Review: Misslyn Beach Please! Bronzing & Contouring Powder - 51 Holiday Hooray!

As much as I love buying highlighters, I forget to invest in bronzers. And I use bronzers just as much as highlighters. Every single day. When I saw this new range of bronzers, highlighter and blusher by Misslyn, it looked so promising and pretty. The packaging immediately reminded me of the vintage vibe by theBalm. It helped that the bronzers were on sale, so I gave it a go.

It comes in a cardboard packaging with magnetic closing. The girl on the packaging is tanned and depending on which shade you get, that's how tanned she looks. The whole design is vintage and tropical. It definitely gives me that same vintage vibe that theBalm has. Coincidence?! 

In it is 6 grams of product and it costs 5.59€

Inside is a small mirror and to be honest, it's too small for you to actually apply bronzer all over the face. It's more for touch ups. I could do without it too.

I chose the lightest shade called 51 Holiday Hooray! It looked the lightest and also the only shade that had just a hint of gray in it. It's more noticeable in the packaging than it is on my skin. 

The shade is warm toned, but it has a hint of grayness to it, which is not as visible on the skin as it is in the packaging. If you're cool toned, this would be too warm for you. On my skin it works great. It's appropriate for light skin tone. If you're very fair, it might end up looking too dark on you. The shade also has a bit of sheen. There's no actual visible shimmer in it, it just doesn't look powdery flat matte. I like that bit of sheen, because it looks more natural.

Pigmentation is amazing and I always use fluffy brush with it to prevent too much color payoff. If you apply it lightly, it looks lighter. You can definitely build it up to a darker color

Formula is not too dry, but also not buttery wet. It applies smooth, but you do need to be careful not to make it appear patchy on the skin. If you start with fluffy brush and slowly build it up, it's better than if you go in with a lot of color at once. I find that this way it can look a bit patchy as it grabs onto the base. 

Bronzers are usually the first to fade from my skin, but this one has a good staying power. It definitely fades through the day, but it's still noticeable and looks even in the evening. 

I compared it to my other bronzer shades, which I don't have a lot anyway. Compared to others Misslyn actually looks a bit red toned, but it has that typical orange undertone in it too. It's also the darkest - except the Betty-Lou Manizer. I recently also purchased Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in the shade Bronzer (the review will be up soon). Physicians is more yellow toned and has a lot more visible sheen with tiny shimmer particles. It's also slightly lighter. Kiko Flawless Fusion Bronzer Powder in 01 Natural Tan is as dark as Physicians, even warmer and has more of yellow peachy undertone. It also has that same sheen that Misslyn has. theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer is the darkest of these all and is as shimmery as a proper highlighter. In fact this is a highlighter for dark skin tones, but on me it's like a shimmery orange golden bronzer. 

I wanted to show you my skin with foundation, concealer and powder (left) and then I also added bronzer (right). Bronzer instantly makes my skin warmer and it gives it more color. The shade turns out pretty warm on my light warm skin tone and it actually looks nice.

I'm also sharing two photos of me wearing it with different makeup.

For the price, this is a very descent bronzer. I like the color, because it suits my warm skin tone. It has natural sheen that doesn't make it look too muddy. It's definitely not a contour powder, but you can use bronzer to do a light contour, although the shade is definitely a bronzer shade. I find that you have to be careful with the application, especially to use a fluffy brush, because matte powders can quickly look patchy. It blends out well and it has a good staying power. I'm actually even more in love with Physicians Bronzer now, but that one has even more sheen. Misslyn might be better for summer, as shimmery powders can make me look too oily. Based on the selection of bronzers in out drugstores, this is definitely a good choice, if the color suits your skin tone. 


  1. Super izgleda. Nisem jih swatchala v trgovini in sem zaradi kartonastega pakiranja predvidevala da so slabse kvalitete, ampak vidim da sem se motila. Me mika da bi si šla še enkrat ogledat ponudbo :D

    1. Meni je bila celotna kolekcija všeč. Tudi rdečila in osvetljevalec. Mogoče res deluje cheap na prvi pogled, ampak dizajn je luškan. In izdelek tudi :)

  2. Imela sem Hi, I'm from Hawaii in je bil res kvaliteten, samo odtenek ni bil zame. Sem gledala nove odtenke pa nisem ravno prepričana, da je kakšen zame. Mi je pa super kjut kolekcija.

    1. Bolj kot ne so vsi dokaj topli. Ti bi verjetno želela kaj hladnejšega in za odtenek svetlejšega. Meni je tudi zelo všeč kolekcija. Osvetljevalec me je spomnil na Mary-Lou Manizer :).