Review: Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer - Bronzer

Bronzer is my must have makeup product and I use it almost all year around, but definitely in the spring, summer and fall. It's an essential for someone with light skin tone, because you can add warmth to your face and bring out the contours so you don't look too flat. I feel like bronzers do for fair skin what highlighters do for medium skin. It just gives it life. 

I've heard so many rave review of new Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. Before that I didn't own any of Physicians Formula products, because I find them a bit expensive. But the bronzer sounded so good that I had to try it. I have tons of highlighters, but not one proper bronzer that I would be happy with.

It comes in a paper box with description, how to use and ingredients list. The plastic lime green and dark green packaging with transparent lid is quite bulky. It also has tropical leaf design all over it.The design is pretty, but I would prefer a thinner packaging. 

In it is 11 grams of product and it costs 12.92€. I bought it on iHeb, because it was the cheapest. Btw they also have shipping saver on this product, so you pay only 3.39€ for the shipping. 

You open it up by pushing the button in. It clicks into the place and it's securely closed. On the top layer you'll find wavy 3D design of bronzer. You can open that layer up and in the bottom you'll find and odd sponge applicator. On the upper side of this compartment is also a small mirror. I could easily do without the mirror and that additional compartment. I don't use the sponge applicator, because I much prefer fluffier brushes for bronzers.

Here is the ingredients list. Physicians Formula states that the bronzer is infused with murumuru butter. They say that this bronzer is a mix of cream and powder formula. It should melt into the skin, give you lasting hydration and give you lit-from-within glow. It has ultra refined-pearl and soft-focus pigments that should smooth skin's texture, brighten skin tone and give a gorgeous bronze finish.

I chose it in the shade Bronzer, which is the darkest one. They also have a lighter one called Light Bronzer. This is definitely a bronzer for light to fair skin tones. If you have medium skin tone, this might not make any difference apart from giving you a subtle glow. 

Bronzer shade has a grey undertone to it, especially if you look at it in the packaging. Because I have a warm light skin tone, it looks warmer on me. It has that typical warm orange shade with just a hint of grey in it. Which means it doesn't only give you warmth, but it also gives you a bit of definition or almost contour. But in general this is very warm toned on me. 

It also contains tiny little shimmers. I am first to admit that I'm a lover of matte bronzers and anything that has shimmer in it usually scares me. But the shimmer is really small and it just gives the skin a lovely natural looking sheen. It really looks like it's part of your skin.

I also compared it to my other bronzers. Misslyn Beach Please! Bronzing & Contouring Powder in Holiday Hooray! is darker, also warm toned and looks a bit more redish toned. It has slight sheen, but you can't detect any shimmer. Physicians Butter Bronzer in Bronzer is as light as Kiko's, also warm toned, but has more of a peach undertone. It has the most shimmer in it and the best looking sheen - apart from theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer. Kiko Flawless Fusion Bronzer Powder in 01 Natural Tan is about as dark as Physicians', but is even warmer, more yellow toned and has that slight sheen as Misslyn. Betty Lou-Manizer is essentially a highlighter for dark skin tones, but I use it as a shimmery bronzer topper. It's the most shimmery, copper toned  and the most orange. Also the darkest of these all and has an obvious golden sheen to it. 

Formula of this bronzer is a dream. It's ultra buttery under your fingers, but looks like a powder once you apply it on the skin. It melts into the skin like a dream and it blends just as well. It has great pigmentation and I always go in with a light hand. I usually use a fluffy brush and apply small amount and brush it on the skin. It's better to build it up slowly. You can apply it really lightly to the point when you almost can't notice any difference. You can see how this looks like on the bottom photo. On the left I have just foundation and on the right I applied a very small amount of bronzer all over. 

If you apply it lightly, this could be great for fair skin tone. You can apply it more and it will still suit light skin tones also. I'm about NC15 and consider myself a light skin tone.

For my personal taste, I like to apply it a bit heavier, because I love the warmth that it gives me. The shimmer in it gives it such a healthy looking sheen and doesn't look greasy at all. It also stays on the face through the whole day. I find that it fades very little.  

Another benefit of this gorgeous bronzer is the scent. It has quite strong pina colada scent. To me it leans more toward pineapple, but I get a hint of something tropical like coconut as well. It instantly makes you happy as you're applying it and start dreaming of summer holidays.

If you're looking for a buttery bronzer that will give you natural looking sheen and is no fuss to apply, then you need this in your life. I adore the buttery formula. It lasts well on the skin, matches my light skin tone, gives you natural glow and has gorgeous tropical scent to it. This is definitely one of the best bronzers I have ever tried. 


  1. I like your post and photos, and for sure I will purchase something from Physicians sortiment as soon as I found it somewhere! I think it might be available at Douglas online shop now! What lipstick you have on last photo?

    1. Thank you :). I think the brand is definitely spreading in some online stores. Douglas? I didn't know that. Wish they would have it in actual stores too :). I have Kiko Smart Fusion Lip Pencil in 513. Almost neon orange shade, perfect for a pop of color ;).

  2. Aha, vidim, da je ta potem tudi rumenkast kot Argan bronzer. Bi bil v redu, ampak imam raje malo rdečkaste, ker na mojem tenu izgleda bolj naravno. Mika me, sploh ker sem zadnji bronzer sama kupila kdo ve koliko let nazaj, ampak jih pa tudi ne nosim kaj dosti in nočem popustih hypu :D.

    1. Ja rumen, žal potem ne bo zate. Meni pa rdečkast izgleda bolj kot ne kot da sem se opekla, mi ne paše k polti :D. Saj če veš, da ga ne bi nosila je res škoda vrčt denar vstran. Jaz sem približno vedela, da bo odtenek dober zame, pa tudi sam finiš mi je zanimiv. Zdaj bom pa videla kako bo ta sheen poleti, ko se bom mastila kot velikonočno jajce :D.