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It's been a while since I last posted my new in products and since I am always buying something new, I decided to include all my new products in this a bit longer post. I already have full reviews of some of these products, so I won't go too much into details.

Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer - 10 Rosywood Hills and 38 Honeymoon Is Coming Soon

I've heard positive reviews of Catrice's new nail polish line, so when I saw them on offer 2 for 1, I chose this set that seemed to be the most popular, as there was only one left. 10 Rosywood Hills is a lovey mix of mauve and brown shade. It's quite unique in my collection. That's the only one that I've tried so far. The formula is pigmented, creamy and it applies lovely. You could almost just do one coat as it's that pigmented. I can't say how well these wear, because I don't have them on my nails for so long, but I've heard they are really long lasting. They also have wider rounded brush with which I can make my application look extra nice with as little effort as possible. I love these kinds of brushes. 38 Honeymoon Is Coming Soon looks like the perfect wedding shade as it's a light beige. I can't wait to try it out. 

Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara

I bought it because it was on sale for 3€ something and because KathleenLights can't stop raving about it. It's apparently her favorite mascara, so I am curious to try it out. It has weirdly shaped wand as it has longer bristles at the end and at the tip, but in the middle the bristles are shorter. I haven't tired it yet, because I don't like to have too many opened up mascaras at once.

Kiko Smart Fusion Lip Pencils - 513 and 524

These are such a delightful cheap products as they only cost 2.50€. I chose two very bright shades, because I'm usually scared to buy such lipstick shades and since I don't use them on a daily basis. Pencils are always great for trying out crazy colors. 513 is bright, almost a bit neon, orange shade. This is going to be perfect for summer. 524 is a bright fuchsia shade with a cooler undertone. These have a creamy formula, but it's still hard enough that you can make a good outline of the lips. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Berlin

I've been trying to get my hands on this particular shade for so long, but it's always been sold out in the actual stores. Thankfully, I finally found it in Douglas and I was so happy. It seems like I knew that this would be my new favorite matte brown shade. It's a true chocolate brown shade that gets even darker as it dries down. On me it looks quite dark and it accentuates my pale complexion, but I absolutely adore this shade. These also have my favorite liquid moussey and non-drying matte formula.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Beautiful Brunette

Batiste is my favorite dry shampoo, because it's the only one that makes my hair look and feel less greasy. I am not too keen on the white residue, but I just brush it out and it doesn't look that bad. This time I got brunette version. Supposedly this one doesn't have that white dust. It was also on sale. I haven't tried it yet. 

Etude House Sheet Masks - Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide

I've been really liking using sheet masks and trying to test different Korean brands. This time I got two from Etude House. So far I've only tried out the ceramide one. It has thin sheet, it's very saturated with milky white essence and it makes my skin really nourished and moisturized. This was probably the most nourishing sheet mask I've tried so far. My skin was super smooth and plump looking. 

Misslyn Beach Please Bronzing & Contouring Powder - Holiday Hooray!

I already have a review of it here. It's a really nice matte bronzer that is not too dark for my skin tone. It has a bit of sheen so that it doesn't look too powdery and it lasts quite well on the skin. I also love this vintage inspired packaging. 

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer - Bronzer

This has quickly become my new favorite bronzer. It has such a buttery formula that supposedly contains murumuru butter. It's a joy to apply as it's well pigmented, blends out well and looks so natural with the slight shimmer in it. It actually looks more sheeny than shimmery. The shade Bronzer is perfect for my skin tone. It's warm toned and light enough, but you can build it up. It also has the most amazing pina colada scent. Full review of it will be up soon.

Nabla Eyeshadows - Caramel, Petra, Clementine and Pegasus

I also aready have a review of these shades here. Nabla eyeshadows impressed me, especially the matte ones. Shimmers don't have as much payoff as I would like them to. Caramel is my new favorite warm crease shade. Petra is my ultimate favorite redish brown for all over the lid. Clementine is gorgeous mandarin shade with gold sheen. Pegasus is unique lavender base with golden sheen. I would definitely want to try out more of their matte shades in the future, but I prefer shimmery shades from Zoeva, as I like them to be buttery and super pigmented.

Colab Dry Shampoo - Paradise

It didn't impress me as much as I thought it would. It doesn't leave any white residue, which is a big plus, but it also doesn't degrease my hair as well as Batiste. This is lovely for adding a bit of texture or fluffying the hair up. It's more for those days when you can't decided if your hair needs a wash or not. For days when I need something to make my hair look less greasy, I prefer Batiste. It also has a fun tropical fruity scent.

Oval Face Brush

I bought this because of Mateja's recommendation as she loved it. The quality of the brush is better than I would have expected. Hair is really soft, but dense enough for you to smooth out the foundation with no problem. It's a bit bulky to maneuver around small corners of the face, which means makeup sponge is better for this precise application. This brush is great for when you don't have time to do your makeup. I've been in that rush and it really works then. It's quite big and you can apply foundation in a matter of minute. I have a problem, because the handle bends a lot, since the head of it is quite heavy. That's why I'm always scared that I will break the head off of the brush, if I apply too much pressure on it. But I usually just hold it by the head like a Tangle Teezer and then I don't have to worry about bending. 

H&M Makeup Sponge

I have a full review here. Hands down, the softest makeup sponge that I have ever tried. It comes in a super cute packaging for only 3€. I don't think I need to say any more. Buy it!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - 51 Light Vanilla

Bourjois Healthy Mix is definitely one of my most skin like looking foundations. It's also the most dewy one (apart from Missha Perfect Cover BB) and because of that I usually just use it more in the winter time. Since my old formula was coming to an end, I decided to buy another bottle. This time Bourjois decided to change their formula. I've already tested both a bit and I haven't found huge differences. Basically I feel like the new formula has a bit lighter coverage, it looks a bit more dewy and for some reason 51 seems to turn out darker than the 51 from the old formula. 51 is too dark for me as it is, so I usually mix it with other foundations anyway. That's why I need more time to properly test it out, but I can't say I adore the change.

Afrodita Clean Phase Cleansing Gel

Trying to find the perfect product for a second cleanse has been a struggle. I really can't figure it out. I want something that is non drying, but also doesn't make my face feel greasy. I usually prefer gel formulas for warmer weather, so I bought this gel by Afrodita to try it out, since it was the most convenient one to get it in the store and not too pricey. Yeah, I have a problem spending too much on products that I just wash away. It's a cleansing gel for all skin types. Gel is transparent, it leathers well and has soft fruity scent which for some reason reminds me of apricot. I have to say I like it. It's very basic, but doesn't dry out my skin or make it feel squeaky clean, which I hate. Among the ingredients is also hyaluronic acid which should help skin feel more moisturized after the cleanse.  Unfortunately, I already broke the top, so I had to transfer it to another empty bottle.

L'Oreal Elvital Tonerde Absolue Anti-Shuppen Shampoo

L'Oreal has been a really nice surprise in the hair department. For some reason, that even I don't know why, I've been staying away from drugstore hair brands. But since I started using a lot of L'Oreal shampoos, I figured out that they're all better than I would have expected. This is anti dandruff shampoo from their clay line and it works just as you think it would. It cleaned my scalp well, got rid of dry dandruff and it doesn't leave my hair too stripped down. It's definitely more of a clarifying shampoo, because you need to use some sort of conditioner after it to make brushing easier. It has lovely green apple fruity scent like Fructis.

L'Oreal Elvital Tonerde Absolue Pflegeshampoo

It's a shampoo from the same clay line, but this one is for greasy roots and dry ends, which is my hair type. I've been using this one before I tried the anti dandruff one and I liked that one too. It didn't feel as clarifying as the other one. This one feels more like a regular good shampoo that washes out the dirt and leaves the hair still kind of smooth. I feel like this one made my ends more moisturized, but it didn't make my roots any more oily than they would usually be. It didn't really prolong the time of not washing my hair, but it's a nice basic shampoo. It also has that same fruity scent. 

Avon Little Sequin Dress*

It's a new fragrance by Avon that has joined their Little Dress line. This one has a very fruity sweet scent to it. It's also kind of strong in the beginning, but then it turns into a more subtle sweet blend. I'd say it's a mix of spring floral and strong summery fruits. 

Avon Luxe Eyeshadow - Glamorous Roses, Avon Luxe Eyeliner - Grey Strut and Avon Luxe Mascara - Brown Caviar*

I already have a full review of all of these products here. I really like colors in eyeshadow palette and mattes are especially nicely pigmented. I like eyeliner as it's a fun grey color with silver shimmer and it also lasts well, if you apply it thinly. Mascara is a chocolate brown color that I like, but it didn't impress me with its volume and definition. 

Avon Advance Technique Absolute Perfection BB Shampoo and Leave in Balm*

I already owned this whole range of BB hair products and I have a review here. It seems that they only changed the packaging and I'm assuming the product is the same, so I won't be writing a separate review. Shampoo from this line was lovely. It lathered well, cleaned well and didn't leave my hair too dry, but also wasn't moisturizing. Just a very basic shampoo with nice hair salon scent. I didn't like leave in balm at all. In general, I don't like leave in products by Avon, but this one made my hair crunchy. It definitely isn't one of those moisturizing silky smooth treatments, it's more for adding texture. But for that I like texturizing sprays not leave in products. In my opinion the hair mask from this range was definitely the best. 

Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying - Body Scrub, Body Butter, Face Mask, Face Scrub, Gommage Face Scrub and Face Brush*

I like Avon Planet Spa face masks, because they are never too harsh on the skin, don't make it too dry and they have different options for different skin problems. I received a whole Perfectly Purifying range that is based on dead sea minerals. I love products that have anything sea in them, as they usually work really nicely with my skin. So far I've tried everything but the face scrub and face brush. I have to say, I like everything. Body scrub is liquid with rougher particles that exfoliate the skin well without being too rough. Body butter is soft enough to scoop it out easily, but it still has that buttery base. It's not too greasy and it's more for warmer days. Face mask is a great basic clay mask that makes my skin slightly brighter looking right after I take it off and it brings impurities to the skin's surface. I already had gommage face mask and I liked that one too. It's basically like a quick chemical exfoliant that leaves your skin's surface smoother.  

Revolution Strobe Highlighter - Ever Glow Lights*

I already reviewed it here. It's one of those more subtle highlighters with very light warm golden base and tiny shimmer. This is perfect for that subtle sheen on the skin that looks like it's part of the skin. I really like it. 

Freedom Makeup All Day & Night Eyeliner - Dangerous Games*

It's a very creamy silver eyeliner with silver shimmer. It's not as pigmented and you need to go over the line a few times. It's so creamy that it could easily be a cream eyeshadow. That means that it's great for smoky eye looks and for smudging it out. 

Freedom Makeup HD Pro Refills Pro Eyeshadow Colour - 07*

I was very disappointed with this eyeshadow. Before I got it, I saw a few reviews of these eyeshadows and most said that they have great pigmentation with the exception of certain shades and I think 07 is one of those. I have to rub it to get anything off. It's too hard to swatch and once you do scratch it off, it doesn't stay on the lids as well. It's a light pink that has lots of shimmer in it and that shimmer falls off the lid throughout the day. I'm assuming that this is one of their worse eyeshadows and that others are probably a lot better.

Cherie Lashes - Extra Lovely*

I also already wrote a review of these lashes here. If you're looking for something quite natural, but a bit more voluminous and longer, than you'll love these. They have a natural looking overlaying design. On the lids they feel lightweight and I love that the band is invisible, which makes them easier to apply. You can wear them many times, if you make sure to clean them well after each use.

MuLondon White Chocolate Truffle Moisturizer*

It's one of those versatile moisturizers for every part of your body. It has a buttery consistency as it's quite hard in the pot, but melts under your fingers. Essentially, it's a mix of natural oils and herbs. Among these you'll also find cocoa extract, coconut butter and Tahitian vanilla extract which make this the most yummy smelling cream ever. It literally smells like white chocolate and I love it. For some this might be an all over remedy for dry skin, but I've also been using it on my face in the evening and in the morning my skin is well nourished, soft and plump looking. It's also great for hands and cuticles. 

itStyle Makeup*

In our city just opened up a brand new makeup store and it's the only store of this brand in our country. Imagine my surprise, as no new makeup brand comes to out part of the country - ever. Seems like companies are starting to figure out that our part of the country can offer more than just your average Slovenian buyers. We have Croatia, Hungary and Austria borders so close, that you'd be fool not to take advantage of it. I went to the store opening with a fellow beauty blogger Neža. Lovely PR lady approached us and gave us some goody bags filled with their products, so I've been testing these lately. So far I can say that the packaging seems too cheap for the price tag. Some products I liked and some didn't impress me. I really like their blushes (good pigmentation, long lasting), lip pencil (great pigmentation, not drying), matte lipstick (not a proper matte finish, lasts well and applies smooth), brow pencil (perfect shade for my brows, good pigmentation) and lip gloss (good basic formula, not too sticky, great pigmentation). I'll have a full review of these products in a separate post and there will also be a giveaway.

*PR products


  1. Super new in:) vedno rada preberem tvoje objave in najdem kaj novega. Me pa zanima kje si zasledila nove Catrice lake 1+1? Hvala

    1. Hvala :) <3 Te lake sem pa kupila v avstrijskem Müllerju. Predvidevam, da k nam tudi pridejo, samo malo kasneje :).

  2. Vsaka čast Petra, da že imaš toliko objav na veliko število novosti. Se pa popolnoma strinjam glede Bourjois pudra- je drugačen in manj prekriven, pa še občutek imam kot da je pri nas nedosegljiva 50 zdaj prejšnja 51 :)
    Kiko liplinerji rule!

    1. Hvala Sara :) O super, potem nisem samo jaz tega opazila. Se strinjam s tabo glede odtenka. Se mi je zdel malo temnejši, ampak sem mislila, da se mi samo dozdeva. Že tako nimamo dovolj svetlih odtenkov, zdaj pa še to. Res škoda.
      Tako lepih odtenkov so, da komaj čakam, da jih bom nosila. Formula izgleda res odlična za to ceno :).

  3. Physician's Formula me zelo mikajo blushi z murumuru, ker bronzerjev ravno ne nosim. Ta buttery formula se sliši tako krasno :) Pa vonj itak.

    Čopič pa zelo pazi ko ga pereš, ker moj se je razlomil na pol tam na meji med gumijastim in plastičnim delom. Zelo je švoh, ampak same ščetine so pa krasne.

    Gobice sem šla gledat v H&M pa smo imeli samo še eno in sem jo kar pustila :D Že vem, da je ne bom uporabljala, ker mi je taka muka iz iz spalnice v kopalnico jo vsakič zmočit.

    A potem sumiš, da tudi 50 pri novem HM ni pretirano svetel? Imela sem tester 51 in mi je bil pretemen, ampak formula mi je pa ustrezala bolj kot prejšnje verzije.

    Etude House maske pa tudi mene mikajo. Sploh slišim pohvale za Hyaluronic Acid verzijo.

    1. Formula je res fantastična. Jaz obožujem bronzerje, ampak tako buttery kot je ta pa še nisem imela nobenega. Res se lepo nanaša, zabrisuje in odtenek je tudi precej svetel. Ah vonj...sicer je malo umeten (to čutiš med vohanjem), ampak meni je vseeno tako všeč :).

      Ko ga perem, vedno pazim. Je res hitro lomljiv. Ampak med nanosom pa kdaj pozabim, potem pa se hitro spomnim :D. Ščetine so za to ceno več kot odlične.

      Jaz jo včasih kar s setting spray namočim, sploh ko samo finiširam z njo :D.

      Mislim, da je verjetno razlika med 51 in 50 večja. Vsaj koliko sem videla swatche in je tudi bolj kot ne roza. Meni je bila 51 vedno pretemna, tudi strara verzija, sploh pozimi. Zdaj pa imam občutek, da čez dan postane nova še temnejša. Totalno idiotsko od njih. Sem predvidevala, da ti bo formula bolj všeč, ker imam občutek kot da so skupaj združili serum in foundation verzijo. Meni seveda to ni všeč, ker sem že sama dovolj dewy, sploh zdaj, ko je malo topleje.

      Potem pa jo moram čim prej preizkusit. Trenutno nimam tako zelo suhe kože, zato sem se je malo izogibala :).