water).

500 Dark King - matte dark black
556 Sixt Sense - matte cool medium purple
553 New Boundaries - matte cool medium red
547 Burnt Sienna - matte medium burgundy
530 Dynamic Relief - matte medium cool grey brown

I love colorful choices of bold colors with these. Burnt Sienna is the perfect fall brownish red and New Boundaries is that classic red that suits everyone. These are probably the most classic wearable shades. Sixt Sense speaks to me on another level. For some reason I just love purple shades even though I very rarely wear them. Dark King is an absolute must have for the boldest out there color that is quite hard to find in drugstores. Dynamic Relief is probably the only shade that I don't know if it suits me. It's that hip cool grey, but it makes me look a bit too cool and dead in my opinion. 

It doesn't say on their website that these can be used for other parts of the face not just lips, but I was intrigued by the And More claim, so I tried them as eye liners. It works. I have naturally sensitive eyes and these didn't irritate me at all. They perform just as well on my lids (I wouldn't advise putting them on the water line) and I have an array of beautiful eyeliner color choices. I especially like both red shades, because I've been looking for a good red eye liner in our drugstores. 

Here I used a mix of 553 New Boundaries and 546 Burnt Sienna and applied it with an eyeliner brush.

I also tried 556 Sixt Sense as an eyeliner and I applied it straight from the pen. If you have a good sharpener that sharpens the tip really well, you can create perfect winged liner look.

Soft Liner For Eyes And More - 700 Deep Black

This is a matte black eye liner that has an even creamier formula than lip liners. It's perfect for smudging and creating smoky eye, but you can also apply it precise and do a wing with it. I personally love creamy pencils, because if I'm going for a softer wing, I want my pencil to be smudgy looking and more subtle. 

At first it's a bit shiny, but it quickly sets to a matte finish. You need to build it up for that very opaque look, but I always go over the lid a few times with my eye pencil anyway. 

It's very long lasting and it doesn't move even when I'm sweating, so it's waterpoof.

Cashmere Lip Color Matt 

They come in a transparent square lip gloss bottle with a matte black plastic top. In each is 6.5 ml of product and the price is 11.99€

It has an applicator which has a deeper dent on the bottom to really fit onto lips well and Beyu describes it as flock applicator. It makes for a precise application

It's a classic matte liquid lipstick formula that starts as a thinner liquid formula that quickly dries down to a complete matte finish

Because of such matte finish, the application can be tricky. You need to apply lipstick as evenly as possible plus try not to smack your lips together while it's drying, because then you'll loose coverage and get a patchy look. The problem is that the lipstick stays a bit sticky for a while and you need to avoid rubbing your lips together, because you'll move the coverage. I hear they changed the formula and that the one from before was a lot more buttery and probably less drying. 

In general they have good pigmentation, but can look patchy, if you don't apply them very evenly. 140 My Passion is by far the most pigmented and looks the most even applied. 

Once it sets, it's transfer proof. It's also very long lasting, but will come off, if you eat something greasy. I was also surprised that it wasn't too drying on the lips. By no means it's hydrating, but I can get away with it on my good lip days, which is unusual for proper matte liquid lipstick formula and my dry lips.

These have bad artificial scent. It doesn't linger on the lips, but you definitely smell it, if you put the applicator too close to your nose. 

You can also mix these together by applying one shade first and going over with another one to create a unique color like purple burgundy mix. 

200 Spectrum - matte cool medium purple (can look patchy, leaves strong pink stain)
140 My Passion - matte cool medium red (the most even and pigmented)
153 Rustic Decay - matte cool medium burgundy (can look patchy)
157 New Era - matte cool medium grey brown (can look patchy)

Cashmere lipsticks match lip liner colors. I fell in love with the classic red My Passion as it just makes my complexion much more vibrant and gives me such a classy look. Rustic Decay is again perfect wearable darker shade for fall, I love it. Spectrum is so unique, but I need to be in the right mood to wear it. This will definitely make you stand out. I keep wanting to like New Era, but the cool tone to it just doesn't sit well with my warm skin tone. 

What's worth and what's not

I love the bold colors of this collection. Lips is one area that I love to go bold with. Eye makeup is all very wearable, so you'll like it, even if you don't like bold colors. In general, I feel all colors lean more on the cooler tone. 

I was disappointed with purple eyeshadow palette and wouldn't recommend it, because some of the shades just don't blend nicely. The other more fall inspired palette is much better in pigmentation as well as blendability and if you like more dry textures, you'll like it. I prefer creamy eyeshadow formulas.

Eye liner is gorgeous for smudging as well as creating softer version of the usual liquid winged liner. It applies so lovely and creamy, but doesn't move at all. 

Lip liners are fun, bold, creamy and matte. I am only a bit annoyed with the slight stickiness as I feel it's at fault for some shades not looking even. In general these are better used under the lipstick to intensify the color and give you definition. They are also crazy long lasting. I have to mention that I just adore these as eye liners and would probably even get some more to wear on my eyes. They're just that good and I love wider range of colors that you can get with lip liners - all those warm reds and browns.

Black lipstick is ok, but as many other regular black lipsticks, it just isn't as pigmented as I would have wanted it to be. To make a good black lipstick, it would need to be properly matte and very opaque. The formula is actually lovely creamy and would be probably nicer in some more neutral colors as they already have in their range.

Cashmere color matt lipsticks are that proper matte liquid lipstick formula. They apply nicely and dry down to a matte finish that is extremely long lasting. Some shades can look a bit patchy, so you need to be really careful with application or maybe apply two thin coats, but if you like bold completely matte lipsticks, you'll definitely like these. Even I can get away with wearing that formula on my good lip days and it doesn't feel as drying as I remember some other formulas do. 

I am pleasantly surprised with some of these products and now that I dabbled a bit into Beyu brand, I am curious to try out some of their face products. Especially golden highlighters, blushers and some regular lipsticks. I think I also definitely need to try out their liquid liners, since I feel they could be really nice judging off of that regular creamy eye liner formula. It's definitely a more pricey drugstore brand, but I feel it's in that L'Oreal, Max Factor, Bourjois range. 

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  1. Čudovite fotografije, da o swatchih sploh ne govorim :)

    Se strinjam glede paletke, nekateri odtenki so res slabo pigmentirani, kar je kar škoda, glede na to, za kako lep izbor barv gre. Svinčniki pa na tebi delujejo čisto drugače kot pri meni. Meni nekako naredijo videz ''suhih'' ustnic. So mi pa tekoče šminke všeč, predvsem sama tekstura, edino odtenke bi malo spremenila :P

    1. Hvala Valentina. Tudi tvoja objava o tej kolekciji je odlična <3

      Palet je škoda. Sploh vijolične odtenke imam sama zelo rada, ti pa so bili nemogoči za nanašanje. Mogoče na meni delujejo bolj mastni, ker sem pod njimi uporabila malo balzama za ustnice, ker sem imela že precej suhe ustnice med swatchanjem pa ni več izgledalo okusno :D. Meni se drugače čez čas tudi posušijo v ful tak suh finiš. Meni so tudi tekoče šminke všeč. Celo niso preveč suhe za moje ustnice. Zame bi bili odtenki idealni, če bi bili bolj topli :D.

  2. As always your looks and swatches are stuninng! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  3. Tvoji Cashmere Lip Colour Mat se obnašajo čisto drugače, kot moj, ki sem ga dobila takrat ko je znamka prišla k nam. To so kar konkretno spreminjali formulo, ker moj je bil nekaj takega kot Revlonovi Ultra HD, v smislu, da se zelo počasi suši v saten finiš, ki ni nikdar res mat. Pa nobene lepljivosti ni bilo.

    Ti pa lahko iz izkušenj povem, da kar se tiče pudrastih izdelkov (blushi, bronzerji, highlighterji) so zelo suhe in neenakomerne formule. Nisem bila zadovoljna glede na ceno. Maskara je top, laki so v redu, svinčnik za popravljanje eyelinerja in šminke tudi, ostalo me ni navdušilo.

    1. O res? Potem pa so res popolnoma spremenili formulo. Škoda, meni bi bili tisti prejšnji bolj všeč.

      Hvala, si bom zapomnila. Nisem nič preizkusila, pa sem mislila, da so še kakšne druge stvari zanimive :). Meni se tudi zdijo malo precenjeni izdelki. Vsaj za to ceno, pričakuješ res dobro kvaliteto. Moram zdaj končno še to maskaro preizkusit :).