2014 favorites

Hey Beauties!

One year is around and I wanted to write a post about some of my favorite products, that I've discovered in 2014. It's selection of those products that are always stuck in my mind and I feel like I want to repurchase them over and over again.


Batiste is my favorite dry shampoo for one reason. It smells nice (especially my favorite scent Tropical) and it decreases my hair nicely. The perfect product for refreshing the hair, when you don't have time to wash it. Review here.

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner are my favorite shampoo and conditioner until now. They smell amazingly salon good and they make the hair feel very soft. I feel like they clean it nicely and still nourish it afterwards. Smooth ans shiny hair, guaranteed. Review here.

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique is one of those heat activated masks. It for dry hair and it really does make my hair feel moisturized and it smells absolutely amazing. Summery sun screen cream kind of scent. It's the best product for when you're in a hurry and don't have time to use the regular hair masks. Plus when you dry the hair with a hair dryer it makes the hair so soft. Review here.

Kerastase Reflection Chroma Riche is one of those product that you don't need to wash out. It feels like a serum that makes hair very shiny and smooth. I like it, because it gives that extra shine, plus it also smells really nicely. Kind of fruity. It's just a really nice finish product that will make your hair even softer. Review here.

Avon Advance Technique Moroccan Argan Oil is a great hair oil. It has that amazing bubble gum Avon smell and it feels like it does something to the hair. I have very fine hair and this doesn't weight them down in any way. Plus it's not too greasy. It just makes the hair smooth and nourishes. Great product to use whenever you feel like the hair has become too dry. Review here.


Ebelin Express nail polish remover. If you haven't tried that kind of system of removing the nail polish, please do. You'll never go back to the regular nail polish remover. I don't need to say anything more, than it is just very quick and effective. Finger in, swirl and done. Review here.

Models Own Diamong Luxe in Heart Red is my favorite red nail polish. Is orange based with gold glitter - hello?! Totally my kind of color. I also love the fact that it's really long lasting. Review here.

Kiko Quick Dry nail polish is one of the fastest drying nail polishes. I love it because of that and the fact that it's as well, really long lasting. I just hope, I get the chance to buy some more of their nail polishes. The color is 829 and it's really dark purple, which is also a really pretty alternative to a regular black nail polish. Review here.

Maybelline Colorama in 317 is one of those pretty fuchsia mix of pink and purple shade that I've been wearing a lot, since I got it. It's just a really unique shade, especially perfect for spring and summer. Maybelline is also one of my favorite nail polish brands in general. Review here.

Essence Effect Nail Polish in 21 Icy Fairy is by far the coolest effect top coat nail polish of this year. Pair it with a black nail polish and you get the perfect galaxy nail with no effort at all. Review here.

Skin care

Avon Planet Spa Thailand Lotus Flower Deep Pore Cleansing face mask is surprisingly good. I'm still not happy about the price of this little size, but I don't use it often. It deeply cleanses my pores and all the ugliness comes out to the surface. The skin is extremely clean and pores as well. Unfortunately the effect doesn't last long, because my pores tend to refill quickly. But it really does, what it says.

Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying face mask with Dead Sea Minerals is an exfoliating mask. I think it has some enzymes in it. You're suppose to use very little of it at once and it's also for sensitive skin. I can confirm that. It feels like the top layer of the skin has been gently removed and the skin feels extremely smooth after using it. Really like it.

Dr. Sheller Jojoba Oil and Schisandra Soothing Intensive Serum for sensitive skin is my favorite face serum of all time. I think I have repurchased it four times. I'm never not using this. My skin tends to get very irritated and this helps to calm it down and get rid of any red spots. Amazing product for sensitive skin. Review here.

Makeup brushes

Real Techniques Blush Brush is amazingly soft and really big. I love using it for the bronzer, because it's so soft and it doesn't pick up a lot of product. Plus it's tapered, so it blend the product amazingly. Really really soft huge brush for multiple uses. Review here.

Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight brush is again really soft brush that can be used for various parts of the face. It's medium size and it fits in many corners of the face. I love it for putting on the highlighter ad well as contouring under the cheek bone. It can also be used to put on powder under the eyes or something like that. Definitely versatile brush. Review here.

I haven't reviewed this one yet, but it's already my favorite. It's the Elf Blush Brush. More on the small side for a blush brush and it's a bit flatter, although also tapered. It's extremely soft and very cheap. This is amazing for applying on the blush. Perfect size for putting it on the cheeks or for putting on the highlighter. Love this brush, especially because it's really cheap.

Eye makeup

Makeup Revolution I Am Naked palette has two matte shades, one slightly shimmery and three really shimmery shades. It's a very natural kind of selection. The matte shades are amazing quality. I especially like the shimmery shades in this palette. Just, really my kind of shades. Review here.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette in Run Boy Run has an amazing selection of eye shadows for a really affordable price. The shades are really my kind of shades and I really like the shimmery shades. Especially copper, taupe and brown shades. The matte shades are not as pigmented as the shimmery ones, but still very good. This is one of those palettes that give you just enough color to not be boring with neutral shades on a daily bases. Review here.

Avon True Color eye shadow palette in Mocha Latte has amazingly good quality of matte shades. The shades are very neutral and you get two very matte shades, perfect for in the crease. I'm sure I'll purchase more of these palettes in the future. Review here.

L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim eyeliner is my favorite eyeliner. It's in a pen form, which is very practical for every day use. I also love that it's really black and it last a really long time. Only problem I have with it, is the fact that it sometimes transfers onto my lids. lt does need a bit of time to dry completely. Review here.

Face makeup

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia. I love this bronzer. It's a bit warm tones and it goes perfectly with my skin tone. I find that it blends nicely and it's really rally cheap. What more can I ask for. Review here.

Mac Sheertone Blush in Pinched is my first Mac blush and I love it. A bit more transparent or sheer blush and the shade suits me really nicely. It has that brick undertone, but looks kind of peachy on my skin tone. Review here.

P2 Glow Up Highlighter in High Beam is a fairly new discovery and already my favorite. It's also very sheer highlighter with a golden sheen, but looks kind of pink. Really unique shade, plus the formula is just amazing. Review here.

Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder in 01 Golden Highlight is my favorite highlighter of all time. I've raved about this too much, so I won't anymore. It's perfect golden bronzy shade and the shimmer is really small, so it's also pretty subtle. Review here.

Milani Baked Blush in 05 Luminoso is perfect peach blush. I love love peach blushes and this one looks so natural, plus it has a bit of shimmer, so it makes you look really glowy. It's also pretty affordable. Review here.


Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 hours lipstick in 33 is my perfect redish pink shade. It's amazingly unique shade and the formula is a dream. Looks semi matte and it doesn't dry out the lips at all. Definitely would buy more, if I could find the shades that I'd like. Review here.

Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick is a new addition. Matte finish and warm brown shade that makes my lips look just a tad bit bigger. I love brown shades and the finish of this one is amazing. Review here.

Mac Patisserie lipstick is one of the rare pinkish shades that look good on me. It's a Lustre finish, which means pretty moisturizing and very comfortable to wear. A really good mix of brown, peach and pink shades and very nice finish. Review here.


One scent that really impressed me this year is by Refan and it's inspired by Dior Hypnotic Poison. This smells so warm, seductive and strong. It's an amazing scent that will sure get you noticed. If you love sweet vanilla musk scents, than this is definitely for you. 

Hope you liked this post and I wish you a very happy and successful year 2015 ;).


  1. Super izbire, jaz bi kar vse rada probala :) Moram si res že končno kupit in sprobat kakšen Elf čopič! :)

    1. Hvala:) Jaz sem bila presenečena kako mehki je ta Elf čopič, sploh za to smešno ceno:)

  2. jooj vse imaš tko lepo ! kar vse bi ti pokrala xD haha. hud post ;)

  3. Great products listed here! :) I wish you an amazing new year full of love and happy moments!

    1. Thanks Astrid. I also wish you a lot of happiness, a lot of success and especially a lot of love ;)

  4. Tale je šel direkno na vrh WL: Dr. Sheller Jojoba Oil and Schisandra Soothing Intensive Serum. Morem še oceno prebrat. :)

    1. Če imaš občutljivo kožo, potem ti res priporočam. Tak super izdelek za pomiritev kože, sploh, če te razne kreme dražijo kot mene:)).

  5. It seems that we use pretty much the same stuff :) there are a lot of my favorites :)