Review: Kiko Smart Fusion Lip Pencil (513 Red Papaya, 524 Peony Violet)

Kiko is one of my favorite makeup brands. Their products are affordable and usually of great quality. I just wish we had it in our country. Whenever I got to Graz, I tend to stop by Kiko and pick some new products. This time Limited Editions didn't impress me, but I did saw colorful lip pencils and decided on two colorful shades.

Smart Fusion Lip Pencils come in matte black pencil form with a black plastic top. I really like the fact that the top is rectangular, which prevents the pencil from rolling down the desk. It sits better this way. It's also easier to take photos of. If you're a blogger, you know what I mean.

In each is 0.9 grams of product and the price is 2.50€ for each. It's not as affordable as for example Essence lip liners, but the price is still good.

I chose two very bright shades, because I usually just have a lot of red and nude lip liners. Sometimes you also need something colorful to use with lipsticks that have unique colors. It's also the cheapest way of trying out bold colors, because lip liners cost a lot less than a whole lipstick. 

Formula of these is actually really smooth. They glide on the lips with such ease. That being said they are not buttery feeling nor moisturizing. Finish is completely matte, but they are just so easy to apply. Usually matte lip colors tug on the lips or can look heavy. Not these.

The pigmentation is good. You will need to go over a few times to get it opaque as a lipsticks, if you want to wear them on their own. 

I usually wear them on their own, because they are enough pigmented and I love the shades as they are. I need to reapply it in the center after about 2 to 3 hours, which isn't really long lasting. But I prefer that, because it means that they don't dry out my lips and don't look heavy.

They feel just slightly sticky at first, but lightweight and they wear quite comfortably. These will emphasize dry patches like most matte lip products. 

513 Red Papaya

This is by far my favorite medium orange red shade that I own so far. It looks more muted on the photos, but in real life this almost looks a bit neon. It's a really vibrant shade. It lifts up the complexion immediately and makes for a perfect summer lip.

524 Peony Violet

It's one of those light pops of colors. Light cool toned bright fuchsia that has a bit of blue undertone. It's also a unique shade in my collection and it's the perfect pop of color for the spring. I love these kind of shades, even though I don't wear them as much. 

Here is also a comparison with some of the other shades. MAC in Lady Danger is a more red shade and also darker. CBI Colorbox in 06 Lip Stick (from Born Pretty Store) is very similar in shade. It's just slightly darker, less vibrant and has a shiny finish. 

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipsticks in Ideal Lilac is a more pink toned fuchsia. It's as light as Kiko's lip pencil, but doesn't have that obvious blue violet undertone. 

I am head over hills over these shades. That's why I can forgive the fact that they are not ultra long lasting. The formula is so smooth to apply, pigmentation is good and it has lovely matte finish that isn't drying. If you're on a look out for bright lip shades, look no further. Kiko has a whooping selection of 36 shades. You'll also find nudes among the selection, as well as bright ones as these. 

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