Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - 51 Light Vanilla (New Formula)

I've been using Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation for years now. It's my go to winter foundation as I tend to get drier in colder months and need something with a more dewy finish that doesn't catch on dry patches. But I've never actually wrote a review of it. So now that Bourjois changed up the formula, I decided it's time to write my thoughts on it. I also compared it to the old version to see if there is any difference between the old and new formula. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation comes in a transparent glass bottle. It has red transparent plastic top and pump

In it is 30 ml of foundation and I paid 15.49€ for it. Apparently Bourjois has been raising their prices constantly through the years. So the price might already be higher. Really shady of them. If they think we won't notice, they're obviously wrong. Don't underestimate your costumers. 

The pump works fine and you can sort of control the amount that you want by pushing the pump slowly and just getting as much as you'll need out of it.

Old bottle was rounded and looked like cylinder. It also had transparent top. The pump stayed the same. I like new design better, because it's easier to store and looks a bit cleaner with new typography. 

I had old version in the shade 51 Light Vanilla and I bought new formula in the same shade. It's actually the lightest shade that we have in our drugstores. Apparently there's also one shade lighter - 50, but I hear it's more pink toned. 

I expected the shade of new formula to be the same as with the old, but it's not. It's actually slightly darker. Barely noticeable, but still, it counts. Especially, if the shade is too dark for you as it is. You can see it being a shade or half darker and it looks more orange toned. It's a warm toned shade that has an obvious yellow undertone. It's actually the most yellow toned foundation in my collection. 

Here is comparison with other shades of foundations in my collection. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 21 Light Beige is the most grey looking, but it blends into the skin differently and looks like a good match. Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff is also warm toned and similar to old Bourjois version, but is less yellow based. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 010 Light Beige is the darkest of these all and also warm toned. 

New formula is liquid and smooth. It applies nicely and feels very buttery. The coverage is light to medium. If you apply it lightly it's a light coverage, but you can build it up to a somewhat medium coverage by applying more coats. It evens out skin tone, but doesn't cover imperfections. 

The finish of it is dewy on my combination skin. It's definitely not for those with oily skin. It starts to look greasy on my T zone after three hours. I prefer to use it in the winter when my skin is drier in general. This would be great for those that have normal to dry skin or combination. 

It's not a long lasting foundation. As I said before, my T zone gets very oily and it disappears from those center parts quickly. I usually apply a heavier coat, which makes it slightly more long lasting. I also have to powder it and I use powder on top of every foundation that I use anyway. 

On the skin it looks lovely. It doesn't sit into pores or fine lines. I liked older version, because it never emphasized dry patches and this one seems the same. It's definitely one of the most natural looking foundations that I own. It doesn't have that powdery heavy finish and it actually looks like it's a part of the skin not just sitting on top of it.

It has a fruity sweet scent

Here you can also see how I look like with no foundation (left photo) and with a light layer of new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (right photo).

Comparison :  OLD VS. NEW FORMULA

I also decided to test old and new formula side by side. So I applied one formula on one side and the other on the other side of my face. I've noticed that new formula has a lot lighter coverage. With it I only evened out my skin tone, it didn't even cover small veins or any redness. The older version has better coverage more light to medium, while new has light coverage. Both versions are buildable and don't look cakey, if you apply more coats. 

They both have a very shiny finish, but the new one looks more dewy, while old one looks more like it has a sheen. 

Both look very natural on the skin and don't emphasize pores or fine lines. 

I already spoke about the difference in shades. New formula is slightly darker and has more of an orange tint to it, while older version looked more yellow toned and slightly lighter. 

They both wear the same with the only difference that my side with new formula became greasier quicker, which means it's also a bit less long lasting. 

The thing that bothers me is that old version had ingredients list on the bottle and the new one doesn't. Hm..I wonder why this change. In general, I prefer the old version. Even thought at first glance they both seem the same, you see the difference while you test them side by side. 

Old version had better coverage (which is one of the most important advantages in my opinion), it wasn't as dewy looking as the new one and it was slightly lighter. I usually mix it with other foundations, because it's too dark for me in colder months and now the new one is even darker. 

I can't say I'm a fan yet. I despise orange undertones like L'Oreal foundations usually have and I don't like dewy finish, because it means it's not as long lasting. It's great for winter when I need that extra moisture and shine, but for warmer months I usually just use it in combinations with other foundations to make them more yellow toned. It's the perfect foundation for those that want natural looking, lighter coverage and dewy finish foundation. So perfect for dry skin tones. That is if you find the right shade for you. 


  1. Super podlaga, ampak ko nebi oksidirala. Jaz sem oompaloompa po 3 urah. Nočeš vedet kaj sem po sedmih. Tolk sem jezna, ker je drugače perfect za kožo. -.-"

    1. Ojej. :/ Na meni na srečo na oksidira. Se mi zdi, da sem samo tokrat srečna izjema, ker drugače meni vsi oksidirajo. Zame bi morala bit še malo many dewy, potem bi še prenesla lahko prekrivnost :). Ampak me je izredno zmotilo, da je odtenek 51 zdaj temnejši, potem pa dodaš še to je že 3 odtenke temnejši. Zame slabša prenovitev.

  2. Sem si natočila tester že kakšen mesec nazaj in meni je nova verzija precej bolj všeč, čeprav te srednje verzije, s katero primerjaš novo, nisem imela. V bistvu mi je zdaj skoraj ista stvar kot Serum - super naraven videz in lažja prekrivnost. Prva verzija mi je bila tako mastna, nikoli se mi posušila na obrazu, pa še pumpica se mi pokvarila zelo hitro. Ta novi na meni ni oksidiral, ampak sem ga zmešala s TBS kapljicami. Ga imam visoko na wishlisti, samo čakam, da bo na Salmi ali kje drugje na zalogi odtenek 50 :)

    1. Saj sem mislila napisat, da me bolj spominja na serum verzijo, ampak ker te dejansko nimam doma, nisem mogla zagotovo trdit. Glede na to kako je serum izgledal v trgovini, se mi zdi, da se je ta zdaj čisto približal temu. Meni seveda ni všeč. Premastna podlaga sploh za poletje. Pa tudi z odtenki so mi vse pokvarili. Že itak je bil pretemen star, nov pa zdaj še bolj. Na meni tudi ni oksidiral, slišim pa da večim je. Mogoče sem zdaj celo enkrat izjema :D. Ker po navadi na meni vse oksidira. Kako bedno, da niso mogli k nam pripeljat še ta en odtenek. Itak nimajo več svetlejših. Was it that hard? :D

  3. wow, I'm actually so sad right now. It's my holy grail foundation, everything was perfect about it but now they changed it :'( sighhh time to find the old formulation and stock up

    1. I feel you. This was one of the few reliable foundations for when my skin was dry, especially in winter. I'm also sad they had to change the formula. Such a shame. If you can find any old ones, definitely stock up. I was already too late :/.