Hair products haul

Hey Beauties!

My hair products were on its last breath, so I decided I need to take advantage of some deals that are going around on various web shops these days and refill my stock. I actually got a really good deal on Lookfantastic, where the prices for some high end hair products are amazing. I also repurchased one of my favorite conditioners on Iherb and I also added a new addition from Avon. I've decided to go a bit more orange with my hair color, so I know I need good products, because hair color does make my hair very dry and damaged.

I've already tried some products from Joico's regular K-Pak range and loved it. This time, I decided to try shampoo and conditioner from their K-Pak Color Therapy range. It's more geared towards colored hair. The K-Pak range it's for damaged hair, which needs that additional protein. Color Therapy range also helps to protect your hair color. I've used shampoo and conditioner once and loved the smell and how soft my hair were. No tangles and really nourished hair.

Shampoo contains 300 ml and costs around 14€ and conditioner also contains 300 ml and costs around 15€. 

With this festive pack of two, I also got this pretty black wash bag with gold stars.

Lately, I've also had a feeling like my hair was not really being washed. You know when you wash your hair and it feels like it's greasy the same day? That's how I felt with my hair. I have oily roots and very dry ends. So, I decided to purchase clarifying shampoo from Joico's K-Pak range. It's supposed to deeply clean your hair. I've tried it once and haven't found that much of a difference, but I need to try it more to make my opinion on it. I did like the fact that hair was soft and didn't feel dry.

It contains 300 ml and costs around 14€. (Sorry, I forgot to include this one on my groupie photo:) ).

From Iherb I also repurchased one of my favorite conditioners. This is more of a healthy natural choice for those who are looking for something like this. It's Acure Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil conditioner. I've tried another natural conditioner and didn't like it at all, so I decided to get back to this one. It just makes the hair so much more moisturized and healthy looking. I already reviewed it here.

It contains 235 ml and costs around 7€.

I also decided to try my first ever Kerastase hair mask. I decided to go for their Resistance range, which is more for damaged hair, which mine are. It's called Kerastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte. I've read some good reviews about it. It's suppose to be a reconstructing mask that intensely replenishes brittle and damaged hair. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't report my first impressions of it. 

It contains 200 ml of product and costs around 28€.

I've also wanted some leave-in products. I do have two of Kerastase thermo masks, but I wanted something that looked more like an oil or serum. This Kerastase Reflection Fluide Chroma Riche is for dry highlighted or color-treated hair. It should basically detangle the hair, make it looks more shiny and protect the color. I've tried it once and wow. My hair felt really soft and shiny. Plus I didn't have those naughty knots that I always get after drying the hair and washing it.

It contains 125 ml and costs around 20€.

I've also added another hair oil for my hair. It's from Avon called Advanced Techniques Moroccan Oil. This oil is supposed to nourish the hair and make them smooth. I've only tried it once and I liked the fact that it wasn't too greasy for my fine hair. I also love the smell of it. It's sort of a typical Avon bubble gum smell. 

It contains 30 ml and costs between 3.50 - 6.50€ (depending on offers).

Kerastase and Joico are my favorite high end or even luxury brands for hair. The products are pretty expensive, but you definitely get a good product for that price. I haven't tried anything from those two brands, that I wouldn't like. I definitely advise you to find the range suited for your hair and try some products, if you have a chance. Acure conditioner is one of the best choices for dry hair if you're looking for a more natural product. Avon oil seems very popular and I'll need to try it a bit more to decided if I recommend it to you.

What are your favorite brands for hair products?


  1. I'm gonna say again - I'm so jealous. To je hair junkie mini heaven :) Vse bi imela. Jaz pa sem skoraj vse samo za druge kupovala, zase pa bolj samo osnovne stvari in repurchases.

    1. Res? Škoda, ker se zdaj kar splača:). Jaz pa sem bolj sebi zalogo naredila:).

    2. I know. Čakam pravzaprav da bo konec praznikov, ker bojo vsi zagotovo imeli velike popuste ko bodo čistili zaloge. Feel Unique, Look Fantastic in HqHair so do zdaj imeli vsako leto :)

    3. Ja to se jaz tudi spomnim. Jaz imam pa po praznikih rojstni dan, pa upam, da mi dajo kakšne kode s popusti:). No potem pa te še počaka en šoping;)

  2. Zanima me tale čistilni šampon, si že nakaj časa ogledujem te malo bolj high end zadeve pa ne vem, za kaj naj se odločim :D se mi pa zdi, da so stalno neka znižanja na te znamke :D

    1. Ja, res imajo stalno znižanja, kar je pohvalno:). Meni je Joico znamka na splošno super, sploh pa ves asortiman K-Pak. Šampon je itak super, bom pa videla kako je učinkovit v "globinskem" čiščenju:).

  3. Hello!
    I am using Avon's Advanced Techniques Moroccan Oil. I am happy about it. It really makes my hair softer than normal time.
    Also I am content with Avon's Advance Techqniques Daily Shine-Dry Ends serum. It's beneficial for my hair while I am trying to comb and drying.

    1. I love Moroccal Oil as well. Makes my hair really shiny:). I haven't tried that one, but I'll sure remember it, now;). Thanks for the advice:).