May 2017 Favorites

May has been a month of buying new products and testing them out. I also brought some of my old favorites back into my rotation. The weather is getting hotter and I changed up my skin routine, because my skin usually gets a lot oilier in hotter months. So there's a bit of everything in my favorites this month.

Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying Body Scrub With Dead Sea Minerals

I love this scrub, because it has liquid consistency and contains combination of bigger and smaller scrub particles. The scrub is not too rough for my skin. I love to use scrubs in hotter months, because you obviously show more of the skin than in the winter. It has a manly fragrance scent to it, which sort of reminds me of herbs and woody notes.

MuLondon White Chocolate Truffle Moisturizer

It's a multi-purpose moisturizer for the face and body. Ingredients are mostly butter and oils. The smell is just divine. It smells of white chocolate and I love that. Usually natural skin care tend to have not so pleasant scents, more herbal and such. But this one is a treat. I use it instead of other face oils in the evening and everywhere on my body that I have flaky skin. Usually on my hands, which tend to get really dry. I will have a full review on my blog soon. 

I usually use day cream from this range, but that one is very greasy looking and gives you an incredible glow. Glow that I don't need as much now that the weather is warm. My t-zone quickly becomes oily looking, so I started using the gel version. It does the same thing, feels very moisturizing, but not as greasy as daily cream. It also feels lighter on the skin. This is definitely one of my favorite hydrating creams for warmer days.

I won't loose my words over it. It's been in my April favorites and it's also in my May favorites. This is just my favorite bronzer so far. It has that perfect warm undertone with a hint of grayness in it. It applies so smooth and blends well. The finish gives you lovely natural looking sheen with tiny shimmer in it. Just amazing formula and I am so glad I bought it.

Oldie, but a goodie. This is one of my favorite blushes ever. It has that perfect warm light peach shade with tiny shimmers that give your skin a beautiful sheen. It can be applied very sheer or more pigmented. I love the shade of it and that soft shimmer that gives your skin a natural looking sheen and it blends so well with Physicians Formula bronzer. Perfect summer blush.

I just posted a review of it recently and it's the one pop of color on the lips that I've been loving on my lips this month. This shade is probably my favorite orange red shade. It's really vibrant, to the point that it almost looks neon. Formula is smooth and glides on with ease. It's not the most long lasting, but I forgive it that. 

ItStyle Lipgloss - 10

For a lip gloss, this has great pigmentation. Shade 10 is a light chocolate brown that just goes with everything. I love brown lip shades. Formula is lovely. I like a good comfortable lip gloss and this one is just that. It's not too sticky, not heavy, but just feels like a moisturizing hug on your lips. It also has nice shine. One of those on the go effortless products.

It's probably my new favorite pink nude shade. This is actually one of the rare pinks that has peach undertone and looks kind of warmer on me. It's such a lovely unique shade and I love this formula in general. It's ultra smooth to apply, doesn't dry out my lips and lasts a long time. 

Avon True Colour BB 7-in-1 Nail Enamel - Lilac Love

I already have a nail polish from the same line in the shade Caring Creme and it's one my favorite nude nail polish shades. Lilac Love is a pastel very light lavender purple. It's the perfect spring shade. Apart from liking the shade, I adore this formula, because it's really long lasting. In fact it's probably one of the most long lasting nail polish formulas that I own. This can easily stay on my nails for 4 days, which is a lot. If my nails are in good condition, it would last me a week. But I do have problems with chipped nails and I spend a lot of time in water. It also has nice pigmentation and a creamy formula.

Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer - 38 Honeymoon Is Coming Soon

Perfect nude nail shade, if you're looking for something really light and warm toned. This one is almost white, but has that beige undertone in it. I am in love with a rounded wider brush that gives you easy and quick application. It's never been easier to apply a nail polish around the cuticles. The formula also has good pigmentation and this one lasted on my nails really well. About 3 to 4 days with no chipping, which is a lot. I used it without the top coat, which I assume means that it will last longer. Because I tried another shade with base coat and it didn't last even 2 days. 


  1. Great picks! Love the colour of the lip liner :)

  2. Rouged Perfection me mika, ker mi izgleda zelo nosljiv odtenek in ta formula mi je všeč, ampak imam itak spet občutek, da bi bila na meni bolj peachy. Laka sta krasna, sploh od Catrice :)

    1. Zdaj lahko skoraj zagotovo trdim, da bo na tebi bolj peachy ali pa rjav. Glede na to, da isti odtenki na nama vedno izgledajo popolnoma drugače :D. Catrice je dal prav zanimive barvne kombinacije v sete. Ta je bil definitivno najbolj unikaten in očitno tudi najbolj zanimiv, ker ga je skoraj vse zmanjkalo :).

  3. Yay! It's lovely to see MuLondon among your May favourites. 😊 🍫 👍

  4. Roughed perfection je tudi meni perfect nude. Me pa zelo, zelo mika tale bronzer. Luminoso imam, ga morem poiskat in spet preizkusit :)

    1. Ta odtenek so res zadeli. En redkih roza, ki mi je všeč :D. Če iščeš kaj z naravnim sijajem in odlično mehko formulo, potem ti zagotovo ne bo žal. Je pa definitivno topel, če ti taki odtenki odgovarjajo :). Luminoso je pa perfekcija za poletje. Še vedno moj najljubši odtenek <3

  5. Tej ICONails od Catrice na meni zdržijo čisto komot tudi 6-7 dni. Kar je wow... wow!!

    1. Na mojih nohtih zdržijo 3 do 4 dni kar je za moje nohte wow :D. Ker na mojih nič ne zdrži. Tebi pa res super, da kar cel teden. Verjetno tistim, ki imate lepše nohte, lahko še dlje časa. Mene so tudi navdušili :).