Review: Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint - Flamingo

I got this nail polish as a gift from my lovely friend. Coconut Infusion line by Barry M has been on my wish list for obvious reasons, the coconut word in it. I love everything that has to do with coconut and this formula supposedly contains coconut oil and coconut water which should hydrate and nourish nails as well as give them lovely peach color.

It comes in a rectangular glass bottle with brown plastic top. In it is 10 ml of product and the price is around 7€.

It has just slightly wider rounded brush. I really like these rounded designs, because it makes it so easy to apply it around the cuticles. You just press it down and swipe it three times to cover the entire nail.

It's a creamy formula that applies with ease. I always apply two coats of any nail polish, but you could eventually apply just one thicker coat with this one. It had good pigmentation

Here you can see how it looks like with just one coat on the left and then I applied a second coat on the right photo. The difference is minimal.

The finish has a lovely shine and you almost don't need to use top coat over it. They also recommend to use it without the base coat for better results. The formula also contains Hexanal which should make your nails stronger.

My friend chose the shade called Flamingo. I was confused at first, because I thought flamingo animals were pink. Guess what? They're not. They are actually salmon peachy colored. I guess you learn something new every day (damn pink inflatable flamingos... making me feel stupid).

Flamingo color is light muted peach shade. On me it turns more orange, because of my warm skin tone and because it applies slightly darker than it looks like in the bottle. It's a perfect summer shade or even spring, because it's a bit more muted and not as bright. 

It lasted well on my nails, for about three days. Which is a descent amount on my nails. It's definitely one of the better formulas as far as pigmentation and wear goes. 

This line has a wide range of nudes as well as some pops of color. Recently they've added some bright almost neon shades to the range which are perfect for summer. 

I really like creamy, pigmented formula of this nail polish. The brush makes it so easy to apply and it lasts a descent amount of time. I didn't notice my nails being more nourished or stronger, but then I usually don't believe that regular nail polishes can transform your nails. For that I use my treatment base coats. 


  1. Your photos are stunning - i could watch them all day.... Anyway thanks for the review i was about to purchase this shade but i waited for a proper review just to make sure ... :) <3

    1. Oh thank you so much Anna. <3 I'm glad I could help. It's a really pretty shade :)

  2. Such a beautiful colour and perfect for summer!